100 Best Drum Kits (FREE Downloads!)

100 Best Free Drum Kits

The Ultimate List of Free Drum Kit Downloads

When you have this list of free drum kit downloads, you will go far!


Some people may prefer to compose music using the piano.


Others may instead prefer guitar!


That being said, no matter what style of music you want to create, you need to use the right tools for the job.


Drum kits are an essential part of your music production toolkit.


They can help you create natural-sounding drum loops that can be used in your songs.


In this blog post, you’ll learn about the best free drum kits available online.


Here are the Best Drum Kits on the market:

  1. Juice WRLD Drum Kits

  2. Nick Mira Drum Kits

  3. Lil Peep Drum Kits

  4. J Dilla Drum Kits

  5. RZA Drum Kits

  6. Madlib Drum Kits

  7. Lofi Drum Kits

  8. Kanye West Drum Kits

  9. Travis Scott Drum Kits

  10. Mike Dean Drum Kits

  11. Wheezy Drum Kits

  12. Migos Drum Kits

  13. Metro Boomin Drum Kits

  14. Young Chop Drum Kits

  15. Hardwell Drum Kits

  16. Bleu Clair Drum Kits

  17. Post Malone Drum Kits

  18. The Weeknd Drum Kits

  19. Bryson Tiller Drum Kits

Tap any link above to jump to drum kits. ☝️


These will help you create a solid drum track for your song!


It's acting as the foundation for your entire production.



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Best free drum kits for emo rap

Let's get you some emo rap free sample packs!


These free sample packs are designed to make vibey sad rap.


You like Lil Uzi, Juice WRLD, etc.. with these royalty-free sample packs.


These could take you from a regular artist to a world-famous... Are you ready to make that jump?


Regardless, it's at least worth checking out.


Who knows, you may hear some free samples that you can fall in love with and make meaningful music.





Free Juice WRLD drum samples

Free Juice WRLD Drum Kit

Want some Juice WRLD inspired Melody Loops?


Top 10 Juice WRLD Drum Kits!

  1. Never Broken 2 Juice WRLD Drum Kit
  2. Cyclone Juice WRLD Drum Kit
  3. Trap Hustle 3 Juice WRLD Drum Kit
  4. Black Series Bundle Juice WRLD Drum Kit
  5. Earthquake Juice WRLD Drum Kit
  6. Harder Than Ever Juice WRLD Drum Kit
  7. The Projects Bundle Juice WRLD Drum Kit
  8. Money Bags Juice WRLD Drum Kit
  9. Money Train Juice WRLD Drum Kit
  10. Goddess Trap Juice WRLD Drum Kit

You'll find dark melodies in these kits to make successful productions!


These crispy hi-hats and MIDI files are insane.


Read the Free Juice World Drum Kit List!


Free Nick Mira free drum kit

Free Nick Mira Drum Kit-1


Nick Mira is monumental in the rap game.


He (along with Internet Money) has made type beats the wave!


Free MIDI Files to Download

  • Forge Nick Mira MIDI Files Sample Packs Free Download

  • Dreams Nick Mira MIDI Files Sample Packs Free Download

  • Diesel Nick Mira MIDI Files Sample Packs Free Download

  • Bodega Nick Mira MIDI Files Sample Packs Free Download

These loops are insane. They're at Murda Beatz level!


Go ahead and make beats with these percussions and instrumentals.


Free Lil Peep Drum Samples

Free Lil Peep Drum Pack


Looking to make Emo music?


Here are the top 10 Lil Peep Drum Kits:

  1. Emo Chill Trap Bundle Lil Peep Drum Kit
  2. Unison Starter Pack Lil Peep Sample Pack
  3. Elite Drums Lil Peep Sample Pack
  4. Emo Trvp Lil Peep Drum Kit
  5. Feelings Lil Peep Drum Kit
  6. Broken Dreams Lil Peep Sample Pack
  7. TRND Setter Lil Peep Sample Pack
  8. Emotional Guitars Lil Peep Sample Pack
  9. Beatmaker Blueprint Lil Peep Sample Pack
  10. Beatmaker Blueprint Teaser Lil Peep Sound Pack


These drums are inspired by Pete Rock and other classics.


I advise you to check out good loops as well!


It's not a bad kit - make sad beats in minutes.


Check out the Free Lil Peep Drum Kit List!


Free Boom Bap Hip-Hop Drum Kits To download!

All this talk about drum kits has you itching to get started in room bap music production?


You know you can create awesome beats, but where do you start?


