Top 50 LoFi Sample Packs (FREE Download!)

Lofi Sample Packs

10 Best Lofi Sample packs

Are you a lo-fi producer looking for new lo-fi sample packs.


In that case, you came to the right spot.


Top 10 Lofi Sample Packs:


Regardless of the type of lo-fi beat, you're making, these free lo-fi samples are all the rage.


Since they are royalty-free samples, you can create the lo-fi beat without worry.


just make sure that you check out all the individual construction kits.


It's plug-and-play so you can check out the melodies and mess around.


who knows, you may accidentally create chill music that ends up in a good Lofi Spotify playlist!


Do you think you've got good melodies that the world needs to hear?


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The beauty of lofi hip hop sample kits

I love Lofi music


The right lofi toolkit can take music producers from zero to hero.


These sample packs are inspired by the top lofi beats vol of the world.


You'll find drum loops, MIDI files, one-shots, chillhop music samples...


And everything needed to take your lofi music production to the next level.


Music productions that need the mellow mornings sounds... Gotta have these loops for real.


It's one of the best Sample Pack types to get.


Lo-fi music is all about sample selection. 


Once your lo-fi collection is taken care of, then you can make lo-fi hip-hop beats that go viral!


The kicks, instruments, synth, guitar, vocals and drum sounds are legitimate.


The sounds are processed to play like old-school lo-fi sounds.





Free lo-fi hip hop loop kits

Free Lofi Loop Kits


Looking for some free lo-fi royalty-free samples?


I have great news! Here are the best samples to create lofi beats.


These include drum loops and many other sound samples.


Top 8 Lo-fi sample packs to download today for free!

  1. Flute LOFI Free Lo-fi loop sample pack
  2. Druskii Free Lo-fi loop sample pack

  3. Smooth Piano Free Lofi loop sample pack
  4. Classico Free Lofi loop sample pack
  5. PHONK Free Lofi loop sample pack
  6. Vintage Free Lofi loop sample pack

  7. Freebie Free Lofi loop sample pack
  8. Advance Free Lofi loop sample pack


Get the free download for each of these lofi music samples.


This will take your lofi music production to the next level.


You'll want to check out my Top 5 Lofi Spotify playlists you can submit to as well!


Along with good drum loops, and one-shots, you got what you need.


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10 Free lofi melody loops

Free Lofi Melody Loops


Want some melody loops that sound amazing for your lofi beats?


These are much nicer and easier to use than one shot.


Top 10 free lo-fi melody loops to download:

  1. Melly free lofi sound loops

  2. Ultimate Lofi guitar sound loops

  3. Memories melodic sound loops

  4. Super Chill Lofi melody sound loops

  5. Melodia Lofi melody sounds loops

  6. Phonk Lofi melody sound loops

  7. Colorway Lofi melody sound loops

  8. MONDO Lofi melody sound loops


The royalty-free downloads included in this blog have the best one-shots, midi files, piano loops, and beat construction.


This is not a regular collection of lofi samples.


When creating lofi beats, jump ahead in terms of skill!


Preview these loops and see what you like. 


In the worst case, these royalty-free melodic loops act as inspiration for your next lofi beats.


There Are some hi-hat loops, piano key loops and tons more!




Best paid lofi hip hop sample packs

Best Paid Lofi Sample Packs


It's not enough to save the free lofi sounds.


When it comes to instrumentals like guitar loops, you want high-quality stuff.


Generally, paid lo-fi beat packs have better guitar loops than their royalty-free counterparts.


This is normal, you get what you pay for in life.


You'll want to preview the rest of this list, even if you don't plan to purchase.


You can get inspired, and create beats from these sounds alone.


Top 10 lo-fi hip hop sample kits:


Sample Pack Price
Chopped Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack $8.00
Katame's Lair Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack $5.00
Clouded Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack $10.00
Tooney Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack $35.00
Jazz Guitar Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack $30.00
Dystopia Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack $15.00
Water Lily Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack $19.00
JSK Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack $20.00
DAYDREAMS Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack $15.00
Obscurity 2 Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack $5.00


If your goal is to create awesome lo-fi hip hop, then these are the best lo-fi sample kits for you.


Not only does each of these lo-fi hip hop samples have nice lo-fi music samples but even the hip hop aspect is great.


You can make dope beats with this, no Chris Lake samples needed.


Bonus: check out my free lofi drum loops blog!


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Best lofi MIDI packs

And as a bonus, let's get you some lofi midi sound kits.


These drum loops and midi kits ain't no joke!


Top 10 Lofi midi kits to download for free

  1. Lofi & Chill Lofi MIDI Pack

  2. Piano Lofi MIDI Pack

  3. CTRL Lofi MIDI Pack

  4. Super Sad Lofi MIDI Pack
  5. PocketDidIt Lofi MIDI Pack
  6. Chill Lofi Chords Lofi MIDI Pack
  7. Swimming Lofi MIDI File
  8. Sleep Lofi MIDI File
  9. Legit Lofi MIDI File
  10. Unison Lofi MIDI Pack


Whether it's a collection of low BPM lofi samples... Or some one-shots, I've got it all.


Here are the best drum sounds in MIDI form!


The best drum sounds & samples for lo-fi music productions.


Each collection of MIDI files includes the nicest piano instruments ever.


Make sure you see my other posts on the best Sample Pack downloads!




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