Can You Have More Than One Music Distributor? - Answered


Can You Have Multiple Music Distributors


Should you use Multiple Music Distributors?

Yes, you can use more than one music distributor for your digital music distribution.


Each digital music distribution platform has various benefits so it's smart to select based on what's offered.


Although it's common knowledge that not all streaming services are created equal... 


Few musicians comprehend the level of difference... This is why Free Music Distribution is essential.


It's like comparing a tiger to a house cat. The differences are HUGE!


Sure, different music distributors may easily meet your demands in terms of physical music distribution, or other services.


But what about your more obscure preferences?


There isn't much different music distributors can do to help an artist who creates music in a genre like ethnic house to stand apart from the crowd.  Many services offer a good distribution service for pop artists, but where do artists with smaller niches go?


Here are options for artists with multiple distributors:

  • Sign a record deal
  • Join an artist development firm
  • Transfer to another aggregator service


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option 1. move from Distributor To Record label

Label Engine Distribution


One of the BEST alternatives to indie distribution is indie labels.  It's basically a distribution company but with more perks!


This essentially gives you the same service but with another (important) element!


Signing with an indie record company enables you to promote your music digitally, through various social media channels and Spotify playlists, and even radio stations (not just streaming services)!


I mean... Record labels pretty much dominate the playlist game. 😂


Unlike an average distribution company, independent record labels can help you amass a solid fan base much more rapidly.


That said, your actual results may vary depending on the amount of your budget, genre, and investment in your music business overall.


When using a mainstream distribution site like DistroKid, there isn't much that can be done...


They'll just collect your distribution fees and then disappear when there's an issue.



option 2. explore new music Distribution options

Spotify Distribution


What most musicians want is a method to have their music heard... 


But they want more than simply the bare minimum.


It's important to have a music distributor who appreciates your music and your craft since it's likely one of your most personal creations. Not just one that wants to get your music on streaming services and that's it.


Top 5 music distributors to switch over to:

  1. Boost Collective
  2. CD Baby
  3. AWAL
  4. Vampr
  5. UnitedMasters


Along with the comparison, you'll see the benefit of switching and when it's most fruitful to do so.


This list is determined without prejudice - it's based completely on the services provided by each distributor right now.


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Let's put things into perspective...


Music promotion through ads is pretty linear. $1 only really creates 500 impressions and nothing much more.


Through playlists - your returns are asymmetrical to dollars invested.


Once the algorithm hits, you can go from 500 to 50'000 monthly listeners in a matter of months.


How do I know?


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When is United Masters a good option?

Often, artists have two different music distributors and United Master is usually one of them.


If you're just looking to distribute music, UM may not be the best choice. 


Many artists, however... Are drawn to this tool for its promotional opportunities.


UM and Ryan Leslie have collaborated on an app called Super Phone.


Super Phone is an app that allows you to send personalized messages to your followers once you have their contact details.


This. Is. No. Joke.


This resource is honestly unseen on most music distribution sites but has a significant impact.


This, however, is the only time this will work if you already have a sizable following


TLDR: use UM's Super Phone once you have over 100k followers across social platforms.


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Option 3. go to the artist Development Route

Artist Development Deal


Let's be honest, these multinational conglomerates couldn't give a hoot about your artistic success.


All they want is your money.


Where can I go to ensure that the real band plays the songs you've promised?


If you want a world where music distribution isn't a necessary evil, but instead a valuable tool for musicians to use in their careers...


The artist development is the wave you're looking for.  Too many artists are doing the same album, same song, or same release, with the same partner, and lack that exciting element to their career. Think about which artist is always doing something that catches your attention.


They work with booking agents and promo companies - or even do it themselves!


Some of my close friends have witnessed an increase of more than 20x results in monthly listeners & revenues after getting started with artist development!


Truth be told, this is the best method since you're not just using a few isolated linear advertising strategies.


Instead, you're tapping into a much larger promotional network.


They have the resources to market your music at a lower cost base than you and have access to people you don't.


To put it another way: a college diploma isn't required to work in the music business.


Collaboration with a committed artist development team can propel you further than any other nameless distribution brand.


Connections rule the game and are more important than raw talent. If you want your new release to NOT flop, then you definitely want to consider an artist development deal.


How to switch music Distributors

How to Switch Music Distributors


Let's say you want to move your music from one distributor to another, but you don't want to lose any stream counts...


It's doable to get that same album or song under a different distributor with the same metrics, and in the same store & streaming service, but you have to do it with caution!


(You should read my full Switch Your Distributor guide before advancing.)


Don't worry. Switching music distributors won't affect its status on streaming platforms.  It'll end up in the same stores 


That said, you need to do it the correct way to ensure zero complications.


Here's what will happen when you switch music distributors:

  • Tracks remain on playlists
  • The stream count remains the same
  • Collaboration tracks don't change


To switch music distributors it's all in the back end.


The principles and fundamentals in this video are the same for every distributor. It's not rocket science, but there are a few things to keep in mind.



This is very important information that the metadata needs to be the same.


If you misspell your name, track, etc. then the distribution switch won't work!


The main thing that actually "changes" are two codes: UPC (Universal Product Code) and ISRC (International Standard Recording Code)


This is the information that must be transferred onto the other distribution software.


If you can't get on your distributor for some reason, you can read my Claim ISRC Code blog to grab it in 2 minutes.


All of this is public knowledge, so there's no problem.


You just copy and then paste it into the box of your new distributor. Then you're done!



why does the ISRC Code matter?

ISRC and UPC Codes


The ISRC code is very important because it's what keeps track of your stream count, along with the release date.


If your song has over 400k streams you don't want to lose it!


That's such a hit to both your revenue (and artist pride!)


If you mess up your ISRC number, it will switch over to a new song and then you'll be back at zero streams.


Read my full ISRC Code Guide for full clarity!


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