How To Get Followers On Your Spotify Playlists

How To Get More Followers On Your Spotify Playlist

How To Get More Spotify Playlist Followers

This is the undisputed best guide on how to get followers on a Spotify Playlist!

We've worked with over 100 different Spotify curators to provide Spotify promotion, and it's allowed us to see how to grow a Spotify playlist, in a legit, organic way.


Promoting your own Spotify playlist can be tough, especially if you've never done it before, but luckily we're here to help you out.


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The music industry revolves around how many monthly listeners you can capture.


Having a playlist is a great way to keep your fans streaming your music to keep up your engagement.


With that being said, let's get right into what you want to hear.


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Playlist Followers



Growth Method #1. Gaming The Spotify Algorithm

There are plenty of ways to grow organic followers on your playlist.


The first method that is worth a shot is to see if you can get the algorithm to work for you.



Spotify is all about discovering new music.


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So if you can get the algorithm to suggest your playlists to new listeners searching for music, you can rake in a ton of followers.


Have you ever searched up a genre, or some of your favorite tracks and seen a playlist come up that looks like the album cover to that song you're trying to find?


Migos Culture 3 Playlist


Many playlist curators create lists and name them after upcoming releases so that when fans search for the song name, they'll see your playlist come up.


Take a look at the example above.


The Migos are planning to launch their upcoming album "Culture 3" soon, and this curator has taken advantage of the algorithm to gain new followers.


appearing in search


This method is definitely amazing when it works, as it doesn't take much work to get users to search and engage with your playlist.


However, it is not reliable and can be frustrating when no new followers show up to the party.


Make sure you use a High-Quality Spotify Logo in the playlist cover for success!


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Pros and Cons Of Using The Spotify Search Algorithm To Get Playlist Followers On Spotify


  • No cost required (free)
  • High growth potential
  • Still works on the 2021 Spotify
  • Easy to create
  • Easy to target many genres



  • Easy to not gain a single new follower
  • The algorithm might not pick up your playlist


Overall, if you can be the first to make a playlist before anyone else, it's a good strategy that may go viral.




Look up upcoming music festivals and try to make playlists with the name and image of the festival.


(Example: Ultra Music Festival 2021).


Lots of fans are going to search for Ultra, and in turn, maybe a great way to get promotion for your playlist.



Growth Method 2 - Facebook/Instagram Ads

Want a guaranteed way to get users to discover your playlist? Using platforms that allow you to run ads is your way to go.


Running ads is one of those ways to get people to see your playlists.


By channeling your inner marketing mind, you can make posts and stories that have a call to action that gets users to tap your link and give your list a follow.


This method is a great way to get followers and is amongst the most reliable.


Skills needed for effective Facebook and Instagram ads

  • Minor graphic design experience (optional but very helpful)
  • Facebook ad platform experience (very basic)
  • Some video editing experience (optional but helpful)
  • A marketing budget for promoting your list

Facebook Ads For Spotify Playlist Promotion


Okay, let's get into it!


First, you want to want to create your playlist.


You should have a good idea of what genre and mood you're looking to go for.


Then, you're going to need to think of a catchy title that targets the genre and mood of the playlist. Spotify is going to index this!


Then you'll want to write a description.


This is not very important but can help if it's a good description.


We've found that being funny in the description can help people decide if they want to follow when they first see your list on Spotify.


Next, you'll need to create a playlist cover.


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If you want to get the best chances of getting new playlist followers and plays, creating a quality playlist cover can make all of the difference.


Good vs Bad Spotify Playlist Cover


Above is an example of a good vs a bad Spotify playlist.


Most curators use Photoshop to create a quality cover, however, you can use Canva for free, or Photopea to create your playlist cover!


Alternatively, if you're looking for some cover art, we've got you covered!


How to make a good Spotify playlist cover

  • Keep the cover simple and eye-catching
  • Don't overthink it!
  • Make sure the photos you use are relevant to the mood and music genre of the playlist

Spotify Playlist Cover


Remember, people are going to be seeing this cover on social media when you're promoting through ads.


Every time a user goes to play through your playlist, they're going to see it. So it's pretty important!


You can also try to put relevant artists or bands into your covers.



The users on Instagram will know what kind of music they can expect if that's the right kind of music that they actually list.


Remember, you want to do everything possible to get people following your Spotify playlists.


Add the cover to your playlist on Spotify, and you'll be good to go!


Next up, you'll want to get acquainted with the Facebook ad manager.


We'd recommend checking out the video below if you're serious about getting ads set up.


You'll need to set up a Facebook pixel to track the people who land on your playlists.


