New OVO Drum Kit 2023! (FREE Download)

Free OVO Drum Kit!

Free OVO Drum kit downloads

When you have a free OVO drum kit, you'll be able to get unlock that signature sound.


Drake is arguably the largest hip-hop artist to date. 


My other blog shared Drake Drum Samples - this one focuses on the OVO Sample Pack world!


OVO Sound Roster


Top 10 OVO Drum Kits:

  1. Trap MIDI  Drake Drum Kit
  2. Toronto Legends  Drake Drum Kit
  3. OVO Future RnB Vol 2
  4. OVO Future RnB Vol 3
  5. OVO Drums
  6. OVO Therapy
  7. OVO Sounds From The 6ix  Drake Drum Kit
  8. OVOXO Drumkit Vol 2 Sample Pack
  9. 6ix Side  Drake Drum Kit
  10. 6ix Kings  Drake Drum Kit

Go ahead, install them and try it out. Explore all the different styles!


Bonus: Now that the beef is over check out my Free Kanye West Drum Kits!


Lil Wayne signed Drake because of his amazing talent, and you can harness some of this ability through these sample packs!



Drake type Sample Pack Download

The OVO Sound Sample Pack inspired a bunch of other Sample packs!


For a limited time, here are drake drum samples for you to use.


Bonus Hip Hop Drum Kits


Can't see the form? Click here.


Most producers spend hours looking for the right drums...


Fortunately you can kiss those days goodbye.


Each sample pack comes with the complete package:

  • OVO sound hi hats
  • OVO sounds drums
  • OVO Sound kicks

What drum kits include


To make your beats sound unique - grab the Free Playboi Carti Drum Samples while you're here!


How to Test your drum kits

There is no sense in having a thousand Drum kit inspired by Drake on your computer.


Just test the drum samples to see which beats sound best. With the rest, go ahead and delete it! It's important that producers search them all for the sounds they want.


Every audio player (Speakers, headphones) plays these drum samples differently.


This is especially the case when you press low frequency 808's or deep kicks.


It's in your best interest to test all the samples thoroughly. Yes, even hi hats.


I say, get the Drum kit inspired from the lowest file size first.


This way, when you get tired of the sound search...


You're guaranteed to have a few sample packs you like!


For bonus sounds, these Metro Boomin Drum Samples go crazyyyy. For real.


Want to sell more beats?


Watch my PROVEN step-by-step guide below! 👇



I hope you enjoyed this OVO Drum Kit free download!


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