Boost Collective Review: Spotify Promotion Campaign

May 21, 2021

Danny Jai


Your music career is under attack.


Every day it gets tougher to promote your music—


Over 60,000 new songs are uploaded to Spotify every single day!


Do you want to get heard by real, organic listeners and avoid getting fake bot streams?


The last thing you'd want is to fall into a scam trap. We're here to help you avoid that!


You absolutely must get on quality Spotify playlists, just to compete with the big guys.


Posting on Instagram and typing “link in bio” won’t cut it anymore.


Is Boost Collective legit?


We're here to give you that push, to help you get more streams on Spotify.


But still — I understand your skepticism.


Numbers speak louder than words, let me show you our recent results.


All the songs have used our Spotify Promotion:


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Danny Jai - You & I (Feat. Tory Lanez) (HIP-HOP/RAP)

Danny Jai You And I


Danny Jai is a local artist, we’re quite happy with his results!


We got him on a bundle of our playlists, thus resulting in amazing streaming numbers!


To date, the track received 760,000+ streams


Tory Lanez is an A-list artist from Canada, having worked with Drake, Snoop Dogg, etc.


Listen to it here:



Danny’s PR manager reached out to us and we got working.


Danny could see that we are serious, dedicated and easy to work with. We try to make it as seamless as possible to get Spotify playlist placements.


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This campaign along with the other larger campaigns on this page, did very well.


Don't forget however, that these were bigger Spotify promotion campaigns, so don't expect to get results like these will smaller budgets. Music quality is also extremely important!



The Fifth Guys, Shyia, N3R0 - If I Lose Myself (EDM, POP)

The Fifth Guys If I Lose Myself

You can rest assured knowing that we work with all genres of music— including EDM.


The Fifth Guys are a huge EDM duo that ranks in millions of monthly streams!


A large contributor of these successes is due to their playlist campaigns (which we run).


Don't miss out: here are the 15 BEST Spotify promotion methods!


The Fifth Guys are sitting at 1.7 million monthly listeners as of now, and the track is sitting at over 630k streams on Spotify.


Listen to it here:


Our Spotify playlist promotion work regardless of genre so long as your music is good you will get it heard.


Spotify promotion streaming results


So many artists ask us every day,


  • "how do I grow on Spotify"?
  • "How can I get on major Spotify Playlists, and grow my streams"!
Proper marketing strategies, great cover art, quality music and a proactive release approach will help you get there.


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Cyrus Dobre Next Level

Cyrus Dobre is one of the notorious Dobre Brothers!


The Jetpack man himself.


However, Cyrus is more of a music artist than a social media influencer.


With the help of Boost Collective Playlist promotion services, Cyrus Dobre has amassed an insane number of streams and quickly grew his Spotify presence!


Next level is currently sitting at 174’000 streams on Spotify right now!



Cyrus Dobre’s PR management team had personally reached out to us because they know how serious we are, not to mention the fact that we’ve worked with other reputable brands as well such as NoFace Records, Swerve Music and many more!



Other Campaigns we worked on

Amaru Son & Ugly God - Private Jet

Song is currently sitting at over 360k streams!



Barlito & PnB Rock - Splash (Remix)

Song is currently sitting at over 315k streams!



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SMALLER Campaigns we worked on

Charlie Bravo - Pave The Way




Most Dangerous City - I Feel It Coming


David Feldman


David Feldman - Alive Spotify Promotion By Boost Collective


Raptures Remix of Dark Spaces by MusicbyLukas, Sofus Wiene


Raptures Remix of Dark Spaces by MusicbyLukas, Sofus Wiene


T.H.E. Honoroll - Holy Goku (EP)


T.H.E. Honoroll - Holy Goku Organic Spotify Promotion


Trill Nagi - Glock Wit A Beam



Flip Houston - Outta My Mind



increase in Spotify streams


Jay Moon - N.D.A



Jloud - Idgaf



spotify monthly listeners increasing


Just a week and a half on a relatively small campaign.



Gasser - Fooly Cooly






Dubbygotbars - Fear



1javis - Underdog Album





streams increasing on spotify


RYVN - Rescue Me



GavilanG - Feeling



Gabe XO - Relentless



TheButcher973 - On The Low



Rich Delinquent - Bad Time






Baby Augi - Alone




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