You can use a platform like Toneden to create a great-looking landing link "smart link" for your playlist.



You can also put your pixel onto the page to track users that land on the page!


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Next up, is the ad itself. You will need to create an ad that will share your playlist with people on Instagram and Facebook.


Spotify Playlist Ad


We have grown playlists with both static images (in some cases just the cover of the playlists), and videos.


It really depends on what the audience is going to respond best with. It may be worth trying both!


How to run a successful Spotify playlist ad campaign

  • Use photos of artists in your playlist cover.
  • Use a landing page like Toneden to track visitors.
  • Put a call to action to get more followers on your Spotify Playlist.
  • Use the Spotify logo in your ad so that people know what the ad is about.
  • Test your ad for a few days to a week to see how performance is. It may take a week or two to see optimized results.
  • Send your ad to your friends to get another take.
  • Mention the strengths of your curated playlist.

Okay... How much does it cost!?

Ahhh spending that fat cash...


Okay... finally, you'll need to figure out your budget.


Usually, it can take either a lot or a little, depending on where you're targeting the world.


If you're looking to get strictly United States-based streams, you're going to be in for a massive weekly price tag on your ad cost.


Getting streams from other countries is not a bad idea at all.


It's a great idea to get a solid mix from different countries, especially if your budget is smaller.


Growing playlists costs by country


But hey... you probably just want to hear the numbers, and we're here to give you tips!


If you're looking to get streams from the strictly United States, we've found it can cost upwards of $30 a day to get 10-20 followers a day on your playlist. Yeah... it was expensive.


If you're looking to get streams on your playlists from South America, it can cost upwards of $10 for 10-20 followers per day.


Europe is similar in cost to the US but less expensive, and Canada is similar to Europe.


One thing that you should know!


Of all the tips this is extremely important!


Make sure you're keeping your playlist freshly curated so that your playlist followers don't unfollow or stop engaging.


It would suck to lose all that money due to these common mistakes.


Growing playlists can cost tons of money


Here are the pros and of cons using Instagram and Facebook Ads to gain followers on Spotify playlists.


Pros and Cons Of Instagram Ads For Getting Followers On Spotify Playlists

Benefits to using Instagram ads to grow your Spotify playlist


  • Guaranteed traffic will get new eyes in front of your Spotify Playlist
  • Your ads will get people listening to the songs even if they don't follow your playlist on Spotify
  • These people are highly targeted and are quality new listeners. (Getting targeted listeners is very important!
  • The growth potential to get new followers on Spotify is very high with the right music, cover, and ad.
  • Organic and legitimate engagement.



Dangers of using Instagram ads to grow your Spotify playlist


  • High potential to lose a lot of money experimenting.
  • Can be a weekly or monthly occurrence to see max optimization, and costs may change.
  • Your music might not be the correct fit if you haven't correctly targeted the right listeners.

Growth Method 3 - Reddit

Reddit is built on community.


There's a large community that is all about finding new music. so if you can take advantage of that aspect, you might find some success on Reddit!


If you want to promote your playlist, it usually involves making a post or a comment in a relevant subreddit.


3 best subreddits to promote your Spotify playlists



Subreddits for growing your Spotify playlist


We personally have not found much success on Reddit.


It can take a lot of time to get integrated into the community.


Sometimes if users ask for music suggestions on niche-style Spotify playlists, and you have what they'd like, you can luck out with some really strongly engaged listeners for free.


Once again you just need that perfect mood to make it happen!


Reddit might not be the best place to mass promote your playlists, instead is more of a personal way to engage with users on the various platforms.


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Growing your spotify playlist on reddit


Pros and Cons Of Reddit For Growing Your Spotify Playlist Followers

Benefits of using Reddit to grow your Spotify playlist


  • Listeners may be very likely to give your music engagement if they really like the tracks on your playlist.
  • 1 singular post has big potential.
  • You can search for genres to high target who you want to play your music and tracks.


Dangers of using Reddit to grow your Spotify playlist


  • Listeners may also not be likely to give your music engagement if they're not into the songs.
  • It may be a grind to get the community to listen to your music by making multiple posts.
  • You're competing with many other playlist curators who are all trying to reach the people on Reddit.
  • The number of posts you might need to make for people to listen to may be large and that can cause extra problems... especially on Reddit.
  • This can come off as spam, so be careful! RIP KARMA
  • You might be reliant on the algorithm of Reddit to be there to help you gain new Spotify followers.


Is Reddit worth it for growing your  playlists_



Growth Method 4 - Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is an interesting social platform.


It's definitely not community-based.


But, it's very popular in the West! When it comes to playlisting, and especially how to get Spotify playlist followers for a great price.