We’ve compiled a list of free Boom Bap drum kits you can use to get started.


These kits are completely free, meaning you don’t have to spend any money.


If you’re ready to get started in Boom Bap music production, let's get started!


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Best free drum kits inspired by J Dilla

Free J Dilla Sound Pack


Looking for great J Dilla one-shots?


Top 5 J Dilla Boom Bap Drum Samples:

  1. The Lunch 77  J Dilla Drum Kit
  2. Scarebeatz Drums  J Dilla Drum Kit
  3. Lo-Fi Guitar J Dilla Loops Bundle
  4. Elite Drums  J Dilla Drum Kit
  5. 90s Hip Hop  J Dilla Drum Kit
  6. Iconic Boom Bap J Dilla Drum Kit
  7. Lo-Fi MIDI Melody J Dilla Sample Pack
  8. Re Amp J Dilla Sample Pack
  9. Smoky Lofi J Dilla Sample Pack
  10. Detroit Soul Guitars J Dilla Sample Pack


These will transform your rap music into a banger!


These Boom Bap samples are insane.


Read the Free J Dilla Drum Kit List today!



Free RZA-inspired drum kits

Free RZA Drum Sounds


Sometimes, you want that classic RZA sound!


4 Best RZA Inspired Sample Pack Downloads:

  1. Scarebeatz Drums RZA Drum Kit
  2. Elite Drums RZA Drum Kit
  3. 90s Hip Hop RZA Drum Kit
  4. Iconic Boom Bap RZA Drum Kit
  5. Scarebeatz Drums  RZA Drum Kit
  6. Lo-Fi Guitar RZA Loops Bundle
  7. Elite Drums  RZA Drum Kit
  8. 90s Hip Hop  RZA Drum Kit
  9. Iconic Boom Bap RZA Drum Kit
  10. Lo-Fi MIDI Melody RZA Sample Pack


These are classic as hell, some of the best on the Internet.


These RZA kits are similar to Pete Rock style as well!


Download these free drum samples today!


Check the free RZA Drum Kit List today!



Madlib inspired hip hop drum kits

Free Madlib Sound Packs


Want to sound like MF DOOM?


Here are 3 great MF DOOM Sample packs:


These hip-hop sound kits will make you shine!


The best one-shots and kick drums you'll find.


Check the Free Madlib Drum Kit List today!


Free Lofi hip hop Inspired drum kits

Lofi Drum Kits


Boom Bap isn't the same without Lofi melody loops.


5 Epic Lofi Free Pack Downloads

  1. LoFi Guitar Loops Bundle (Best One!)
  2. Get You To The Moon Free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples
  3. Sunday Vibes Lofi Beats & Sample Pack
  4. Bigfoot Lofi Drum Loops 2021
  5. Lo-Fi MIDI Drum Pack Sample Kit
  6. Lo-Fi MIDI Chord Collection Sample Kit
  7. Lo-Fi MIDI Melody Chords Sample Kit
  8. Lofi Soul Keys Hip Hop Drum Loop
  9. Remember Lofi Sample Pack
  10. Rainy Daze Lofi Drum Loops


These kits include WAV format one-shots and kick drums.


Load them up on FL Studio and get it started!


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Free Kanye West style drum kit

Free Kanye West Sound Packs


Want to sound like a modern music producer?


You'll need some Kanye MIDI files.


7 Best Kanye West Sample Packs

  1. The Lunch77 Kanye West Sample Pack
  2. Ye Elite Drums Kanye West Sample Pack
  3. Book Of Yeezus Kanye West Sample Pack
  4. New Vintage Drum Kit Kanye West Sample Pack
  5. Book Of Yeezus 2 Kanye West Sample Pack
  6. Kanye Iconic Origins Kanye West Sample Pack
  7. Book Of Yeezys Returns Kanye West Sample Pack


Kanye is one of the best music producers out there.


These crispy hit hats and melody loops will make you go crazy.


Channel some of his skills with these kits!


Check out the Free Kanye West Drum Kit today!


Travis Scott free drum kits

Free Travis Scott Sound Packs


Let's get you some nice Travis Scott drum samples.


I've got you covered.


8 Best Travis Scott drums:

  1. ATROWORLD Travis Scott Drum Kit
  2. Antidote Travis Scott Drum Kit
  3. Atro Guitarz Travis Scott Drum Kit
  4. Atroworld 2 Travis Scott Drum Kit
  5. La Flame Travis Scott Drum Kit
  6. 808 Boomin Travis Scott Drum Kit
  7. Astro Travis Scott Drum Kit
  8. Astro Cactus Bundle Travis Scott Drum Kit


These are some of the best drum samples online.


