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Best Music Blogs

the 45 Best Music Blogs on the Internet!

Many great music blogs that are worth following have been found on the Internet.


All of our entries came from the most well-known blogs about music.


Music blogs let musicians and music fans share information and thoughts about music.


Explore them, or just pick the one that looks most interesting to you.


This list will help you find people who like music.


How do I start a business blogging in 2024?


Musicians can now choose to be told about every new song that comes out.


It's hard to tell which sites are worth reading and which ones aren't.


This page has a list of some of the best websites for music.


I like a few songs that can brighten my day.


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#1. Pigeons & Planes

Pigeon & Planes


Follow Pigeons and Planes to find out about new artists.


These are some of the best places to find new music that hasn't yet made it to the mainstream.


You'll also find great unsigned artists and talented independent musicians in a huge range of genres, from pop EDM music to hip-hop.


This is one of the best music blogs out there.


When you Submit to Hip Hop Blogs then you'll see major growth.


#2. Music Business Worldwide

Music Business Worldwide


Music Business Worldwide gives musicians the most up-to-date information about their careers and the music business.


This website has a good music blog for people who like music. 


It's one of the best music blogs out there.


It also makes it easy for people who work in the music business to keep up with the latest news, changes in the law, and new music trends from all over the world.


It's one of the best music blogs since it covers the music industry side just as much as the actual music.


It's not an online music magazine, but more of a business reporting tool.


Tap here to check them out.



#3. Pitchfork Music

Pitchfork Music Blog


Ryan Schreiber started Pitchfork as an independent music blog in 1995.


The website became known for how much it talked about indie rock music.


They cover hip-hop, pop music, indie rock songs, and new music news.


In 2015, Condé Nast bought Pitchfork, which is best known for its daily music reviews.


Since 2016, it has reviewed classic albums from the past every Sunday.


Tap here to check them out.


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#4. Complex Music

Complex Music Blog


Complex Networks is an American company based in New York City that makes media and entertainment for young people.


It's one of the best music blogs for hip-hop and rap music.


Complex, a magazine that came out every two months, was started by fashion designer Marc (Ecko) Milecofsky.


It's one of the best music blogs out there.


As of 2019, the company made an estimated US$200 million each year.


Watch the video below to see what Complex is all about. 👇




#5. EarMilk

Earmilk Music Blog


The United States and Canada are home to the online music magazine EARMILK.


New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Chicago, Calgary, Paris, Vancouver, and San Francisco are among its most important cities.


When it comes to music discovery, this music blog is top-notch.


We share our taste in music by drawing on our experiences as journalists, musicians, and music fans.


Tap here to check them out.


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#6. Consequence of Sound

Consequence of Sound Music Blog


Consequence of Sound has become one of the best music websites in the world.


Follow the Consequences of Sound blog to find out about the latest music trends.


They are some of the best music blogs in the music industry.


You can read album reviews and concerts, which cover a wide range of topics.


Consequence also has movies and TV channels, so there is a lot more to see on the site.


Tap here to check them out.



#7. This song is sick

This Song Is Sick


This song is great for music fans and people who love music.


The site is one of the best hip-hop sites because it features mostly new talent, from indie to hip-hop. It also regularly features new artists.


If you want classic rock reviews, this and Indie Shuffle as prime.


This Song is Sick, is an epic international music news site.


When finding indie music blogs, you want the new music to actually be good...


That's why I trust this music news blog to be at the top of the top.


Music discovery is essential, and you can get just that for your new music.


The goal of this page is to help people find new sounds to listen to.


We're glad that our first friend is finding new music.


Tap here to check them out.


#8. Pop Matters

Pop Matters Music Blog


It talks about everything in pop culture and tries to teach as well as entertain.


There are articles about everything from popular music to more in-depth articles about popular songs.


This is one of the best music blogs in the music industry, this online music publication is top-notch.


This is an academic music blog that is easy for anyone to get to because it has its niches.


Anyone who wants to write could add their work to this site.


Great way to show people how you feel about the music you like.


Tap here to check them out.


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#9. Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone Music Blog


RollingStone.org is the website for Rolling Stone Magazine, which was a popular magazine for young people in the 1960s. 


It was first published in 1967 and has been around ever since.


It has a unique mix of music, news, pop culture, and the internet.


Check out Indie Shuffle as well, great classical music.


