The 6 Best Spotify Promotion Companies

5 best Spotify services

The Best Spotify Promotion Companies: A Deep Dive

It's important to know what the best Spotify promotion companies are, so you can make the right decision and promote your music.


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Now let's get started - Spotify promotion is tough!


Not only are there rampant scams going on, but even the legit Spotify playlist promotion service can also be hard to cut through.


Today you're going to discover 5 services that provide you with organic Spotify promotion.


You need the #1. Most Organic Spotify Promotion


These organic Spotify promotion companies are well-vetted so no worries.


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#1. Boost Collective

boost coll-min


Ahhh, Boost Collective.


It's not really a Spotify promotion company - it's an artist platform that just does Spotify promotion very well.

Boost Collective is the #1 platform for music artists. You can get Spotify Promotion, music distribution, and much more, entirely free.


It’s easy to see why over 10 thousand artists have chosen to work with Boost Collective over the years.



Why use and trust Boost Collective


See, the biggest challenge you face when getting legit playlist promotion is transparency. 


Wouldn't you benefit from knowing where your song is going?


Most fake Spotify promotion companies are shady and don’t show ANYTHING at ALL.


This scarcity mentality hurts the artist…


But fortunately, Boost Collective cares about giving artists as much info as possible!


With that being said, Boost Collectives' blog on best TikTok playlists is a great resource for playlist submission.


If you're looking to leach off of TikTok virality and want to learn more about how real industry players use TikTok for promotion.


Ari Herstand has a great blog article on just that... 


Definitely something worth checking out.



Unpause Digital


Unpause Digital is a growing marketing firm.

Although their main focus is not organic Spotify playlist promotion, their brand strategies are right in line with your needs as a music artist.

Unpause has a variety of Spotify playlists that you can submit to.


You need the #1. Most Organic Spotify Promotion


These playlists are notorious for getting huge organic results!


Who knows, you might get your song placed!


Unpause Playlists

The greatest benefit of Unpause is that they run ads to grow their playlists.


This way you can rest assured that their playlists are 100% legit and not bots.

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The Pacific Box website screenshot

Indie blogs are a good way to get both organic Spotify playlist promotion and SEO exposure.

Although indie blogs aren’t necessarily designed for Spotify promotion, a large number of them make editorial pieces for artists.

This in turn increases the ranking of your name on Google search.


Your fans will be able to find all the relevant info about you that they want.

Not to mention, these blogs often own Spotify playlists themselves and add your music when they write about you.

You’re getting a 2-for-1 deal when working with blogs, what more could you ask for?

A good example of an indie blog is The Pacific Box!


They do frequent write-ups for music artists, as well as take song submissions.



There is no way I can mention Spotify playlist promotion without talking about indie curators.

Indie curators are not necessarily “companies”, but they are indeed micro-organizations.

Generally, these curators are artists themselves and do curation on the side for fun/business.

These curators have their methods/practices when submitting so it’s worth it to check them out.


A good example of one of these is Unpause Digital, of course.

The best way to reach them is through email addresses and social media.



Distrokid playlists


This one isn’t expected, but many distribution firms have playlists of their own!

One of these Spotify playlists is the Distrokid Wheel of Playlists that is over 25+ thousand followers.

Not to mention Ditto Music is also a prominent playlist curator.

I imagine that these companies have their guidelines for submitting:

  • You need to be one of their clients beforehand
  • They are less selective
  • Many of their followers are artists


If you fit any of these criteria, make sure you inquire about this!

It's a double-whammy, worth it since you already use these services.


I hope you now know what the best Spotify promotion companies are!


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