The Best Music Analytics Software To Use - (Updated 2024)

Best Music Analytics Software

The 3 Best Music Analytics Tools for Artists

In today's digital music industry, it's crucial to track your songs' success.


After all, keeping tabs on fans is one of the most effective strategies to advance your career.


If you're a musician trying to promote your work independently or if you're signed to a label and want to monitor your online success...


There are MANY excellent analytics software alternatives to choose from.


You can use these music analytics tools to see:

  • How well your social media posts are doing

  • Who is tuning into your music

  • Where your music is being played

  • And a lot more.


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If you're an indie artist, these music analytics apps will help you improve your craft, by far.


Whether it's a YouTube studio, radio station, or even streaming platform...


Here are the best analytics tools that music professionals use to boost their music careers.


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#1. Spotify for Artists

Spotify For Artists


There comes a time when promoting your Spotify tracks when we need to see results.


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For such strategic campaigns, you need in-depth knowledge of your target demographic.


Good news: you can filter these statistics to focus on a particular market and track.


The best part... you're able to view Spotify for Artists on desktop as well as mobile!


With this updated perspective, you can see the long-term results of your release promotion activities!


This is why I think Free Music Distribution is a good addition to your streaming upside.


Use this to gauge the extent to which your music is connecting with your audience.


You can learn more about who is listening to your music on Spotify for Artists than pretty much anywhere else.


Understanding your listeners requires looking beyond simple metrics like demographics and stream counts...


You must examine the actual song elements and see how they resonate.


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#2. Use your Distributor's dashboard

Music Distributor Analytics Dashboard


Building a following requires constant effort... 


You need to keep your audience interested in your work. 


With this in mind, I believe your distributor will be a powerful tool. 


For your releases, you can see the long-term results from promotion activities! 


The Spotify for Artists app does not include royalty data - but your music distributor does for ALL streaming platforms. 


This is the advantage that Soundcharts or SpotifyForArtists apps don't have.


Getting a table of streaming royalty data every quarter can let you see just how well you're performing. 


Analytics software serves as a central hub for a wide variety of musical measures.


You'll be able to monitor sales and learn what's resonating with your audience.


You may also see how well (or poorly) your music is doing over time, allowing you to make adjustments as necessary!


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Whether it's YouTube videos or detailed information on Amazon music data analytics...


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#3. Analyze your data using SOUNDCHARTS

SoundCharts Music Analytics


Browse the playlists you're subscribed to or filter the almost 6 million available playlists available on Spotify!


You can filter Soundcharts data by:

  • Location

  • Genre

  • Creator

  • Number of subscribers

  • And much more.


Understanding the playlists you're on and the playlists you need to get on is crucial in today's music market!


Let's not kid ourselves - playlists run the music industry.


For fans, the vast majority of new music is discovered through playlists.


For your convenience, Soundcharts made it possible to view the charts from several weeks or months ago!


This lets you assess how well your songs have been doing.


When using Soundcharts, this is the best part...


You can access information from OTHER people's tracks!


That's what makes this one of the best music analytics tools.


Artists' music affects real human lives. 


Whether you check your data every month, or daily...


Knowing ad campaign results is crucial - not a "nice to have" cool feature.


Now, let's find out how to use this music analytics tool!


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How to use Soundcharts?

Soundcharts was built specifically for such speedy data capture!


Many other music analytics tools take a while to render data, whereas you'll get your Spotify info within seconds.


Whether you're a performer, songwriter, or record label - it's built for you.


Firstly, Searching is simple.


Just input a Spotify or Apple URL, ID, link, or name.


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SoundCharts Search Feature


Once you search for an artist, you'll get a list of all of their released tracks.


Then as their profile expands, the data will start to unfold.


Bonus: Soundcharts has provided the album art, song titles, ISRC codes, and release dates for each song.


Once you've zeroed in on a certain song, you can quickly and easily access:

  • Current and peak chart positions

  • Playlists size

  • Radio airplay
  • Deezer playlists
  • TikTok growth
  • Prior playlist placements

  • Releases across all platforms

SoundCharts Analytics Features


All of this with a single click.


You can quickly find what you're searching for!


Its mission is to enable good analytics for all industry professionals...


And it's goddamn working.


You can gain insight into Social platforms, playlist categories, and promotion campaigns alike.



Playlist Tracking: Chartmetric vs. Soundcharts

SoundCharts VS. Chartmetric


Along with SoundsCharts - there is also Chartmetric, which is one of the best music analytics tools.