Out of all the best music blogs, Rolling Stone is at the top of the music industry.


The only other music blogs of this caliber are Billboard and maybe Pitchfork.


Even then, Pitchfork covers primarily indie music.


Rolling Stone has the latest news about all kinds of music in one place.


Tap here to check them out.


#10. All Music

Allmusic Blog


All Music is a good online site for finding new music.


It has a lot of styles and a lot of information.


Looking to get your new music heard?


I recommend that you submit to this electronic dance music blog.


Emerging artists around the music world leverage these best music blogs to make music discoveries.


There will be reviews of both new albums and old ones that have been re-released.


What if I learned something new and different that I didn't know before?


There are sound clips on the website right here on this page.


Tap here to check them out.



#11. ReverbNation Blog

ReverbNation Blog


On the ReverbNation website, there are many tips for people who like music.


This book talks about a lot of different things and gives tips on how to record music, make it sound better, and run an industry better.


This is as good as indie shuffle.


In the music industry, Reverb Nation has grown its music blog to great heights.


Indie music artists and electronic dance music alike need these music blogs.


Everyone who is a musician will learn something useful from this site.


Tap here to check them out.



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#12. The Line of Best Fit

The Line of Best Fit


Every month, millions of people read The Line for Best Fits to learn about new artists.


It also has a Spotify playlist with new music from indie artists, pop music, dance music, and more.


They cover the latest music news and hip-hop news, as well as classical music reviews.


Not to mention, the music reviews you'll find on this music blog are just as good as the hip-hop music news.


The website is updated with new posts and songs every so often.


Tap here to check them out.


#13. Mixmag

Mixmag Music Blog


Mixmag is a great blog for fans of EDM music.


Mix Mag was first published in 1982 as a mostly printed magazine. It is a well-known publication.


It's easy to turn it into a digital format.


Check out their album reviews, you'll understand why emerging artists love to get their artist interviews on this blog.


They are growing in the hip-hop culture, and are one of the most popular music resources for indie rock musicians.


The website has a lot of different articles that are all about EDM music and DJ music.


Tap here to check them out.



#14. Dancing Astronaut

Dancing Astronaut


Dance Astronaut deserves to be on the list of the best blogs in the United States.


It is mostly about electronic dance music and has reviews and news from the industry as well as information about music festivals and concerts.


Dancing Astronaut is an awesome classic rock place.


If you make trap music on your YouTube Channel and it's picking steam, then get your music production on this blog.


There are a lot of posts on Dancing Astronauts Music blogs, and hype machine!


Tap here to check them out.

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#15. This is RnB



This site is a great blog for all kinds of R&B.


You can find the newest R&B on YouTube, and it's easy to find the newest releases.


If you're a music lover of primarily RnB then this is perfect.


You'll not find indie rock or dance music fans on this specific music blog.


Even experimental music is seldom here!


You could also just subscribe to YouTube to get hours of good music.


This music blog also features news and artist interviews in the RnB music space.


ThisisRnB.com, which won the "Best Entertainment/Music Website" award at the 2013 Soul Train Awards.


The site has been talked about on:

  • MTV

  • AO

  • BET

  • VH1

  • MSN

  • SPIN

  • Vibe


  • PerezHilton

  • Power105.1

  • WBLS

  • And other media sites.


The platform is for R&B music fans from all over the world who have a wide range of tastes and styles.


Tap here to check them out.



#16. Stereogum

Stereogum Music Blog


One of the best music sites in the United States, Stereogum, has been around for some time. 


It has a wide range of music-related content, such as reviews, interviews, and fun lists.


You'll see hip-hop news, music reviews, artist interviews, album reviews, and much more.


It's not just music, it's also entertainment news.


Some of my favorite artists have been featured on Stereogum.


This is the stop for independent artists looking to get their underground trap music heard.


A good Facebook page is full of news stories that are updated often.


Tap here to check them out.


Do you make good music?


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#17. Brooklyn Vegan

Brooklyn Vegan Music Blog


BrooklynVegan is a blog that is mostly about international music and is based in New York City.


We also post things that aren't about music, like comedy, TV, movies, and burlesque.


Even though the demographic isn't strictly new releases, you'll still find many music lovers and amazing music here.


We also put on a lot of live events and have a radio show on SiriusXMU.


Tap here to check them out.



