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How Long do Songs Stay on Spotify Playlists?

Written by Jabari Banza | Dec 19, 2021 10:34:22 PM

Why are Spotify playlist campaigns so short?

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Ever submit your music to get placed in a Spotify playlist... Only for it to be taken out later?


This is SUPER a common theme when it comes to Spotify playlist promotion.


Honestly, it's pretty rare for user-generated playlists to keep your song in forever...


Why is this the case, though?


Playlist curators really DO NOT want to keep songs in their playlists for too long.


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Playlist curators keep songs in their playlist 4-5 weeks, it's rarely a permanent placement. They do this to attract new playlist listeners & followers.



If there's no new music being added to the Spotify playlist, listeners get bored and disappear...


It's a real trend! I noticed this ever since I made my first playlist.


Don't forget that the whole reason listeners choose to engage with user-generated playlists is to discover new songs!


I mean sure, playlist curators SOMETIMES have one song for a long time...


But generally it's a Drake or other big label artist song.


Something to attract dudes to listen.


This is the same for both Spotify and Apple Music.

I'm taking song submissions of all genres👇




Are Permanent Spotify Playlist Placements worth any good?


You actually don’t want a permanent Spotify playlist placement for your music. This is a sign of an inactive curators, so you won’t get good organic streams.

Just think about it on the consumer side.

If you like the Spotify playlist, you don’t want to hear the same song every single time.

The whole purpose of playlist curators into finding NEW good songs.

By getting a permanent Spotify playlist placement, you’re blowing your playlist promotion budget for something destined to fail…

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How long are Spotify editorial playlist placements?

You can expect your Spotify playlist placement the last somewhere between 2 to 4 weeks.


Just like how curators don't often keep it there for a longer timeframe - Spotify editorial playlists are the exact same.


Editorial playlist placements last around 28 days. Sometimes the Spotify editorial playlist keeps you there for less though.



This is a given, considering there are new songs coming out on Spotify every single day!


This is why you should make your own playlists.


Instead of chasing so many different Spotify playlists, it may be worth your while to create your own playlists.


The Spotify app allows you to do it.


Literally takes you five minutes to get started but will save you SO MUCH hassle when it comes to Spotify music promotion.



Companies such as Boost Collective have a simple submission form where you can submit your music for free as well.


That said, sometimes the mood or genre that user-generated playlists that Boost Collective has may not fit you.


But, if your music fits then you'll see HELLA streams!


5 bonus reasons to make your own Playlists

On top of great promotion, that isn't the only reason.


Here are five reasons you should make it your own Spotify playlist:

  1. Easier to build streams
  2. Can make money playing artists
  3. Boosts your monthly listeners
  4. Pushes you onto Discover Weekly
  5. Monetize easier on Spotify



Your own playlists can give you that bump in streaming data - creating an opportunity to push yourself onto Spotify's algorithmic playlist.


Just know that it's not easy to create your own playlists.


There's a wide range of Spotify music promotion strategies you must use to really shine on the platform!


Are Spotify editorial playlists worth it?

Let's calm the hype. Is it REALLY as worth it as people say it is?


Short answer: yes, get on a Spotify editorial playlist.


Even if you only land in ONE Spotify editorial playlist, you'll still get to see a boost of streams.


You can easily gain anywhere from 1000 to 10,000 new listeners just by landing on one of Spotify editorial playlists.



I've seen artists really take flight from Spotify editorial playlists.


Just don't neglect to submit your music to Spotify editorial playlists during the release stage!


Does Spotify take songs off your playlists?

Spotify will not remove music from your own playlists unless the artist broke the terms of service and was taken down. If this persists, you can email Spotify's support and they will help.



Just note that your Spotify playlists cannot exceed more than 10,000 songs.


It would be too much bandwidth for Spotify to handle at once. Apple Music doesn't really have this issue however it's a Spotify-specific thing.


Tip: If you get onto some fake playlist, Spotify will know that your song streaming data is fake and then act on it!



Make sure you control where your music goes and ensure that the audience that engages with your tracks is all legitimate.


Either create your own playlists or take time to audit the playlist to make sure it's legit.


How many monthly listeners do I need for editorial playlists?

It does not matter how many monthly listeners you have on your Spotify account for a shot at Spotify editorials.


So long as your new music is good and you submitted it to Spotify editors BEFORE your release then you have an equal chance to get on Spotify editorial playlists.


The best part: an increase in play count and listening data will boost your artist profile and get your tracks onto big playlists after the release date!



This grants you more discoverability both through discover weekly and Spotify's algorithmic playlists.


Increasing your odds of getting picked up by Spotify editors.


At the end of the day, it's the same thing regardless of whether your songs are in Spotify's algorithmic playlists or editorial playlists.


All momentum counts.


How do I get into editorial playlists after my release?

Spotify does not have a system for submitting your new song to Spotify editors after your release. Only good-quality streaming & third-party playlists can get you discovered by editorial curators.


Release Radar and Discover Weekly give your new song a push, so they at least increase the shot of getting the attention of Spotify editors.



However, that's only after your release when they look at the stream data.


When Spotify editorials are being made, Spotify editors sometimes look at third-party Spotify playlists for inspiration.


Getting on some existing playlists help - even offline listening session can add to your total artist profile streams.


How to get my song onto the release radar

Spotify has many algorithmic playlists and one of them is Release Radar.


Here are three ways to get a song onto Spotify Release Radar

  1. Send out your pre-save link for your new songs
  2. Entice Spotify users to follow your artist profile
  3. Submit your new song to Spotify editors seven days before the release


The cool thing is you DON'T need to be actively searching for new fans if your new release is on Release Radar!


Spotify packages your songs together in these algorithmic playlists.



If you do all these in advance then you'll definitely see your music get a boost in Spotify's algorithmic playlists.


how many songs can I have on the release radar at a time?

Regardless of how many songs you release on Spotify, the platform will only allow you ONE song on Release Radar at a time.


It's important to space out your releases, allowing more boost.


That being said, if you are just a feature artist on another artist's song then you can still get on Release Radar through THEIR Spotify account.


Their audience will see your stuff & check you out!


This is a common promotion technique called Growth Stacking!


This is one of the reasons why doing collaborations will boost Spotify's algorithmic playlists throughout the year.


Spotify's algorithmic playlists are gold mines when it comes to a new release so you definitely must optimize your new release around it!


How long does a song last on the release radar?

Your song can last in Release Radar for as short as a week and as long as a month! The better the track, the longer it stays generally.


There is no hard and fast rule.


Since it's algorithmic, then it's up to the gods at Spotify to decide that for you.


Rest assured, once one song gets removed then another song can be added so it's all fine and dandy.


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