The Ultimate List of Sample Packs (100+ Kits!)

Top 100 Sample Packs to Download

Top 100 Sample Packs to download for free!

This is the ULTIMATE list of sample packs for you.


I've got over 120 different sample kits that are 100% free to use.


The sample packs included in this blog are:

  1. Top 10 Hip Hop Sample Kits

  2. Top 10 Lofi Sample Kits

  3. Top 10 Dubstep Sample Kits

  4. Top 10 Vocals Sample Kits

  5. Top 10 Tech House Sample Kits

  6. Top 10 Future Bass Sample Kits

  7. Top 10 Hyperpop Sample Kits

  8. Top 10 Trance Sample Kits

  9. Top 10 Pop Sample Kits

  10. Top 10 R&B Sample Kits


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Top 10 sample packs for Hip Hop

Free Hip Hop Sample Packs to Download


Hip hop producers are taking over the music game.


Not only are they the largest distributors of global music, but they also changed the world with their sick beats.


Now, I'm providing loops and samples to take your music to the next level.


10 Best Hip Hop Sound Packs to download for free:

  1. Pathbanks Sound Pack

  2. Hip Hop Elements 6 Sound Pack

  3. Ultimate Hip Hop Sound Pack

  4. Romo Sounds Sound Pack

  5. Hip Hop Essentials Sound Pack

  6. Chaos Sound Pack

  7. Russ Exclusive Sound Pack

  8. Trap Snares Sound Pack

  9. New Trap Sound Pack

  10. Thirsty Sound Pack


With these drum kits, you have an instant download to great sample packs.


This blog is a great resource for one-shots, Maschine kits, and a wide array of splice sounds.


All trap producers should create a beat with this great selection of samples.


Check out my ultimate list of hip hop drum kits for more great free samples!


Bonus: check out my Ultimate list of Hip Hop Drum Loops as well!




Top 10 sample packs for Lo-Fi Music

Lofi Sample Packs to Download For Free


Lo-Fi music has been on the rise for the past few years.


Producers are shifting toward this genre by the day.


10 Best Lo-Fi Sound Packs to get for free:

  1. Aurora Lo-Fi Hip Hop Sample Packs

  2. Loopcrate Lo-Fi Hip Hop Sample Packs

  3. Sample Ocean Lo-Fi Sample Packs

  4. Cymatics Lofi Lo-Fi Sample Packs

  5. Drums & Vibes Lo-Fi Sample Packs

  6. Late Night Lofi Lo-Fi Music Samples

  7. Asparagus Lo-Fi Music Samples

  8. Lofi Collection Lo-Fi Music Samples

  9. Joji Inspired Lo-Fi Sounds Pack

  10. Alchemist Lo-Fi Sounds Pack


Sound designers love using these samples.


MIDI Files, producer loops and construction kits make the music industry what it currently is.


WA Production is a great world source for more lofi samples.


Bonus: check out my Full List of Lofi Drum Loops!





Top 10 vocal sample packs

Vocal Sample Packs to Download for Free


To take your music production to the next level... You'll need vocals.


Good vocals take electronic music production to the next level.


10 Best Vocal Sound Packs to download for free:

  1. Family Vocals Vocal Kit

  2. Chants! Vocal Kit

  3. Ambient Female Vocals Vocal Kit

  4. Trance Vocal Samples Vocal Kit

  5. Euphoria Vocal Kit

  6. Highlife Vocals Vocal Kit

  7. Freebies Vocal Vocal Kit

  8. Slate Digital Vocal Kit

  9. Dianna Vocal Kit

  10. Aloma Steele Vocal Kit


All music producers should check out these vocal packs today!


Whether you're in contact with a drum broker, get your loops online...


No producers should miss out on these.


Bonus: check out my Ultimate list of vocal samples you should check out!




Top 10 sample packs for Dubstep

Free Dubstep Sample Packs to Download


Here are some really good Dubstep sample packs you need to check out.



10 Best Dubstep Sound Packs to download for free:

  1. Ghostrack Trap & Dubstep Dubstep Sounds

  2. Dubstep Starter Pack Dubstep Sounds

  3. Elite Dubstep Dubstep Sounds

  4. Dubstep One Hits Dubstep Sounds

  5. Deep Dubstep Vol. 4 Dubstep Sounds

  6. Music Radar Dubstep Sounds

  7. 808 Trapster Dubstep Sounds

  8. Atomic Sounds Dubstep Sounds

  9. Producers Buzz Dubstep Sounds

  10. Tekvision Dubstep Sounds


Take your dubstep music production to the next level with these packs.


You'll freakin' enjoy these!


Bonus: grab these Dubstep Serum Presets today and enjoy!




Top 10 sample packs for Tech house

Free Tech House Sample Packs to Download


One of the largest challenges is getting a good tech house sample kit.


Well, you're just in luck...


10 Best Tech House Sound Packs to download for free:

  1. Deep Tech House Sound Kit

  2. Tech House Tools Sound Kit

  3. Tech House Effects Sound Kit

  4. Incognet Sound Kit

  5. Bass & Drums Sound Kit

  6. Synthetic Sound Kit

  7. Electro House Hits Sound Kit

  8. AGFL Sound Kit

  9. Hot Tech House Sound Kit

  10. Underground Tech Sound Kit


Grab these sample packs and make good music.