Snapchat ads can be relatively inexpensive, as their ad costs are usually a little lower than the other platforms.


So it might just be the right choice to use.


Some Great News!

The best part about this is that you can reuse your old assets from your previous ads if you're looking to use both platforms.


Playlisting and running advertisements across multiple places can help sway users' decisions.


Snapchat Ads For Growing Your Spotify Playlist


Snapchat might just be the place you find the audience for your playlist. Some audiences react better to different songs in different places.


If you're an artist you'd know that the experience is different on Spotify vs Apple Music vs the way it is on SoundCloud. It's the same for the users of these social outlets.


People respond differently on different social medias


Pros and Cons Of Using Snapchat Ads To Get Followers For Your Spotify Playlists

Benefits of using Snapchat ads to grow your Spotify followers


  • Ads may be cheaper than any other popular social media for the West.
  • You probably aren't bugging anyone on Snap as they are usually just on the app for a few minutes at a time.
  • Making ads is really quick.

Dangers of using Snapchat ads to grow your Spotify followers


  • The targeting features are not very advanced compared to the ad managers of other social media.
  • You might end up spending a lot to find the right future fans.
  • Usually, the users on the app are young. If you're targeting people over 40, you may have difficulty.

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Growth Method 5 - Pinterest Ads

There are so many active users on Pinterest every single week.


From potential listeners of niche songs to artists themselves, Pinterest can be for everyone. We were quite surprised.


We tried running some Pinterest ads for a fellow curator and the results were similar to Snapchat.


It can be difficult to keep track of all the ads you're running across every social media.


Our advice would be not to run ads to the same playlists across each social media.


You won't know which one is getting you the best results.


Pinterest For Playlists


One of the cool things about Pinterest is that the posts that you make stay up.


You can place tags on the videos and static images you upload.


So if you upload the playlist cover, you can tag the genres that best resample the playlist.


Remember, you might need a decent call to action on your playlist cover for Pinterest to get people to tap/click to listen further to your playlist.


Pros and Cons Of Using Pinterest Ads To Grow Your Playlist On Spotify

Benefits of using Pinterest ads to grow on Spotify


  • Your post will stay up, and the post will continue to gather traction on the genres you tagged over time.
  • The cost of the ads may be cheap

Dangers of using Pinterest ads to grow on Spotify


  • Your targeted listeners may not be on Pinterest to listen to music on playlists at that moment.
  • People may not search and find your playlists if the title or tags aren't optimized or are too far out.

Important Info You Shouldn't Ignore

Here are some bonus tips from us!


If you're a music artist you can submit to Spotify playlists for free!


Keep the best songs right at the top

You should make sure that your best picks are sitting right at the top of the playlists you curate.


New listeners on Spotify are going to want to listen to the best of the best right away.


This separates good curators from not-so-good curators.


Don't worry too much about the size

It's totally cool to have a massive playlist, and it's also great to have a small well-targeted playlist.


Engagement is what matters the most.


We have seen massive playlists give totally lackluster streams to newly added music.


Small playlists that are kept fresh perform well!


But... having a big playlist can help new listeners get drawn in to listen and become followers.


Does Size matter on Spotify?



Listen to your own playlist

After you've freshly curated your playlist, take a listen through it.


Have your friends go through it as well!


See what the response is. It might not sound as great as you thought.


Just like a great DJ set, the positioning and style of the songs you put in your playlist can make a big impact.


Try to have music that works well together. 


You wouldn't want to add music that doesn't flow together.


It'd be like having a song end really abruptly and then go into a heavy loud mess.


Overall just not pleasant for the followers.


Go through your spotify playlist



Go Through Your Personal Network

You've got plenty of friends and people you know online right?


See what they think about your playlist.


And perhaps you'll have your very first followers, along with some insight.


If you're an artist yourself, you know the importance of the advice nonartists can give you.


After all, you are the one sitting behind the speakers hearing the same loop over and over.


Having some tips and advice from friends can be a game changer when you're looking to perfect your curating skills as well.


Don't Change The Name Of Your Playlists

As time goes on, you may gain some genuine fans on your playlist.


The last thing you should do is swap the name of your playlist.


It can get rid of the progress you've spent so much time working towards.


No one likes change when it comes to finding new songs haha!


Can You Make Money On Spotify Playlists?

You certainly can! You can put your own music inside the lists.


Imagine the streams you can get if you were able to circulate through 10 of your own songs.


How many streams would those songs get as time goes by?


Anyway, if you enjoyed the article/, you might find our blog on how to grow your Spotify streams very helpful!


Best of luck curating!


I hope you now know how to get followers on your Spotify playlists!


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