Best Organic Spotify Promotion! (Growth Stacking)

September 04, 2021

Spotify growth stacking

How I 4x my streams with ½ the work

I'm gonna skip all the fluff.


Here is the no-bullshit method to growing on Spotify (it's called Growth Stacking.)


Why should you listen to me?


I've promoted 1000+ songs in the past few months, I know a thing or two.


Hi, I'm Jabari from Boost Collective!


Honestly, I used to be in the EXACT exact same position as you...


Tired and overwhelmed with Spotify promotion.


The spotify artist promotion struggle


It took me a while to truly understand how Spotify Promotion works.


Seriously, doesn't it sometimes feel like the platform is Black Box?


Nothing you try has ANY lasting effect.


But I will tell you right now: it doesn't have to be this way.


You just never got the right guidance (no worries, that's i'm here for. 😉)


See, growing on Spotify does not need to be as complex as you think it is.


(I would know, having promoted over 1000 tracks!)


What I'm about to teach you - normally would have to spend time TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars to learn.


Without further ado, here is the Spotify Growth Stacking Method. 👇




3 common spotify mistakes that kills your growth

It's not enough to do the right thing. You also need to avoid doing the wrong thing!


Some mistakes are so costly that they will offset any growth you make.


You need the best Spotify Playlists to Submit to!


I say that with the love of course ❤️ let's build your music career together!


You don't want to waste your hard-earned money on lame a$$ fake promo.


Here are 3 Common Spotify mistakes you must avoid:

  1. Only placing one song per playlist (solution)
  2. Ending Spotify campaign too early (solution)
  3. Submitting to oversized playlists (solution)


Spotify promotion mistakes


Learn how to double your streams with 1/2f the work and actually get heard on Spotify.


Not to mention how much valuable time you save!


You could have been out your girlfriend at that time.


Wait... Musicians don't have girlfriends.


(Just kidding. 😁)


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The most important aspect of building a true fan base is having a target audience. You must target the same fan MORE than once! This is called hyper-targeting.


Strategy Effectiveness Cost
Mass Targeting Somewhat Effective Less Expensive
Mild Targeting Decently Effective Medium Price
Hyper Targeting Very Effective! More Expensive


It's easy to forget that...


There are THOUSANDS of other artists competing for the attention of your target audience.


Many of these artists have larger budgets, they'll tear you to shreds - Unless you have a better Spotify marketing strategy.



Spotify promo hyper targeting


Smart cheap marketing > dumb expensive marketing.


For this reason, you need to use hyper-targeting (Spotify Growth Stacking) rather than basic targeting practice.



Hyper targeting: Place more than one song in a playlist

Drake and Kanye West probably have more than one song in the playlist... Why not you?


Quality is better than quantity when it comes to Spotify user data.


Multiple song re-listens signals to Spotify that the user is a fan of these artists.


Also, in business, it's proven that it takes at least 7 to 9 interactions before a client buys from you.


These are called touchpoints.


Fan touchpoints


Your ENTIRE artist profile gets a boost from many touchpoints.


(let me guess you've definitely seen more than one of those collective as before viewing this😂)


With the growth stock in method, you're having multiple songs in the same playlist and literally doubling the results!


Multiple touchpoints are TWICE as effective as finding two random people.


how spotify algo works


Having 500 people listen to your song over and over is better than 2000 people only hear it once within the Spotify algorithm.


This is why you NEED to use the Growth Stacking method.


That this feeds quality data to your Spotify track!



Growth Stacking: Don't kill the momentum!

Here's my #1 key method to getting more streams on Spotify.


I know you may not believe me but... It's a lot simpler than you think.


Slow down, play the LONG game rather than the fast game.


You're better off chasing a consistent stream-base than shooting for 20K streams at one time.


It helps getting on algorithm playlists.


Get on Algorithm Playists


Sure, getting a large blip in your Spotify streams at one time is good for your ego...


But what about your longevity?


It's not doing much for Release Radar, Discover Weekly nor your personal radio sadly.


In reality, the best campaign is one that... never ends.



Major record labels never end their momentum

Your favorite top artist understands momentum down to a science.


You may not realize but... Labels treat singles as 100% promotional.


First-week album sales are the time when artists make 75% of their revenue.


Release streams


(Singles are realized for the MAIN PURPOSE of keeping the artist's name alive, in time for the album.)


Soon as their name loses relevance they drop a single, then ride that wave.


Stopping momentum is the same as the death of a music career.


Those "random" singles that Trippe Redd drops... have been planned months/weeks in advance.


This is the same with Spotify user data.


You want to keep the flow of users coming in, to keep the stock of potential fans at stream capacity.


Stack organic growth on spotify


Depending on your budget (and fanbase), your stream stock capacity can change.


Keep pouring consistent data to your Spotify profile, over the long haul your stream capacity will grow!


Note: you can go harder with promo for the album or hit single release!



Building REAL fanS THROUGH growth stacking

This is the difference between generating one stream and building a true fan.


The Growth Stacking method is how Kanye & Drake always end up on Release Radar and Discover Weekly!


Fortunately, you do NOT have to pay the drake budget to get this effect!


What you need to do is get quality streaming data for TWO of your songs.


Run 2 song campaigns for Growth stacking


This will internally present your sound and get your profile ranking for that specific fan!


This is similar to a re-targeting campaign on Facebook where are you go for people who already engaged with.


This increases conversion from listeners to fans with higher certainty!


I've run hundreds of campaigns in the past couple of months and the Spotify growth Sacking Method has been the most effective so far!


Do you want more growth, or to stay the same?


(Of course, everybody wants more growth!)


Now is the time to really change your music career for the good and truly get heard as a music artist.



Growth stacking with mid-sized playlists

Believe it or not: the size of a playlist does NOT correlate to how many streams you are going to get!


Different playlists have different flows of streams (duh.)


Generally, the larger playlist has fewer active followers than others.


Followers are ghosts who haven't streamed the playlist from the past months/years ago!


Since people generally follow playlists for 6 to 8 weeks and then they get bored.


Rather than unfollowing they just ignore it and move on with life.


Lo and behold, those playlists with +50K followers will grant you the same results as a playlist with 5K followers.


Does Size matter on Spotify_


A rookie artist will chase this top placement... And burn their budget.


Smart artists seek placements on a bunch of mid-range highly active playlists.


Here you'll get the highest quantity of high-quality streamers and fewer ghosts.


Not only will this lead to you getting more streams, to feed your Spotify algorithm great data to both of your songs!


On a practical level, you're getting double the promo (which is more effective because of the touchpoint rule)


This makes it so much easier to promote your future tracks :)



Your next steps.

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