Submit Music to Cactus Jack! (Updated 2022)

Submit Music to Cacus Jack

Submitting your tracks to the Cactus Jack record label

In the music industry, Cactus Jack Records is a name you've likely heard of if you're a young performer.


This is important if you're looking for a Record Deal!


Cactus Jack's roster of artists includes:

  • Travis Scott
  • Sheck Wes
  • Chase B
  • Don Toliver
  • SoFayGo


All of these performers got their start when they sent in demos to the cactus jack label.


You need to get your music heard by influential individuals if you want to make it as a successful musician.


Jack Huncho album release dates were glory in their own right!


Excluding the beats played, we can all agree that these tracks are legendary.


This happened to be a historic time for music content.


If you sign then I'm not lying when I say you will improve - we can all agree.


One of the best ways to advance in one's chosen field is to be signed by a record company.


These are great partners for any singer that wants their album to have the right support.


First and foremost: we need to know which type of songs these services sign!


Learn in detail how to send your songs to the cactus jack label by reading the following.


This is what Travis Scott said regarding his album:


"I want first and foremost to help other artists, launch new names, to provide opportunities. I want to do for them what happened to me, but better."


Just by looking at their website... They truly do improve the lives of all signing artists.


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Do you make good music?


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how to Submit your song to cactus jack!

Submit Your Music to Cactus Jack


The first step in submitting your music to the Cactus Jack Label is to figure out who to send it to. 


If you Google/Wikipedia search “cactus jack label”, you’ll find the official website.


Sadly, you can't simply send your music to the Travis Scott email inbox.


You also can't Twitter DM your song to Mr Scott to get heard...


You need a better way to send content to Travis Scott.


Cactus Jack's only going to sign and provide opportunities for the right albums.


They act more as business partners than traditional labels.


Just the new names that join this label always launch into a success!


The right community and culture can jump your internet album presence.


This is why they don't accept everyone... You need to deserve it before you join.


Naturally, you need to figure out how to package and send your music to the label. 


You don’t want to send your music as a Cd because this isn't 2003.


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You need to network your way into the Cactus Jack circle.




What is cactus jack records?

What is Cactus Jack


Cactus Jack Records was founded in 2017 by Travis Scott.


The label has a reputation for helping out new artists and giving them a chance at success, which makes it a great label to get signed to.


They have a LOT of financial control and services they can give musicians!


That said - every artist in the Travis Scott label has similar music.


Just the new names that join this label always launch into success.


Cactus Jack Records does not accept music submissions from all independent artists.


Unless you fit the genre - you will never be accepted into this new label.


The label artists have a cohesive, signature sound that differentiates them from others on major labels. 


The other artists find a balance between similar but also unique (Don Toliver for example.)


The website shows a page of all artists, and when looking at the details...


They seem to maintain all autonomy. 


Sure, Travis probably edited some aspects (with consent) but the majority of the artist vision remained.


You need to fit this criterion to even consider using the Cactus Jack label services.


This gives cactus jack record label artists a certain “indie” feel that differentiates them from artists on major labels.


Do you make good music?


Submit your song, if I like it then I'll add it to my Spotify playlist.


I'm taking song submissions of all genres👇


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