How to Find ISRC Code For a Song!

What is an ISRC code

What are ISRC codes, and how to find ISRC Code for a song

Knowing how to find an ISRC code for a song is useful if you want to move to a different distributor or when you get signed.


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Many musicians are wondering... "How do I find the ISRC code for a song?"


If you ever wondered what an ISRC code don't worry, you're not alone!


ISRC codes can sound confusing but they really aren't.


ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code.


This is a type of universal product code - it applies to music video recordings as well as any sound recording.


You'll naturally get ISRC codes generated when uploading music to your distributor.


It works as a digital fingerprint for sound recordings.


I think of this as a barcode for sound recordings.


Once your sound recording is published, this ISRC code is a registered record that the sound recording exists and belongs to you,


Every song on the Billboard music charts has an ISRC code.


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ISRC Code Generators

Technically there is no such thing as an "ISRC code generator".


However, you'll be able to receive a free ISRC code whilst releasing your music with the industry's top music distributors.


Top 5 ISRC code-generating distribution companies:

  1. Boost Collective
  2. TuneCore
  3. iMusician
  4. CD Baby
  5. LANDR

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International standard recording codes are pretty damn easy to find!


This is because ISRC lookup apps exist.


Their purpose is to find ISRC codes for a song and to make the ISRC search easy as pie.


How to find ISRC code in 3 easy steps:

  1. Open a Chartmetric account
  2. Input the Spotify link to the released track on the search bar
  3. Under artist data, you will see find ISRC code

How to find IRSC code

Just sign in to your distribution platform where are you constantly uploading music.


You should see it there!


If you're seeking an international standard recording code for a track that you don't own then you'll have to use Chartmetric's analytic explorer.


Create a free account, then search for the song name.


Once you have the track open, the ISRC code is available to view.


Top 3 ISRC LOOKUP Tools 

Chartmetric isn't the ONLY way to find ISRC codes.


4 Free ISRC Lookup Tools 

You should note that not every ISRC search tool is equal...

SoundExchange is more robust but requires more data to execute an ISRC search.

On the flip side, the ISRC finder tool is very intuitive and easy. That said...

I still recommend Chartmetric for ISRC code search.

There are many other tools and services included!

It is an ideal workflow for any music artist



ISRC Finder Tool


If you want to find an SRC code...


ISRC Finder is the cleanest and simplest tool.


ISRC Finder is even better than Chartmetric at ISRC code search!

It only lacks Chartmetric's bonus tools.

Quickly execute an ISRC code search, and reverse look up to search ISRC based on existing tracks.

Another benefit of this ISRC look-up tool is the UPC finder.

Most ISRC lookup tools don't have this so this one is far above the rest.



SoundExchange ISRC Search Tool


SoundExchange has an ISRC finder tool. 

If you wanna know how to find an ISRC number then you can use Chartmetric...


But this is great for ISRC look-up when you have limited information. 

This ISRC finder is legacy software, used mainly by record labels. 

SoundExchange ISRC code finder allows these inputs:
  • Artist name
  • Title
  • Release Name
  • Release Version (radio edit)
  • Year or recording
  • File Type

This ISRC finder is advanced by allowing you to input many data sets


International Standard recording code

You probably have more questions about ISRC codes beyond the simple "How do I find the ISRC code for a song?"


Every single song, album, and music release has an ISRC code.


Unless you assign a proper ISRC code to your music then you will not get paid.


When uploading music to streaming platforms you're entering an agreement.


You're giving them your content.


In return, your account will obtain payments - depending on how many streams it generates.


Streaming contract


Expensive software will assign the ISRC codes to any recordings that in aggravator will submit to them.


This music code is different depending on your region, every ISRC code has a country code prefix.


Your ISRC code is an account of all the track information:

  • Release date
  • Artist
  • Register country

The cool thing is this is a free service that happens when you register a track!


If you're looking for free music distribution, look no further than our Boost Collective platform!


We auto-generate ISRC and UPC codes for your releases.


There's a lot more you can do with the platform, as seen here! 👇


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What are my ISRC codes good for

Your international standard recording code has a practical use as well!


Through your registrant code, you're able to monetize on your track.


Streaming services send payment to every distribution platform you're uploading music on.


Rather than them finding you directly - the track information with your ISRC codes is used.

ISRC Code structure


There is an ISRC manager that overlooks all royalties for the track.


Even if you're to sell the rights to your sound recordings to another party - the ISRC code would not change.


This is why some are considered a universal product code.



ISRC Database


The ISRC database is a tool that exists for I SRC codes to search.

ISRC Database is the weakest ISRC code look-up tool...


It only allows you to input an already existing ASIC code.

It's not very helpful if you're trying to FIND an ISRC code. ..

That being said, this ISRC finder does execute the ISRC look-up function, and it's lightweight.

If you have a bunch of ISRC codes to look up then this is the ISRC code checker you want to use.


the history of sound recording codes

The sound recording industry had trouble with copyrights in the past.


It was hard for multiple artists to lay claim and obtain legal ownership of something intangible such as music.


This is why the international standard recording code was created in the 80s.


With ISRC codes, record labels and artists can validate/assign ownership to their works.

ISRC code history

Just note that ISRC codes applied directly to the audio recording - not the composition or lyrical content.


This means that every new remix from the original song needs another ISRC code.


That alone should make this article helpful.


How ISRC registration works

The whole ISRC Service was assigned and released to the world originally to help PRIMARILY record labels.


The whole country code setup is there to help manage the UPC code system.


There is a whole file management system for International Standard Recording Codes to record either your first track or most recent album.


All album tracks & songs you release are held in the world database.


The upload happens via an online website, that's how an artist can get stream royalties for their songs and tracks accounted for within minutes!


For example, the Billboard chart's top artists' sales are all recorded through the ISRC.


The record labels then identify and grab the complete royalties for all tracks they upload via ISRC and collect payments directly.

ISRC system


They don't physically grab the complete report for the releases, they receive contact immediately from their publishing company.


The sales are recorded on the website within minutes.


For example: if you create your own publishing company and release your tracks to a streaming website directly (rather than having it released through Distrokid)


You'll be getting your sales articles/pay stub direct contact.


ISRCs are made with a free distribution system so that record sales can be recorded instantly!


I hope you now know how to find the ISRC code for a song!


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