Music Promotion on Twitter! (Ultimate Guide)

Twitter Music Promotion

Best way to reach new Twitter users

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Starting off: to generate fans on Twitter you'll have to engage with new users!


The audience on Twitter is different than Facebook or even Instagram, but it still works.


Since tweets have a character limit you got to keep things short, but tweet frequently especially on trending topics.


Twitter Word Capacity


Fortunately, you can promote your music a lot more shamelessly's on Twitter!


Just make sure that the message can fit the audience.


If you can make folks feel like it's a genuine conversation when you promote your music, it's easy to use Twitter effectively as a musician.


Don't forget: links are great for your Twitter profile.


Music on Twitter can easily be pushed out.


Make sure you use both in Apple Music AND Spotify link on your newsfeed as you promote your new music on Twitter.


Linking to your song on Twitter


You get more bang for your buck when promoting your music on Twitter.



Can I promote my music on Twitter?

The first question you may be having is: Can I promote my music on Twitter?


Promoting your music on Twitter is easier than you think.


Consistent daily efforts plus an effective Twitter promotion strategy can lead to music fanbase growth, follower growth, and a noticeable increase in music engagement.


Twitter hustle music promotion


Twitter users interact and engage with content differently than on other social media platforms.


Here are social platforms ranked for building an audience:

Social Platform Benefits Negatives
Twitter Easy networking Forgettable
Youtube Re-consumable content Hard to rank
Instagram Great branding Hard to grow
TikTok East to go viral Saturated


You gotta understand that aspect when promoting music on your Twitter account.


This way you can ensure you'll get AS MUCH Twitter traffic as possible to push your music content!


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how do you get your music noticed on Twitter?

There are millions of Twitter accounts out there, so you potentially have millions of fans as well!


If your challenge is getting your music heard that, no worries. It's very simple!


There are multiple strategies musicians on Twitter. You must test out different posting times, tweet frequency, and conversation styles. Double down on what works!


Twitter tweet testing


Other social networking sites feel "spammy" spammed if you post too much (Think Instagram or Facebook.)


That's not the case here.


Since Twitter has bite-size content, users don't mind seeing multiple tweets in a consistent fashion.


That's the HUGE benefit Twitter has over every other social media platform!



How to promote a song or music video on Twitter

Looking to gain followers and promote music?


Here's what you do:


Schedule tweets in advance that are related to your new song/video to ensure maximum success with Twitter music promotion. Ask friends to retweet your music for a bonus push!


Schedule Tweets in advance on Twitter


It's really easy to promote music on Twitter - it's a conversational platform.


So long as you can open the right dialogue, you'll be able to link your music.


You can just create your Twitter profile and start promoting on your very first day!


A great way to find users that may be interested in by doing a keyword search.


Since Twitter is a social media platform at its heart then you can find your target Fanbase or target conversations to get involved in!



do twitter ads work for musicians?

You probably tried Facebook or Instagram DM'sā€¦


But have you ever tried running ads for your music on Twitter?


Twitter ads are proven to be an effective way to promote music within the music industry. Twitter users are likely to tap external links compared to other social media platforms - it's an R.O.I. positive music marketing tactic.


Twitter ads are geat for musicians!



how do you promote music on Twitter?

Let's get into the nitty-gritty aspect to promote music on your Twitter account!


How to promote your new music video on Twitter:

  • Share snippets of your new music video
  • Ask your fans to make user-generated content
  • Create a second Twitter page to handle DM and reach out
  • Remove ghost followers whatever they come
  • Get involved in training topics to boost impressions
  • Make the folks feel special by engaging with you
  • Only share exciting news, never boring news
  • Update your Twitter followers about your release date


Twitter Music Promotion Strategy


The music industry is active on Twitter.


Everybody's newsfeed is filled with updates! Using relevant hashtags and scheduling tweets in advance will give you that push and light to push your new video further.



how do musicians get twitter followers?

Growing your followers is easy but at the same time takes consistent effort.


Here are the 10 best tips to get your music heard on Twitter:

  1. Test out a Twitter marketing firm
  2. Use relevant hashtags
  3. Engage exciting news to go viral
  4. Network with other musicians
  5. Use the Twitter newsfeed to stay up-to-date
  6. Optimize your Twitter bio properly
  7. Check your Twitter analytics often
  8. DM potential fans whenever you can
  9. Across from the contact from other social platforms
  10. Call music industry news feed pages


You need to know how to market your music!



It's worth noting that success on Twitter is correlated with the tips above.


If you can do just these few things effectively and frequently then you'll see your followers grow as well as your fans in the end.




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