New Playboi Carti Drum Kit 2021! (FREE Download)

November 15, 2021

Free Playboi Carti Loop Kits

Free Playboi Carti style drum kits (Download)

You can download the new drum kits below:

(There's load of support and these preset banks receive updates frequently! 🔥)


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Pierre Bourne Style Drum Kits!

Are you looking for a new Playboi Carti drum kit?


If that's the case then you're in luck. I've compiled the best Playboi Carti type sounds and drums.


Each trap drum kit includes:

  • Percussions
  • 808's
  • Claps
  • Snares
  • Kicks


What drum kits include


Also, this kit is FREE! Many of these are new drum kits so you'll be one of the early ones to use them!


Watch and capture the full Playboi Carti type sounds with any trap drum kit below.


Playboi Carti style loop kits

Watch below 👇 here are the neatest sample packs and preset banks.


Feel free to download these to use in your beats!


Here are the highest quality Playboi Carti production loop kits!


Sample Name BPM Type Key DAW
Playboi Organ (Free Download) - 155 bmp Organ Loops A#M FL Studio
Playboi Lead (Free Download) 155 bmp Synth Loops A#M FL Studio
Playboi Rasta (Free Download) 148 bmp Synth Loops Cm FL Studio
Playboi Scorpion (Free Download) 150 bpm Synth Loops E FL Studio
Playboi Bloodbath (Free Download) 160 bpm Bell Loops Unknown FL Studio
Playboi Tokyo (Free Download) 84 bpm String Loops DM Ableton
Playboi Rampage (Free Download) 150 bpm Synth Loops Unknown FL Studio
Playboi Kankan (Free Download) 130 bpm Synth Loops C FL Studio
Playboi King Bolt (Free Download) 140 bpm Synth Loops FL Studio
Playboi Extreme Drums (Free Download) 155 bpm Drum loops Unknown FL Studio
Party Carti Melody (Free Download) 155bpm Flute Loops Unknown FL Studio
Playboi King Bolt 2 (Free Download) 142 bpm Synth Loops Unknown FL Studio



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