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Submit To Universal Music Group

Why get signed by Universal Music Group?

When it comes to the music industry, we rank Universal Music Group as #1.


That said... When it comes to signing new performers, Universal Music Group is also among the pickiest.


This is the case when seeking a Record Deal.


Universal is home to such music industry heavy hitters:

  • Justin Bieber
  • Drake
  • Lady Gaga
  • Kanye West


UMG's record labels have some of the best talents in the world!


Capitol Music Group can only dream of being this strong.


And many other Universal Music Group acts!


The bar is set very high for new musicians to cut... It's like Submitting to OVO Records.


Sure, you can just send your demo to Universal Music Group today but not get ahead.


Universal Music Group is one of the few record labels that nearly every industry professional dreams of working at.


It may be tough to get your CD signed by Universal if you're not a well-known artist....


Or have an exceptional track record.


But you're still lucky!


Apart from the standard distribution methods - there are alternative options.


You can still get your music to UMG, with some elbow grease.


They don't directly accept unsolicited music (that goes for all top record labels) however...


By building the right connection with Universal Music Group industry professionals then your submitting music stops being impossible.


For unsigned musicians -Universal has small groups that review entries daily.


Here's what you can do to improve your chances of signing your unreleased album.


The genres that UMG accepts are rock, pop, and EDM for the most part.


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Does Universal Music Group accept unsolicited material?

The answer is yes & no. You can't submit your demo to Universal Music and get heard - but if you submit it to a manager then chances go up.


They have a spam folder designed for indie artists that want to get their music heard...


Song demo submissions need to be done tactically to work!


This is the case even when you Submit Music to YSL Label.


Typically manager, agent, producer, or radio DJ, are people that you want to add to your network.


You may not be aware but they have connections to UMG Employees.


You can't submit a demo to UMG's site - even if you offered a contract fee.


Leverage the labels A&R departments. Those contact details are worth 100x more!



Research the top & newest Universal Music Group roster

Research Universal Music Groupss Roster


Discovering who Universal already has on their books is the first step to getting signed.


Find which artists are under the wing of different Universal labels.


Since UMG has many sub-labels, you'll see what fits best.


Research the genres and audiences served by Universal Music Group.


Alternatively: in this scenario, you'd benefit from contacting relevant indie labels.


Record labels A&R departments can change your life!


When you Submit Music to Dreamville, you can change everything.


In no other industry does a person have as much power as UMG's record labels A&R.


Just watch out for scams. Fake UMG fraudulently demands money from artists!


Now, if you find that your music is a good fit for a few Universal artists...


You'll have to do some more research to see who their current managers are.


A UMG manager isn't complex - they just listen to music.


They're a label employee who works with an artist to direct their professional & artistic endeavors.


Kindly note that each has a manager agent producer radio DJ has a different contact.


It's imperative to get in touch with these individuals since Universal Music Group managers will be the ones to determine whether or not to sign your record.


How can you find record label executives?


Pro tip: the artist's website or social media profiles will usually have a list of their managers! Search Google for the artist's name plus "management," if you can't find a manager listed.


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Why Universal Music Group is so picky

Your favorite artists for UMG, Capitol Record, etc. All got these with connections.


Let;'s not kid ourselves - you can't release through a network with hundreds of departments unless they can TRUST that the money will Make an ROI.


Typically demos are recommended at first contact when it comes to small labels.


They are just as picky as when you Submit Music to Cash Money Records.


UMG, however, is unable to accept unsolicited material since such action doesn't yield a return.


Be aware that the top 100 artists/media personalities power the music industry.


Hope is not lost - you just need to get deeper relations with these companies and form connections.


You may not like record labels but kindly note that they help with:

  • Travel costs
  • Booking gigs
  • Promoting music
  • Setting up interviews
  • Other activities in music


You may not even LOVE these record labels but kindly note the benefits that come.


Your song lyrics can go from a concept to a cultural icon with their help.


Locate and contact artist press managers for your genre

Locate Press Managers


Now, contacting Universal Music managers is the next step.


Even while it may seem intimidating...


Remember that managers are also human and are not immune to the contents of a regular person's email.


