Get Your Song on Spotify Release Radar (3 Easy Steps!)

Get on release radar

How to get your song on Spotify release radar, fast

We all know it's not easy to make it in the music industry, but knowing how to get your song on Spotify release radar will change that fast!


Getting organic streams and exposure on Spotify is a process.


It can take quite some time before music artists can see an audience build and gain gradual exposure to their songs.


The primary way you can start to consistently see streams on Spotify...


Is by getting on people's Release Radar and Discover Weekly playlists for Spotify users.



Release Radar is a surefire way you can increase those listening to your music!


It's a myth that Spotify's algorithm can't be influenced to increase your odds of getting on the Release Radar & Discover Weekly.


Labels do it all the time to maximize their artist's reach.


There are some simple and definite steps you can take that'll drastically improve your odds of making your track appear on people's Spotify Release Radar and Discover Weekly playlists.


Want to get your music on active & relevant playlists that actually get results? 


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What are Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists?

Grow your streams

These are curated playlists Spotify auto-generates every Friday for every Spotify user.


Depending on what the user listens to, Spotify will update these playlists with relevant music from artists that the Spotify listener is most likely to enjoy.


Millions of Spotify users discover new music through these playlists, and ensuring you get on their curated playlists is a surefire way to grow your streams.


Discover Weekly is simply a collection of music Spotify's algorithm thinks you'll like depending on the music you already listen to.


The Release Radar playlist contains newly-released music from artists you follow as well as other artists similar to the ones you listen to already.


It's important to know that these playlists are like new releases that a listener is most likely to play on repeat and add to their 'liked songs' playlist.


These are our sure-fire artists who can get on as many people's Release Radar playlists as possible!


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Get Fans to Follow You on Spotify

Followers are vital to get heard on Release Radar

When your fans follow you on Spotify, they will automatically get your music appearing on their Release Radar as soon as it releases. The more followers, the better.


This is how artists get an initial boost in streams when they release a new track.


Since they have hundreds (if not thousands) following them on Spotify, all getting the new song served to them as soon as it drops.


Getting people to follow you on Spotify can be done in a variety of ways.


Getting your new release on playlists like seen through marketing services can drive followers.


Even something as simple as posting on social media to get your fans, friends, and family to follow you is a good place to start.


Get Your Music on Spotify Playlists

Making sure that your song gets on real and active Spotify playlists consistently is a great way to drive up Spotify followers and thus increase your Release Radar coverage.


Using trusted Spotify playlist services will help you get more users streaming your tracks.


Bringing in new people from playlists, liking your music, following your artist page, and then being served your music on Release Radar is one way how you can be discovered by new fans.


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Get Your Music on Discover Weekly

Getting on people's Discover Weekly is easier than you think.


It's just key that you follow all the steps outlined in order to get peak engagement.


Release New Music Often

The biggest thing keeping you from getting on Discover Weekly is that you're simply not releasing music often enough!


Spotify's algorithmic success is at its highest point when you're putting out new music every 2 weeks to every month at the very least.


We've found that independent artists putting out tracks once a week on the platform gets the highest chance of algorithmic engagement.


The more music you release, the more chances you have at Spotify to pick up these songs and add them to people's Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists, therefore getting more people to stream your tracks. 


Release High-Quality Music

Quality over quantity to get on Release Radar


Just because you need to release music often doesn't mean you can overlook quality.


Labels tend to put an emphasis on quality more than independent artists, and thus why label-released music tends to get on the Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists.


And I know it's cliché - but as music, artists make sure your music sounds as good as the top artists in your genre.


If your music isn't up to par, Spotify keeps it from getting discovered.


The longer the average listen time is on your music, the more likely Spotify is going to recommend it to others.


And the only way people are going to listen to your whole song is if it's good quality music.

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Use Spotify Promotion Campaigns

One of the more unknown benefits of investing in an organic Spotify promotion campaign is that it increases your odds of getting on algorithmic playlists.


Release Radar and Discover Weekly ain't no joke!


You must get real & organic promotion that gives you real listeners, like Boost Collective's Spotify promotion.


This is because you'll get exposure by getting featured on relevant, active, and targeted Spotify playlists to drive new listeners to discover your music.


Such a platform will give you a head-start in getting followers through playlist exposure.


This increases those listening to your music.


Fake streams and promotion must be avoided at all costs though!


Not only will it bring zero real listeners (and thus Release radar & Discover Weekly potential)


It can also get your song or Spotify account taken down.


Put Yourself in The Mind of a Spotify User

Getting on these two auto-generated playlists will boost your exposure and streams organically.


It's simply a matter of consistently following ALL (not some) of the steps outlined.


To get your songs heard, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the users of the Spotify platform.


what do fans think


This is key!


What other artists do these users like? What playlist are they listening to?


A Spotify user will give you all the data you need to make strong promotion decisions.


Reaching out on social media to your fans is a good place to start.


This data is key for pulling ahead of other artists who are also competing to get on the Release Radar/Discover weekly playlist.


How to get more streams on Spotify

Growing your audience on Spotify's platform can appear to be tricky.


To grow your Spotify streams you must release often, pitch to playlists, push fans to follow your Spotify account, and use Spotify promo services. This will all help you get more listeners streaming your songs day in, and day out.


Put these strategies together and execute all of them consistently.


You'll be getting your new music in front of new people in no time!


I hope you now know how to get your song on Spotify's release radar!


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