These tools provide very similar services.


Both Chartmetric and Soundcharts:

  • Compiles music streaming platforms' data
  • Obtain real-time data
  • Provides personal music data analytics


However, these tools differ when out comes to one thing...


Social media analytics tools.


While Chartmetric is one of the best tools, it's not a very intuitive app.


You need to create a native account to even access any music data analytics...


Whereas on Soundcharts it's as simple as using Google Sign-In.


This makes the "revolutionary" tool a hassle in the first place.


That said, it has music business insights for many music streaming platforms.


On another note: Chartmetric as a music analytics tool feels like Mickey Mouse.


There are so many aggregate data points on the dashboard, that it's not a streamlined process.


Compared to the other music analytic tools mentioned (Spotify For Artists, Distributor & Soundcharts) there lack of uniformity.


In the future, Chartmetric may connect with Amazon's virtual assistant to be a voice tab connected... Who knows?


So which platform is better?


TL;DR: SoundChart has better music analytics tools, thus making it a better option for you to use.


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SOUNDCHARTs: Best Music Industry Tool for Networking

SoundCharts for Music Networking


As a solo performer, you will surely benefit from using a music discovery platform like Soundcharts. 


Using SoundChart's discovery tools - you can find new potential collaborators


Finding new musicians to work with is easy with the help of these tools. 


The benefit of Soundcharts is that once you find a playlist that you like... 


You can easily locate artists that have been placed. 


This can let you ask them how they got playlists, and give you an edge. 


Discoverability tools are useful if you want to get ahead in the music industry. 


Bonus: Soundcharts music discovery tools will check your social media presence as well! 


This guarantees that every experience using the tool is of high quality and efficiency. 




Bonus: Record Label analytics software

If a record label has signed you, they probably use some sort of analytics tracking software.


To monitor how well your artists are doing across different streaming services... 


Your label will need sophisticated analytics software. 


While distributors and publishers have a hand in delivering your music to listeners and consumers, it's label managers who analyze it. 


Keep in mind that there is a vast range of features available in label analytics tracking systems. 


A label or distributor that you're working with might provide you with access to their analytics tracking software, but...


They most likely can't provide as much insight as a full-fledged music analytics app. 


Think of your distributors as a fantastic jumping-off point for learning more about your music's reception. 


Then, use Soundcharts to do deep dives.



Tracking Apple Music stats with Soundcharts

SoundCharts Apple Music


In the entire music business, most artists focus on Spotify & Apple...


But Apple Music feels like a black box in many ways.


In today's music industry which is run on data and industry trends, there aren't exist many music analysis tools for Apple.


Sure, you have your audience demographics and native music analytics but that's private.


This is why I am such a huge fan of Soundcharts - it's the best music analytics tool.


You can see detailed insights on different platforms, not just Spotify.


Get actionable insights through their advanced tools regarding Apple Music.


These real-time data analytics tools work to collect data and provide you with the right information.


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Soundcharts Vs. SPOTONTRACK

SoundCharts Vs. SpotOnTrack


Look, SpotOnTrack is one of the best music analytics tools in the entire industry.


You can see radio airplay, charts, and playlists.


you can see audience demographics and music marketing efforts working in real time!


You can also see the top music consumption through trending charts.


That said... I still recommend you get music data from Soundcharts instead of SpotOnTrack.


Why SoundChart is a better option:

  • Gain insights about social media platforms.

  • Specific data regarding playlists.

  • All the data analytics tools are in one place.


You're getting valuable insights that simply aren't feasible on SpotOnTrack.


Playlist data is just one aspect of your online marketing strategy...


Music professionals don't underplay radio stations or social media.


Big Sound is all about having the BEST cross-platform tools!


Music managers around the entire music industry tailor their music marketing based on Spotify & Apple Music data from Soundcharts.


Big Sound works this way.


To see overall industry trends, you can also try using multiple music data analytics tools.

There are many essential tools and software to check out.


Your distributor's dashboard is just the beginning go concrete data and music performance info.


Heck, iMusician's music analytics tools are not that bad!


Here are some other music data sources you may have overlooked:

  • YouTube studio for music videos watch time

  • Bandcamp artist statistics

  • Amazon Music for streams 

  • Radio airplay for charts and other analytic tools.


Radio airplay may seem small... but in big sound, it's no joke.


Make sure you explore all the big sound analytics tools. I'm sure you will find the right one.



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