How to Submit Music to OVO Sound (Updated 2024!)

Submit to OVO Sound

What is OVO Sound?

Drake started the Canadian record label OVO Sound, which is also called just "OVO."
It is based in Toronto and was started in 2012.
OVO acts as a label and management company for global artists!
"October's Very Own" is what the letters stand for.
He signed Canadian musicians like PartyNextDoor, Majid Jordan, Roy Woods, dvsn, and others.
Getting on OVO Sound is the fastest way to enter the deep trenches of the music industry!
If you make EDM, then submit it to Spinnin' Records as well!
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How to submit music to oVO

Submit Music to OVO Sound Label


OVO is taking applications. Submit your demo and EPK to and await a response.


They want something new and different, so please don't send us any tracks that already sound like Drake.
Another question to ask yourself:


What do you bring to the label besides music in terms of value and brand recognition?
Do you already have a lot of followers on social media and real fans?
Is your music actually good enough to sell?
After you've done all that, you can look to submit to OVO.


OVO wants to find new producers, writers, DJs, artists, and mixers for Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and Electronic Dance Music (EDM).
Submit to my Ultimate Record Label list as well!


Send your music right away!
They will listen to and give feedback on each submission.


Who is the A&R for OVO Sound?

Mike K. (@OVOrecordsMIKE) is the official label A&R. He takes submissions and considers music for signing.


Ideally, you want to build a rapport.


You can reach out to him via Twitter and find ways to provide value before making your ask!


Not only that, a Music Sync Agent can submit directly!


We've hung out with Smiley and a few others from the OVO camp. 👇




Read This before signing to OVO Sound..Should You Sign to OVO Sound


When Drake's label didn't sign The Weeknd in 2012, it was a grim moment...
Drake was famously turned down by the Toronto singer, so he started his own label, XO Records, under Universal and Republic.
Artists like DVSN and PARTYNEXTDOOR sign to Drake's label OVO Sound, so you'd think their careers would take off... But they don't.
Some talented people don't drop anything for years, and when they do, it's almost never good!
In a way, Drake gets ideas from them and adds them to his albums.
Drake is on all of their biggest songs.
Let's not be too critical here, though.
Drake might just be signing more artists than he can handle, and he doesn't have time to promote them.
This is the case with Kanye West and G.O.O.D. music.
At its core, understand that by signing to OVO you are guaranteed to never be that large.
Does it work - assuming OVO can guarantee stability?
That's a question you need to ask yourself.
Both options are great, with different strokes for different folks.
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Submit to OVO Sound Radio

You can submit your track to to get on OVO Sound Radio.


If you submit to Toronto / Canadian Spotify playlists you'll increase your overall local exposure.


This gives you a higher chance of catching the eye of an OVO Sound radio host.


Which artists are signed to OVO?


OVO Radio is a 24 hour radio station that plays songs by OVO artists such as:

  • DVSN
  • Roy Woods
  • Drake
  • Smiley
  • Popcaan

Getting Record Deal a can change your music career!


Just keep submitting, and your odds go up!


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