60+ Free Hip Hop Sample Packs to Download!

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60 best hip hop sample packs

Looking for some good hip hop sample packs?


In this case, this blog is perfect for you!


Along with my Ultimate Sample Pack List these will fit you nicely.


Whether you want boom bap drums or a collection of trap melodies...


These sounds will take your beats productions to the next level.


You no longer have to search the web to create a nice beat with decent packs.


These samples are the truth!


No sign up needed, each pack contains one-shots, kicks, and guitar.


Go to each page/site and get the drums.

20 free hip hop drum kits

Why you need the Neptunes Drum Kit


looking for some hip-hop sounds?


I’ve got the beat hip-hop samples and drumkits in this blog.


20 best free hip hop drumkits:

  1. Unison Starter Pack Hip Hop Sample Pack
  2. Elite Drums Hip Hop Sample Pack
  3. Iconic Boom Bap Hip Hop Sample Pack
  4. Trap MIDI Collection Hip Hop Sample Pack
  5. Trap MIDI Melody Hip Hop Sample Pack
  6. Hip Hop & Rap MIDI Sample Pack
  7. Beatmaker Blueprint Hip Hop Sample Pack
  8. Beatmaker Blueprint Teaser Hip Hop Sample Pack
  9. Hip Hop MIDI Drum Pack
  10. 808 Kush Hip Hop Drum Sample Pack
  11. Smack Pack: Right Hook Hip Hop Sample Pack
  12. 808 Kush Hip Hop Sample Pack
  13. Drums By Dansonn Hip Hop Sample Pack
  14. Sweet Sauce Drum Kit Hip Hop Sample Pack
  15. Stress Ball Hip Hop Sample Pack
  16. 808 Godz Vol 2 Hip Hop Sample Pack
  17. Komplex Hi-Hats Hip Hop Sample Pack
  18. Drum Vault Crypto Edition Hip Hop Sample Pack
  19. The Travvy Kit Hip Hop Sample Pack
  20. 21 Savage Drum Kit Hip Hop Sample Pack

These drumkits contain the best hip-hop sounds.


If you’re making hip-hop beats then you’ll need a good sample library to pick from…


Whether it’s drum samples that contain:

  • One shot
  • Construction Kits
  • Melody loops
  • Etc.

These free hip-hop samples are staples, the absolute best sample packs out there.


Make sure you check out my ultimate list of sample packs.


There are much more free hip hop samples that you can select from.


Check out the free Travis Scott drum kit as well.



Top 10 free boom bap sample packs

Free Boom Bap Drum Kits


These boom-bap samples are inspired by classic hip-hop musicians.


Your beat productions will go to a new level with each sound here!


Top 10 free boom bap sample packs:

It's not like this new drill/trap music... Only classic boom bap sound!


You'll want this with the Free Dr. Dre Drum Kits!


When you hear these boom bap drumkits from each site, you'll be inspired to create epic old-school music.


Add vocals and melodies to these samples and you'll have dope beats!


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20 free hip-hop loops to downloadFree Hip Hop Sample Packs to Download

So now that you’ve got so good hip hop samples…


Let’s get some loops to match your one-shots.


Top 20 hip-hop loop kits to download:

  1. RAGE hip hop Drum loops sample pack
  2. Iann Dior hip hop Drum loops sample pack
  3. Moonboyz Hip Hop Loops sample pack
  4. epoch2020 Hip Hop Drum loops sample pack
  5. Chants Hip Hop Loop sample pack
  6. Diety Hip Hop Loop sample pack
  7. Opium Hip Hop Loop sample pack
  8. Powerbeats Hip Hop Loop sample pack

When you create music, you need some good presets as well.

These loops and presets are the bombs.

Whether you use FL Studio or Ableton, get these samples from the web and make good trap music.

You don't need Chris Lake if you've got these!


These samples and melodies in each pack are legit.


Make trap or drill beats with these melodies loops samples.


Your future productions will thank you. 😉


Think of how many tracks you can make with these instrumentals…


Most musicians don’t have access to these styles of samples:


Create new sounds with each free sample pack.


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10 best lofi hip-hop sample packs

Lofi Sample Packs to Download For Free


The lofi music genre is growing fast…


Grab hold of these free lofi hip-hop samples today!


Top 10 Free Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Sample Packs

  1. LUNAR Lo-fi hip hop sample pack
  2. MONDO Lo-fi hip hop sample pack
  3. Orchid Lo-fi hip hop sample pack
  4. Organic Lo-fi hip hop sample pack
  5. DDA Lo-fi hip hop sample pack
  6. Aurora Lo-fi hip hop sample pack
  7. Jeusswork Lo-fi hip hop sample pack
  8. Starter Lo-fi hip hop Sample pack
  9. 100K Lofi hip hop sample pack
  10. Classic Lofi hip-hop sample pack

This is the perfect sound for you to download today!


When making beats, the vocals are essential but having good RnB samples in the track is just aS important.


Producers around the glove need a collection of sound samples.


Whether you’re transitioning to a lofi brand, or just like the guitar samples, this is a good set of packs.


All genres of hip-hop samples are sick. The guitar and trap create the best hip-hop samples.


Drake and other creative artists like to experiment.


There’s nothing wrong with beatmakers getting ideas from another genre.


Don’t miss out, these lofi kits pay homage to J-Dilla and the greatest era!


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