5 Best TikTok Playlists to Submit Music!

Top 10 TikTok Spotify Playlists

Top 20 TikTok Playlists on Spotify

Are you looking for some nice TikTok songs?


Here are the Best Spotify playlists for exactly that!


Long gone are the days when you struggle to find the next sound on TikTok.


Here are 10 best TikTok Spotify playlists:



Sending a good Spotify Playlist Submission is hyper-important!


And... Are you a musician looking for TikTok promotion in these playlists?


Do you want influencers to create videos based on your music?


Want to get your music on active & relevant playlists that actually get results? 


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Getting a TikTok promotion for your new music on this playlist is a fantastic idea. 


Your song will be among Lil Nas X and many viral TikTok stars as well. 


If you're interested in learning more about How To Crack TikTok for Musicians, I would highly recommend this blog by Ari Herstand.


One good thing about Spotify playlists is that consumers expect the music to be good


Curators are trusted - that's why these Spotify playlists have so many followers.


TikTok users in Spotify users are the curators, especially when the playlist itself has a high follower count. 


Out of all the TikTok Spotify playlists...


I highly recommend this one for effective TikTok promotion (and music promotion in general!)


#2. TikTok songs slowed + reverb


There are other playlists that you definitely should check out!


Creators like playlists such as this.


One thing I do want to say though is that... Getting discovered is all about delivering upon the expectations of the audience. 


Many artists find growth in non-TikTok playlists. 


With new music, you always want to promote it when fans are expecting new music. Otherwise, even if the music promotion is effectively done, the mentality of the fan my dad is to stream music. 


For all we know, it might just be browsing Instagram for three minutes while waiting for the train to take them back home from work.


This is why mixing different TikTok promotions while leveraging the Spotify platform is an amazing way to grow your Fanbase.


Playlists are a reliable tool - but not the only one!


#3. Gym (TikTok playlist)


if you plan to make TikTok videos... This playlist has the best songs for you!


Mary Artist thinks that TikTok promotion is only an app through influencers and such… 


But Spotify playlists such as this one get extreme reception and it’s a wonderful way to grow your Fanbase without using TikTok videos!


Looking for some good background music when at the gym?


These curated playlists are top-notch, created with love and the idea of people making videos.


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If you have a song on Spotify that is a remix with another musician then this is the perfect playlist for you. 


Your song might become a head hit as long as the right creators can create your Content for it. 


Whether your song is for dancing or it’s a chill song for Viking, this is one of the few Spotify playlists that I think are heavy hitters. 


Submit your song to my free Spotify promotion service and will have influencers dancing and creating content for your music in no time!


#5. TikTok Dance


You really should send your submissions for this TikTok song. 


There are many different genres in this fun playlist, and getting featured here. 


This is just as good as the electronic dance music Spotify playlists we have!


A lot of artists underestimate the power of dance videos in hip-hop. 


Fans listen to your new pop song but they also want to create their content for Instagram and TikTok as well. 


Dancing videos go viral on TikTok daily. It's created every second almost.


If you can hit a decent placement on these Spotify playlists and Apple Music playlists then your music will be listened to by many many people across the globe!


#6. Heat Waves TikTok


if your music is good then you should submit your song to this Spotify playlist without cost. 


They take pop, hip-hop, and multiple styles of music so long as the music sounds good.


I like these playlists because creators make videos out of them (good videos too!)


The ROI of a stream of viral videos is incomparable!


I can't guarantee that these Spotify playlists will do that... But it's worth the shot.


You don’t need to make an old Town Road song just to get your music out of there on Spotify. 


Compared to YouTube, many Spotify playlist services can post your song in a fun and effective way to reach fans that YouTube ads could never do. 


If you like the sound of getting heard by loved ones and fans across the globe then check out our free Spotify promotion service.

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#7. Clean TikTok Hits


Tiktok can be the Wild West, some songs and artists are pretty explicit and some choose to not be. 


Regardless it’s fine, if you’re an artist that makes clean music and you want to spark positivity through your singing then this TikTok playlist is for you. 


