New Chris Lake Sample Pack (Free Download!)

Free Chris Lake Sample Packs

New Free Sample Packs To Capture the Chris Lake Sound!

Chris Lake is one of the big heavyweights in the house music scene.


Pumping out absolute fire year after year, it's no wonder he's an inspiration for producers all around.


It's the blend of punchy bass and percussion, filthy synths and melodies, and overall down-to-business sound that secures Chris Lake in almost every tech house set being played nowadays.


So why not try to sound like him? We put together the top 5 Free sample packs that'll help you sound like Chris Lake.



5 Best Free Chris Lake Sample Packs

Let's get you some good Chris Lake inspired samples!



Top 5 Chris Lake Inspired Sample Packs:

  1. Matroda Chris Lake Sample Pack
  2. GLITCH'D OUT Chris Lake Sample Pack
  3. KILLA Chris Lake Sample Pack
  4. Street Knowledge Chris Lake Sample Pack
  5. Cartel Sounds Chris Lake Sample Pack
  6. Weirdo Chris Lake Sample Pack
  7. Madeau Chris LakeSample Pack
  8. Space Sounds Chris Lake Sample Pack
  9. ILLEGAL Chris Lake Sample Pack
  10. Eternal Sounds  Chris Lake Sample Pack

These packs are completely free!


They contain all the necessary Chris Lakes kicks, drums, percussion, synths, and presets to give you that killer tech house sound that'll turn the club up!


Since Chris Lake is honestly all about the drums and bass - your ability to balance these two elements and make them catchy will be everything.


The free sample packs mentioned above will give you some help with this.


Chris Lake also regularly goes on stream and shows how he produces.


It's absolute gold for anyone wanting to learn how to make a tech house. Here's a live stream from July 2021: 



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