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Tips for submitting to Cash Money Records

If you don't follow the submission rules then...
Likely, it won't be used.
Make sure your spelling, grammar, and punctuation are good so the blogger can at least understand what you are saying.
Most music bloggers are also paid writers.
Here's a list of record labels you can submit to:
Bonus: Submit music to Dreamville Records too!
People will notice if you misspell a lot of words and not take you seriously.
Check EVERY single email before you submit it.
Only Birdman can get away with spelling mistakes.

Read THIS Before Signing A Record Deal.How to Make It in the New Music Business

This banner above (with the book) ☝️ is the BEST resource in the music biz.


This book is widely used in music schools around the world and was called "the best how-to book of its kind" by Music Connection.


It inspired thousands of people to stop waiting for their "big break." and to claim success!


Ari Herstand, who has become the go-to expert for "do-it-yourself" artists, is back with a second edition of his book.
(He's become a friend of mind too, cool guy. 😆)
Ari says that a stable career can be built by using the many tools we have at our disposal:
  1. Mastering social media
  2. Mastering the art of merchandising
  3. Embracing real connections with fans
  4. And just learning how to keep going
It is completely up-to-date with the latest online trends and news, and it includes inspiring success stories from media like Spotify and Instagram.
If you can't invest $25.00 into your brain - just quit your music career.
The information is worked a thousand times over.
Check out This Book and it may just save your music career. No joke.

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Submit to Young Money Entertainment?

what is Cash Money
Lil Wayne started the record company Young Money Entertainment way back in 2005.


Mack Maine, a rapper who has known Lil Wayne his whole life, is the president of Young Money.
Want to Submit to Record Labels such as YME?
5 Tips to Submit Music to Young Money Ent:
  • Have fitting music
  • Have really good music
  • Submit a mastered demo
  • Reach out to the right people
  • Don't be discouraged
Young Money Entertainment label is an offshoot of Cash Money Records.
To submit to Young Money Entertainment you should consider building rapport.
Reach out to managers, A&Rs, and promoters to get closer to the inner circle.
Don't forget that there are 5 Types of Record Labels!
If you can't get one, there are other options!
You need to show your unique value to hear back!

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Get Your Own Music Studio Booth (For Under $500)

Studio Booth


This image above (with the portable music studio) ☝️ is the BEST resource for musicians!


It's astonishing that such a sizable booth can be folded up and moved with such ease, then re-erected anywhere you choose using a home recording booth.
Buying this $450 booth saves you thousands in studio time fees.
Here are the benefits of this portable music studio:
  • This little studio booth is ideal for use in tight quarters (dorms, rooms.)
  • The soundproof booth is useful for reducing echo and other background disturbances
  • The end result is perfectly dry and clear vocals
  • You save thousands in studio time and specific equipment


Portable Music Studio

The goal of every recording session is to capture a dry, noise-free signal, and a portable voice booth is the perfect tool for doing just that!
Instead of having a voice booth permanently set up in a studio, you can simply fold it up and put it away when you're done using it.


Ever since my producer bought one of these... Life became 100x better.


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