New Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit (FREE Download!)

Free Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit

Free Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit Downloads!

Beginner or pro, everyone loves good drums!
Hip Hop Sample Packs change the game!
Whether you're just starting out making beats or you do it all the time, the right drum kit can take your music to a whole new level.
There are a lot of free drum kits out there that you can use to get started.
Top 10 Pyrex Wippa drum kit downloads:
  1. Amensia Free Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit
  2. Villabruc Free Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit
  3. Classic Free Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit
  4. Pyrex Trap Free Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit
  5. Southside Free Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit
  6. T-Streetz Free Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit
  7. RAMBO Free Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit
  8. Wippa Free Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit
  9. Asphodel Free Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit
  10. Glory Free Pyrex Wippa Drum Kit
And we're not talking about some unknown website with a bunch of kits no one has ever heard of.
Instead, we're talking about high-quality sample-based virtual kits with no ads and royalty-free sounds.
Check out my Top 100 FRee Drum Kit Kits as well!
Now, you don't have to worry about getting charged extra for listening to them.
To check out these drum sets, all you need is access to the internet and a little bit of time.
Let's look at how you can get drum kits for free.

buy THIS sample kit - and you're set for life.

Top Club Drums


This banner above (with this kit) ☝️ is the BEST resource for aspiring producers.


It contains awe-inspiring sound, really.
I used to struggle with making beats... Just gazing at me DAW without a clue.
Soon as I discovered this sample pack, all took was a basic melody loop, one shot, or drum beat to catch vibes back.
For $25.00 this is the BEST bargain for drums of this quality.
You're set for life, at least in terms of drums - with this ultimate sample pack.
With this kit you'll have access to:
  • 808s
  • Smooth claps
  • Punchy Crashes
  • Bonus FX
  • Strong hi hats
  • Trap hits
  • Striking kicks
  • Open hats, percs
  • And much more.
The drum textures in this set are both dar, ethereal and punchy!
I'm happy to say that this sample pack receive my stamp of approval : 9.5/10 rating.
Someday soon, I want to hear the music you created with them.
Check out The Ultimate Pack - it might just improve your music production process :)

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What's Included in these drum kits?

Whats Included in the Pyrex Wippa Drum Kits


The drum kit is probably the most important part of any hip-hop producer's setup, so it's important to keep that in mind when looking through sample libraries.
We have so many different ways to make beats available to us.


Whether you want a small library or a big pack, these Pyrex Wippa drum kits accurately capture every part of a standard drum kit:
  • Hi-hats
  • Snare
  • Tom fills
  • Crash rides
  • And many more samples!
There will be different types of these in the Pyrex Wippa drum kit pack, each with its own sound and volume.
Before you buy a sample pack, make sure you know what sounds are in it and how many there are.
You should also look at how the samples that are based on the Pyrex Wippa are layered and put together.
You might have a favourite order or way of putting your drums on top of each other.
You can organise and layer your samples in a way that works for you with the Pyrex Wippa sample library.
It should give you the freedom to do a good job.
Here are other drum kits you should get:


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This image above (with the portable music studio) ☝️ is the BEST resource for musicians!


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