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Def Jam Records, a division of Universal Music Group, is a top independent record label!


This is one of the best Record Deals you can find!


This record company has a strong hip-hop presence, but also features:

  • Rock artists
  • R&B artists
  • Pop artists


This blog contains some insider hints and suggestions!


I made it as info-packed as my Ultimate Record Deal Guide!


While they normally don't accept unsolicited material...


It's not impossible to set up a demo submission to Def Jam.


To get a service like this, you'll have to listen carefully to the advice in this blog.


I'll teach you how to pitch your tracks to the proper individuals at Def Jam Records.


The record label Def Jam is always on the lookout for innovative musicians and bands.


If you're a budding or experienced musician with unique songs...


You'll learn where and when to send a demo to gain the attention of industry insiders.


Bonus: Submit Your Song to Universal Music Group as well!


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What is the best way to submit music to Def Jam?

There are several different channels via which you may send your song to Def Jam Records.

You're probably not going to just send your demo in the mail...

You must network with talented buyers, producers & musical business people.

New talent is discovered by labels every day - it's how the business works.


You should see my Ultimate List of Labels Accepting Demos.

Keep in mind that every month, the label receives hundreds of demo submissions.

That means the materials typically go through a pipeline, you want to link yourself here.

The vast majority are email submissions, and they are neither personalized nor specific.

(Typically, It ends up in a spam folder somewhere.)

Be patient, but also think outside the box on how to get your music to the label.


When you build connections with Def Jam insiders - your chances of getting heard increase hyperbolically.


Best of all: there are many online resources to connect!


Twitter and LinkedIn are great ways to facilitate communication with record companies.


Services like the TAXI Service make it easy to deliver your music to the label.


Just sign up and upload your demo!


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How to pitch songs to Def Jam Records

Pitch Music to Def Jam


The A&R staff at Def Jam Records won't hear your music until you first convince them to listen to it.


The greatest strategy is to get your music heard by industry professionals and signed to a record company...

Is to pitch tracks to the label's lower-end workers.


Don't forget to introduce yourself, including the song title, and any other pertinent details.


You may also delegate the task to a Santa Monica manager!


For songwriters to sign record deals. they need to understand the record business.


As an artist make sure you keep a score of accomplishments, then let these labels know why you're worth signing.


In the pitch, be brief, yet firm and courteous in your communication.


Include a brief synopsis of each track when submitting demos for consideration.


Don't forget to specify that they are all original compositions and not covers of any existing tunes!


Bonus: Submit Music to Cash Money Records!

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What’s in a good demo for Def Jam Records?

Record Demo for Def Jam

When submitting a demo to Def Jam Records, there are a few guidelines you should stick to.


The high quality of the music demo sound is the most crucial aspect.


Don't bother sending subpar audio files or media - they won't sign crappy songwriters.


Make sure you put money into essential tools like a studio microphone and music producer work.


Def Jam Records is interested in hearing music from a wide variety of types and genres, but only if it's high quality.


Pick a couple of your favorite tracks and put together a demo to show off your abilities!


Limit the artist's playlist length to no more than 10 tracks.


Keep in mind that showcasing your greatest work to the label is essential for keeping their interest.


Bonus: Submit Music to Dreamville



Other ways to get your music heard by Def Jam Recording artists

There are a couple of different channels you may use to contact Def Jam Records and submit your music for consideration.


Make sure your song is available on as many social media sites as possible!


Many A&R sounds use socials to discover talent.


Create an engaging profile and immediately begin posting. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be used to contact label managers!


You might also attempt getting in touch with their representatives:

  • Music publishers
  • Event coordinators
  • A&R scouts


These people are great for gaining exposure as well as contacts.

You must connect with others in your field.


Bonus: Submit Music to YSL Label

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Bonus: submit to Universal Music Group

Submit To Universal Music Group-1


Do you make good tacos with nice lyrics?

Do you have expert producers who mix your tracks?

Do you want to get a head start in your career?

In that case, send your track to the UMG email address!

TAP HERE to read my blog on submitting music to Universal Music and producers.

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