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To submit music to YSL, you must first connect with their A&R team and submit your demo. If you already have a following, it's easier to get signed.


As an independent artist, it can be scary and hard to figure out how to get your music on labels...
Especially getting a Record Deal with a label like YSL Music.
How do I get a record company to sign me?
How do I get a deal with a distributor or publisher?
These are things that artists always ask us.


Here's how to submit music to record labels.


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What is YSL Music?

What is YSL-1


Young Thug, an Atlanta-based rapper, started the record label YSL Records (Young Stoner Life Records.)
YSL has worked with more than a dozen artists and put out more than 50 projects.
Eight of these projects have made it onto the Billboard 200.
There's no doubt that YSL has changed the sound of modern rap...
Some rappers fell off but others have blown up!
But the label's real strength comes from its close relationships!
Since the beginning, YSL has been run like a family.
Thug has recruited his siblings and longtime friends to be on the label.
You can become the next artist on YSL!
Getting the Record Deal can take your music to new heights!


Which artists are in ysl Music?

Which Artists Are in The YSL Label Roster


There are many artists in YSL that you may know!


Of course, there is the founder (Young Thug) but many other popping acts are there too.

Here are the current artists on the YSL roster:
  • Young Thug
  • Gunna 
  • Strick
  • Lil Baby (formerly)
  • Lil Keed (deceased)


You'll notice a few things from the roster...


All of these artists have a similar vibe and are primarily from Atlanta.


Here are the other record labels you can submit to:


Even though you technically don't have to be from Atlanta to get signed to the YSL record label, it does help!


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