Submit Music to Dreamville Today!

Submit Music to Dreamville

How to Submit Music to Dreamville Records

Send demos to Dreamville Records...
But please keep in mind that they don't usually take the material they haven't asked for.
Make sure you read up about getting a Record Deal.
The trick is to connect with a Dreamville Records A&R and build a long-term connection that way.
The music industry is very relationship-driven, and that goes for getting signed as well.
Also, make sure that your music is both of good quality and good FIT.
Check out the Dreamville roster and listen to their sounds.
So long as your music has a similar vibe then you're setting yourself up for a positive reception.
Here, the "quality over quantity" approach works really well.
Check out my Record Deal Guide for more clarity!
You only get a couple of shots, so don't send music until you feel you're fully ready.

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What is Dreamville?

What is Dreamville


American rapper J. Cole and his manager Ibrahim Hamad started the record label Dreamville Records.


Dreamville is not your average record label.
People call them nothing less than revolutionary, and the way record labels do business is changing because of them.
There are 5 Types of Record Deals you can get with Dreamville.
At the moment, Interscope Records, which is part of Universal Music Group, is in charge of distributing the label's music.
They wanted to grow their record label over time, and they wanted all of their connections and moves to feel as natural as possible.
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Dreamville contact info

Dreamville Contact Info


Want to contact Dreamville directly to submit music?
You can contact Dreamville at (512) 330-4274 or email them at
Overall, this is a fantastic strategy to reach out. 
Don't expect a response right away...
Try and build rapport with the operators at Dreamville and show your value upfront.
Make sure you check the Record Labels Accepting Demos.

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