One day you'll sound as good as Chris Lake!


Not only are these free, but they also make you sound good.


Bonus: check out these John Summit Tech House Sample Packs for more epic options!




Top 10 sample packs for HyperPop

Free Hyperpop Sample Packs to Download


Would you like some Hyperpop samples?


10 Best Hyperpop Sound Kits to download for free:

  1. Alternet Hyperpop Hyperpop Sound Kit

  2. Pink Hyperpop Sound Kit

  3. OhMyGon! Hyperpop Sound Kit

  4. 1CYZZZ One-Shot Sounds

  5. Hyper Hyper Hyperpop Sound Kit

  6. Synthetic & Bart Hyperpop Sound Kit

  7. Neutron Hyperpop Sound Kit

  8. Vibrvtions Hyperpop Sound Kit

  9. Void Hyperpop Sound Kit

  10. Ghoul Split Hyperpop Sound Kit


Tap above to go to and download these Hyperpop kits.


They're good stuff, you've got to check them out.


If you're missing virtual instruments, then this will take care of that.




Free Hyperpop Producer Loops


I also have producer loops for Hyperpop music that you'll love.


Having good Hyperpop Serum Presets is essential as well.


Looping virtual instruments is the name of the game for music production.


These producer loops are free to use, sound great and will work nicely with vocals.


Native instruments got some dope stuff.


Feel free to browse me Hyperpop Drum Kits as you like!


I propose that among these producer loops, you'll find some native instruments that fit your palette.


The loops loft producer loops are real food.



Top 10 free sample packs for Future Bass

Free Future Bass Sample Packs to Download


Let's make some future bass music!


For that, you'll need some good future bass sample packs to get started.


10 Best Future Bass Sound Kits to download for free:

  1. Future Bass Sample Kit

  2. Kawaii Sample Kit

  3. ULTRA Sample Kit

  4. Melodic Future Bass Sample Collection

  5. Peyote Construction Kits

  6. Singular Sounds Sample Collection

  7. Future Sounds Construction Kits

  8. Hybrid Future Bass Sample Collection

  9. Spinnin SoundsSample Kit

  10. Antidote Audio Construction Kits


Make the most awesome future bass track in the world.


The synth presets, Ableton live packs, and Big Fish audio samples are good too.


Music producers are naked without good samples!


Experienced music producers and sound designers understand that to get ahead, samples are everything.


Bonus: here are the Top 5 Future Bass Spotify playlists to Submit your music too!



Top 10 trance sample pack downloads

Free Trance Sample Packs to Download


Want a whole pack full of samples to create Trance music?


I've got you covered!


10 Best Trance Sound Packs to download for free:

  1. High Life Royalty Free Sample

  2. Euphoric Trance Royalty Free Drum Samples

  3. Trance Kick Royalty Free Drum Samples

  4. Classic Trance Royalty Free Drum Samples

  5. Ultra Trance Royalty Free Drum Samples

  6. Paytrance Sound Samples

  7. Festive Trance Essentials Royalty Free Sounds

  8. 90s Trance Construction kits

  9. Armada Trance Royalty Free Sample

  10. Future Trance Royalty Free Sounds


The synth presets, Beatport sounds and live packs are insane.


There's no need to purchase expensive trance samples when you have these.


Make awesome trance tracks and use these samples as Inspiration.


As you create more and more music, you'll start to find inspiration in the oddest of places.



Top 10 sample packs for Pop Music production

Free Pop Music Sample Packs to Download


Looking to make really good pop music?


In this case, you'll need the right samples.


10 Best Pop Sound Packs to get for free:

  1. Roland Pop Free Sample Pack

  2. Dropout Free Sample Packs

  3. Pop Vocals Essentials Royalty Free Sample Packs

  4. Smooth Keys Royalty Free Sample Packs

  5. Electro Pop Free Sample Packs

  6. Blinded By The Beats Free Samples

  7. Micro Free Samples

  8. Reese Bases Free Samples

  9. Vinyl Guitar Royalty Free Samples

  10. Vocal Pop Free Samples

With these drum loops, sound libraries and samples you can make nice pop music.


Bonus: check out the Royalty Free Pop Drums as well!



Top 10 free samples for R&B

Free R&B Sample Packs to Download


R&B is one of the most popular genres out there.


You'll need some new samples to spice up your R&B music!


10 Best R&B Sound Packs to download for free:

  1. Trapsoul Sample Pack

  2. Angelic Vibes Sample Pack

  3. R&B Soul Sample Pack

  4. Funk Soul R&B Sample Pack

  5. 7 Days Sample Pack

  6. Friction Free Sample Packs

  7. RnB Drum Kit Free Sample Packs

  8. Late Nite Free Sample Packs

  9. TENKA Free Sample Packs

  10. DIAMONDS Free Sample Packs


We've had the best sound designers create these high-quality samples.


As a music producer, you'll appreciate the entire collection of unique sounds.


If you don't have new-age studio equipment, you can still get interesting sounds!



Bonus: check out the Free R&B Guitar Loops as well!




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