These are mainly royalty-free kick drums and one-shots.


Check each source for full info on using these loop kits/packs!


Read the Free Travis Scott Drum Kit today!


Free Mike Dean Sample Kits

Free Mike Dean Sound Packs

Want a vibes Mike Dean sound pack?


10 Best Mike Dean sample packs:

  1. Trap Hustle 3 Mike Dean Drum Kit
  2. Black Series Bundle DJ Mustard Drum Kit
  3. Fire Retrowave Mike Dean Synths Sample Pack
  4. Soul Synth Keys Mike Dean Synths Sample Pack
  5. Earthquake DJ Mustard Drum Kit
  6. Harder Than Ever Mike Dean Drum Kit
  7. Eclipse Mike Dean Synths Sample Pack
  8. Money Bags Mike Dean Drum Kit
  9. Dark Retro Mike Dean Sample Pack
  10. Money Train Mike Dean Drum Kit


Each sound pack is completely free and comes with different sounds.


Music producers NEED these high-quality samples to crush it.


Check out the Free Mike Dean Drum Kit List today!



Best Free Drum Kits for Trap Music

The trap genre is one of the most popular types of electronic music right now.


The trap is characterized by heavy 808 basslines and often has 808-style 808 trap drums.


To create trap drum kits, artists will often use sounds and samples such as:

  • Claps
  • Snares
  • Hats
  • Cymbals

And more.



Wheezy inspired drum free kitsFree Wheezy Sound Packs


Let's get you sounding like Wheezy!


Top 10 Wheezy Style Drums

  1. Rap Galaxy Wheezy Drum Kit
  2. Auto 808 Wheezy Drum Kit
  3. Street Kingdom Wheezy Drum Kit
  4. Iconic Trap Wheezy Drum Kit
  5. Dark Soul Wheezy Drum Loops
  6. King Draco Bundle Wheezy Drum Loops
  7. Trip Trap Beats Wheezy Drum Loops
  8. Old School Wheezy Drum Kit
  9. Darkest Hour Wheezy Drum Kit
  10. Unison Starter Pack Wheezy Drum Kit


Here you'll find highly customizable loops that match your needs.


Whether you're looking for something driving or groovy.


Using royalty-free samples online allows you to develop as a talent further than other artists!


Check out the Free Wheezy Drum Kit List today!


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Migos Inspired free drum kits

Free Migos Sound Pack


Looking for a completely free Migos kit?


Get a Migos Sample pack here:

  1. CULTR Migos Drum Kit
  2. New Era Migos Drum Kit
  3. Unison Starter Pack Migos Drum Kit
  4. Elite Drums Migos Drum Kit
  5. Iconic Boom Bap Migos Drum Kit
  6. AMIGOS Migos Drum Kit
  7. Metro Plug Migos Drum Kit
  8. Trap Hustle 3 Migos Drum Kit
  9. Iconic Trap Migos Drum Kit
  10. Trap MIDI Melody Migos Drum Kit


These claps are usually held for a long time, creating a crisp and clean sound.


Trap drums are perfect for creating trap tracks due to the heavy use of 808s, cymbals, and metallic sounds.


Check out the free Migos Drum Kit List today!


Free Metro Boomin drum samples

Free Metro Boomin Sound Pack


Does Young Metro trust you?


The 12 Best Metro Boomin Drum Kits:

  1. Never Broken 2 Metro Boomin Drum Kit
  2. Metro Plugg Metro Boomin Drum Kit
  3. Cyclone Metro Boomin Drum Kit
  4. Boominati Metro Boomin Drum Kit
  5. Trap Hustle 3 Metro Boomin Drum Kit
  6. Black Series Bundle Metro Boomin Drum Kit
  7. Earthquake Metro Boomin Drum Kit
  8. Harder Than Ever Metro Boomin Drum Kit
  9. The Projects Bundle Metro Boomin Drum Kit
  10. Money Bags Metro Boomin Drum Kit
  11. Money Train Metro Boomin Drum Kit
  12. Goddess Trap Metro Boomin Drum Kit


This is a great selection of trap kits, including 808s and other looping drum samples.


Check out the free Metro Boomin Drum Kit List today!


Free Young Chop drum samples

Free Young Chop Sound Pack


Young Chop is fundamental to the rap game!