Another playlist can contain profane music, so they have a wide audience pool however this playlist is specifically for artists that don’t curse. 


Log yourself into this playlist today!


On the bright side, once you land on these playlists then you’re guaranteed to find fans that genuinely like your music. 


There isn’t that much clean music out there so you can essentially target a lot more fans through the Spotify campaign for a lower expenditure.



#8. Best of TikTok

All artists across the globe want fans to listen to their music, regardless of platform. 


This playlist gives you access to a huge audience of music fans who want to hear your sound. 


Getting your song into these Spotify playlists is great because creators watch the playlist for inspiration on which sound to use in their new TikTok video.


#9. Sped up TikTok Songs


One of the best ways to go TikTok viral is by creating a sped-up remix of your original song. 


When people listen to sped-up versions they generally like the fast-paced rhythm and wanna make a TikTok video to it. 


This is why so many old songs from 20 years ago go viral on the TikTok app. 


The track appeals to a younger audience and then TikTok just amplifies this. 


One of the best ways to go viral on TikTok is by creating a sped-up remix of your original song. 


When people listen to sped-up versions they generally like the fast-paced rhythm and wanna make a TikTok to it. 


This is why so many old songs from 20 years ago go viral on TikTok. 


The track appeals to a younger audience and then TikTok just amplifies this.


#10. Old TikTok dances 🥶 😨


Out of all the Spotify playlists in this list, this one is the most competitive to get your song into. 


Since this Spotify playlist takes mainly old-school music, then you may not necessarily go viral… 


However, niche playlists such as this are great for music promotion because you can get hurt by targeted fans.


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Tips & Tricks for submitting to TikTok playlists

Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlists


My best tip when you submit your music to Spotify playlists is to be completely direct. 


If your song is worth it there is always a chance that it can get placed. 


Just watch out for Spotify playlist scams, there are some weird folk out here.


For a bonus, help check out my website where I offer Spotify promotion services to artists of all sizes. 


If you are seeing results on Instagram or in your YouTube videos then my services will help you and the best part is that it is 100% free. 


Yes, I did not skip a note, you can get onto Spotify playlists without a single dime. 


Not only that but I can make music videos and offer design services at no charge. 


I believe that music creators deserve a fair playing field to push out the music.



How Artists Can Get Their Music On TikTok Videos

Get Your Music on TikTok


You should first make sure that all of your music is uploaded to TikTok!


This way, it will be available whenever someone wants to make a video (plus you'll be monetized!).


You can use a service like Boost Collective to do it.


They distribute your music to ALL steaming platforms + TikTok without paying a cent. 


Yes, you read that.


Once you get your music on TikTok, sell it on the apps with an official album.



Don't fear if your song doesn't get accepted in Spotify playlists

I should note that Spotify playlists are only one of many methods to promote your music the new fans. 


Short videos have the potential to go viral on the algorithm.


It’s important that the Artist so she’s yourself put your song on as many channels as possible. 


Although Instagram and YouTube I have to grow, each account can potentially go viral and blow up you’ll never know. 


As long as there’s a new card being created whether on your Catalog on streaming platforms or each social media account.


Make sure that you get consistent feedback from fans in all the apps and put out more stuff!




Getting featured in a viral TikTok playlist is just one of the few ways that fans can search for your music. 


Many artists request that I help them one on one and get hard but you can do most of the things yourself exclamation. 


Think of where fans go to hear new music for example release radar and then find relevant ways to put your sound in the middle of that. 


Find your attention flows and then get yourself featured. This is why music submission is an important process. 


People vibe to the sound of your music, rather than feel like they’re being interrupted by ads. 


It’s very integral to the platform, and this way the Spotify software is amazing for growing your listeners and stream count and this goes for all music creators!


In the music business, the TikTok brand still has a dreamy feel to it.


Even though the rewards and risks are unpredictable, it's good to get to that sweet spot.


If you want people to buy your songs, you can tell some of their best friends about them.


Omari offers the best solutions for organic marketing.


With our SoundCloud plans, your songs will get the traffic and attention they need.


Let's find out more.


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