To capture someone's attention, you gotta be as straightforward and detailed as possible.


Take a look at this sample of a well-written email for making a cold call to a manager:


"Greetings, my name is ___ and I'm a singer-songwriter from ___. I put out an album not too long ago and was wondering if you may be into listening to it. I'd like to send it to ___'s A&R department since I believe it would be a good match for your musicians. I appreciate your efforts and time and encourage you to continue the excellent job you've been doing. This email is succinct yet informative."


It demonstrates that:

  • You are familiar with the management
  • You did your homework
  • You're comfortable with your abilities.


Avoid seeming needy or irritating by keeping your email to the point.


Since Universal Music Group does not accept unsolicited material, you must make sure that the demo submissions are made properly.


Perhaps you can try reaching out to a Radio DJ to build connections to the Universal Music record label.


Submit a demo to as many Lowe-ranked people at these record labels.


Typically demos are recommended for decision-makers, but that is a flawed concept.


It's the lower guys in the labels that deal with the day-to-day work.


They have a deeper understanding of music value - so submit a demo to them.


Even if they are unable to accept unsolicited work, if you have a connection then they can probably help you in other ways. 


This is directly contrary to what most blogs say - but this is how it works.


You still need to send your demo to Universal Music - even if you don't subscribe to this idea.


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Submit your professional press kit to UMG

Submit Your Press Kit


You can expect Universal's management to request a press kit from you if you manage to get in contact with them.


And If Universal Music Group DOESN'T ask... Find a way to share it.


Don't know what a press kit is?


A press kit is a well-designed and well-organized collection of promo materials for your record.


To get a feel for what a press kit looks like, you may look at samples of such from other artists online.


You should include the following in your press kit:

  • Album cover
  • Demo link
  • Artist biography
  • Artist brand
  • Key metrics/numbers
  • Streaming levels


UMG A&R representatives base their initial impression of your music on your album cover.


Insist that it looks polished, interesting, and interesting to the eye.


If you toured around Santa Monica... Put that in your press kit!


These are the kinds of things Capitol Records look for.


Since the advent of the 360 deal, other industries are just as important as music.


Unsigned artists always get this wrong... This isn't simply digital distribution.


A good demo submission to Universal Music Group requires that you include the press kit.


Normally when you submit music to record labels you don't need this - however, this is Universal Music Publishing Group.


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what to include in your press kit

Include a list of the music found on your album inside the press kit.


Your artist biography should be a succinct yet informative overview of your artistic background and accomplishments.


Not to mention:


Your name, musical style, major inspirations, and career highlights should all be included.


Universal Music's Labels need to see the purpose of your music career in the industry for them to offer a record label deal.


If you struggle to show Universal Music Group your value... Then you're stuck with digital distribution.


Include URLs for your website, social media pages, and online storefront in your press kit.


In all likelihood, the individual perusing your press kit won't take the time to seek you online...


But it's good to have just in case.


If there's any news, add that in. 



Submit multiple demos of your music

Create Your Music Demo


Include multiple demos of your song with your press kit.


This does not mean that you need to make many tracks.


Just take the songs you have and create a few versions.


This way, you can express your musical versatility - while being contextually relevant.


Include at least three demo tracks, preferably four!


You can submit music efficiently by linking more than one track.


This is an effective method for when you submit music to record labels to Universal Music Publishing Group!


Make sure these demo songs represent your greatest work, just like the music on your next album will.


Include a link to a complete album stream on a music streaming service like SoundCloud or Spotify.


If you haven't made a full-length album yet, or are still working on it, a demo album will suffice.

Don't know what a demo album is?


Demo albums are collections of music that have been recorded but not yet edited, mixed, or mastered.


Don't use these songs as final sample tracks without a statement saying such!


Otherwise... Universal Music Group will think you're trash.


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You can easily improve your chances of getting heard by Universal Music Group.


Just follow these instructions - and see what happens!


Unfortunately, there's no assurance of a reply...


But at least you can re-use the submission assets for another indie record label.


Keep in mind that being the biggest music label in the world, Universal is constantly inundated with entries.


To grab their attention, you must be noticeable.


If you're dedicated to your music and don't give up, Universal will notice you. That's a promise!


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