How to Submit Music to Topsify, Filtr & Digster.

How to Submit Music to Topsify

What is Topsify?

Topsify is just an anagram of the word Spotify. It's a large playlist owned by Warner Music.
The playlists on Spotify are very useful.
In fact, Sung Cho, CEO of the streaming analytics company Chartmetric, did a study that showed:
An artist's top 5 playlist placements can account for more than 60 percent of their streams.
This is why the Spotify Playlist Submission tool is so important.
There are thousands of great playlists made by people on their own that have a lot of followers and can help good music get the attention it deserves.
A big part of what people do on Spotify is still listening to music from these playlists.

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Who owns Topisfy?

Who Owns Topsify


Kieron Donoghue is the vice president of global playlist strategy at Warner Music. He is the one who came up with the Topsify brand for the label group.
He used to own, which was a way for people to share and organize playlists before Spotify.
You need to submit music to get it heard.
You can see this mentioned in the "about" section of the Topsify website.

How to Submit to Topsify

Submit to Topsify Playlists


To submit your music to Topsify, you must submit it to their curators. This is much easier said than done though, considering you'll need the connection. Use apps like SubmitHub to reach them.


You can find Topsify playlist curators through Twitter and Linkedin.


Here are tips for submitting music to Topsify:

  • Have good music
  • Submit an EPK
  • Collaborate with Topsify playlist artists
  • Subscribe to Topsify
But to give you an idea, the major owned playlist curators don't have as much power as they used to.
There are many independent Spotify playlist curators as alternatives!
As an independent artist, there are a lot of other ways to get your music streamed.
You can pitch your music to Spotify, smaller playlist curators, playlist networks, and algorithmic playlists to get streams.
Do you want people all over the world to be able to hear your song?
Do you want to get better at making music?
Then, it's time to add your song to one of Spotify's many playlists.
After all, every day, millions of people use Spotify to find new and exclusive music.
In this blog post, we'll tell you how to add your song to Spotify playlists.
You'll learn everything from the best way to submit a track to what kind of information is needed and what you shouldn't do if you want your track to be added to a Spotify playlist.


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submit to Spotify Playlist Curators Today

Submit to Spotify Playlists-1


The world of music changes quickly.
To stay relevant and make the best music you can, you will need to be a part of the music business, which is always changing.
One way to do this is to work with well-known Spotify playlists.
The best thing about working with playlists is that your music can be heard by more people!
You can expect to find both new songs and well-known hip-hop/rap songs on these playlists.
These playlists are so popular because they have the most recent hits in each genre.
Adding your song to one of these playlists is also a pretty simple process... 
You just need to make a hip-hop or rap playlist on Spotify and then choose your song.
From there, you can start listening to the songs in the playlist.
With the video below to learn how I get on Spotify playlists. 👇




Create your own artist playlist

The one-artist Spotify playlist is a special type of playlist that 
All you have to do is make a Spotify playlist that only has songs by one artist.
From there, you can choose your username from your artist profile and then choose the tracks you want to share with the playlist.
These are good if you don't have a This Is Spotify Playlist yet.
After you do this, your username will be added to the artist-only playlist, and you can start listening to the songs in this playlist.
Become a Playlist Curator to get ahead on Spotify!


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How Record Labels Use Playlists

Let's look at how playlists affect new artists.
Nearly 70% of the music on Spotify's "New Music Friday" playlist has come from major labels over the last four years! 
When you Submit to Record Labels then you'll get this too.
Out of that number, 30% were UMG songs, 19% were Warner songs and 19% were Sony songs.


During the same time period, the major labels' share of new music on Spotify playlists like "Rap Caviar" and "Get Turnt" was even higher.
86 percent of the new music added to these playlists comes from major label artists.
The songs on the "Today's Top Hits" and "Pop Rising" playlists came from major labels 87 percent of the time.


Topsify Digster Filtr-jpg


Curated playlists are not the only way to find new music on streaming services.
Spotify's algorithms make it more likely that someone who likes a certain band or artist will find another indie artist they like through recommendations and other personalized discovery channels.

Is Your Song Good Enough for Record Label Playlists?

What makes a song good enough to put on a playlist? That's the most important question.
Well, first of all, it's important to know who the playlist is meant for.
You will be able to pick a better song if you know what the playlist is about.
In other words, you should make sure your song fits well with the genre, style, and mood of the playlist.
With this information, you'll be better able to submit a good song to Spotify.
Still, there are a few more things you should keep in mind if you want your song to be added to a Spotify playlist.
It's important to know that Spotify playlists are usually around 3 minutes long.
So, your song won't be accepted if it's longer than 3 minutes! No 8-minute-long mixes.

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