5 Best Young Chop Drum Kits:

  1. Keefin Free Young Chop Hip Hop Drum Kit

  2. Quasar Free Young Chop Hip Hop Drum Kit

  3. ChopSquad Free Young Chop Hip Hop Drum Kit

  4. Choppy Free Young Chop Free Drums

  5. Chop Free Young Chop Sample Pack

Whether you're making a Jay Z or Big Sean type beat, these are for you.


There are crispy hi-hats and nice vocal chants sound effects in these kits.

Best of all, it can double as UK Drill loops.


Make epic songs today.


Check out the free Young Chop Drum Kit List today!



Free Drum Samples for EDM Production

If you’ve been a fan of the genre for some time and you’re ready to take your production to the next level, start with an EDM sample pack.


A good DJ has the right music and a good set, but a good DJ also has the right sounds.


A sample pack is a great way to get started with EDM and can make the transition from listener to producer much easier.




Hardwell big room samples kit

Free Hardwell Sound Pack


Now that Hardwell is back -ready to sound like him?


These are the best Hardwell drum samples online!

  1. Matroda Hardwell Tech House Sample Pack
  2. GLITCH'D OUT Hardwell Tech House Sample Pack
  3. KILLA Hardwell Sample Pack
  4. Street Knowledge Hardwell Sample Pack
  5. Cartel Sounds Hardwell Sample Pack
  6. Weirdo Hardwell Sample Pack
  7. Madeau Hardwell Sample Pack
  8. Space Sounds Hardwell Sample Pack
  9. ILLEGAL Hardwell Sample Pack
  10. Eternal Sounds Hardwell Sample Pack


These are some of the best EDM kits in the game!


Check out the free Hardwell Sample pack list today!


Bleu Clair tech house drum samples

Free Bleu Clair Sound Pack


I'll be honest... Bleu Clair is my favorite artist!


4 Dope Bleu Clair Sample Kits to download:

Be an absolute boss today!


R&B best free drum kits

For anyone who loves rhythm and blues, it’s almost impossible not to notice the drums.


R&B has a distinct and recognizable sound, and it’s largely due to the drummers.


Each R&B song has its own unique sound and style, which is why you’ll find an abundance of R&B sample kits on the market.


Whether you’re a novice or an expert looking for a new kit, you’ll want these free kits!


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Free Post Malone drum samples

Free Post Malone Drum Sounds


Want to sound like Post Malone?


5 Best Post Malone drum kits:

  1. Frost Malone Post Malone Drum Kit
  2. ETHER Post Malone Drum Kit
  3. Abysmal 2.0 Post Malone Drum Kit
  4. The Projects Bundle Post Malone Drum Kit
  5. Money Bags Post Malone Drum Kit


These are some of the best Post Malone drum loops in the game for real.


The Weeknd Free drum samples

The Weeknd Sound Packs


The Weeknd is one of the largest artists in the game.


It sounds like him today!


Top 7 The Weeknd Drum Kits:

  1. Weeknd Vibez The Weeknd Drum Kit
  2. The North The Weeknd Drum Kit
  3. R&B MIDI Chord Collection
  4. The Weekend Music The Weeknd Drum Kit
  5. XOXO The Weeknd Drum Kit
  6. XO Drums The Weeknd Drum Kit
  7. WKND The Weeknd Drum Kit

Get these drum loops today and crush them in music.


Free Bryson Tiller Drum Samples

Free Bryson Tiller Sound Packs


Want some groovy R&B sounds?


10 Best Bryson Tiller R&B Samples Packs:

  1. TrapSoul Elite Bryson Tiller Drum Kit
  2. TrapSoul Elite 2 Bryson Tiller Drum Kit
  3. Lost Bryson Tiller Drum Kit
  4. TrapSoul Elite 3 Bryson Tiller Drum Kit
  5. Trvp SoL Bryson Tiller Drum Kit
  6. TrapSoul VST Bryson Tiller Drum Kit
  7. TILLER Bryson Tiller Drum Kit
  8. Juicy Trapsoul Bryson Tiller Drum Kit
  9. The Trap Soul Bundle Bryson Tiller Drum Kit
  10. Tiller Music Bryson Tiller Drum Kit

How to download these samples

Download Sample Pack Drum Kit

These are must-have WAV format samples!


Don't know how to download then?


These free hip-hop kits are easy to download.


3 steps to download drum kits online

  1. Download the kit

  2. Extract the zip file

  3. Open the full version of the file


Boom. Now you can mess with these hi-hats and one-shots.


Since these are generally in WAV format, you can expect a whole bunch.


I hope you enjoyed this ultimate list of the best free drum kit downloads!


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