#18. OkayPlayer

Okay Player Music Blog


In 1998, Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson and Angela "Stress" Nissel made and launched Okayplayer for the first time.


Okay, Player is awesome for its status and reach.


EDM music fans across the globe rely on this music news blog for updates.


Okayplayer is well known as the gold standard in music media, and it uses its powerful voice to define and make new content.


Tap here to check them out.



#19. Your EDM

Your EDM Music Blog


Just like the title suggests, this music blog deals with everything about electronic dance music.


Whether that's music news, album reviews, classical music news, etc.


They dive deep into the EDM music genres, going deep into tech house and acid wave.


Don't expect country music here though.


This is one of the top music blogs and the best way to discover new music in EDM music genres.


They sometimes discuss music technology as well as contemporary music news.


Tap here to check them out.



#20. Metal Injection

Metal Injection Music Blog


My favorite artists in the metal space get featured here.


Whether it's new releases, Spotify playlists, or tour dates - you'll find them here!


Good music reviews, industry news, and music events are all the rage.


With Metal Injection, you'll never miss upcoming music events.


They sometimes offer free music downloads on these metal music blogs.


Tap here to check them out.



#21. Song Exploder

Song Exploder Music Blog


Song Exploder is a podcast and music blog where musicians take apart their songs and talk about how they were made.


They can range from country music then feature news.


Your favorite artists and producers can be featured on this pod blog.


Each episode is made and edited in Los Angeles by Hrishikesh Hirway, who is also the show's host and creator.


Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Noise Pop Festival, and Moogfest have all shown the show.


Tap here to check them out.


Do you make good music?


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In 2014, FUXWITHIT began as a blog about music.


With a focus on EDM music and a love for hip-hop, we have become one of the most respected platforms in the music industry.


Music lovers across the globe should check out the concert reviews.


In 2021, we added a record label to our platform to reach more people.


Tap here to check them out




#23. AllMusic

Allmusic Blog


AllMusic is a great place to learn more about your favorite albums, bands, musicians, and songs.


There are reviews of new and old albums, as well as recommendations for albums and songs from an artist's discography.


Compared to the hype machine, this is where you discover new music.


Classic rock, folk music, and industry news are to be found.


You can find albums that fit your tastes by using sound samples and streaming links.


Tap here to check them out.




#24. neon music

Neon Music Blog


On Music is written by people who love music and the artists of the future.


This music blog features news, and Spotify playlists and is a great way to discover new music.


We get up-and-coming artists from all over the world because we don't filter what we do.


Straightforwardly influencing music fans, without any hidden agenda, makes for something real and easy to relate to.


Tap here to check them out.



#25. MTS Management

MTS Music Promotion


Michael Stover, who writes songs, plays music, and produces music, started MTS Management Group in 2010.


MTS Records has put out more than 40 Top 40 New Music Weekly country singles in just 10 years, including 15 #1s and 8 Top 85 Music Row singles.


Tap here to check them out.




#26. Songtrust

Songtrust Music Blog


Songtrust is a global administrator for music publishing.


Songwriters from all over the world use it to collect royalties.


We register your songs directly with collection sources in every country and territory where they are played.


If you did this yourself, it would take up all of your time. Instead, you can spend more time making music.


Tap here to check them out.



#27. Under The Radar

Under The Radar Music Blog


Under the Radar is a magazine about independent music that comes out two to three times a year.


Mark and Wendy Redfern started the magazine on their own in the year 2001.


Elliott Smith was interviewed and photographed for the last time by Under the Radar.


It was the first print magazine with a wide circulation to talk to Vampire Weekend and Fleet Foxes.


Tap here to check them out.



#28. Ratings Game Music

Ratings Game Music Blog


Since 2017, Ratings Game Music (RGM), a well-known music site, has been giving honest reviews of songs and albums to its readers.


At RGM, we train our writers to write well-written, honest, and informative posts about some of the best music in the world.


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#29. Hip Hop Wired

Hip Hop Wired


Hip-Hop Wired's goal is to take an accurate look at the Hip-Hop scene from the right angle.


We stand up for things we think should be celebrated, but we are also unbiased enough to look at things with a critical eye when they need it.


Too often, news outlets gloss over important political and social issues that affect our communities.


Tap here to check them out.



#30. Consordini

Consordini Music Blog


Consordini is a huge source of information about music.


It has a lot of information about instruments and other equipment used in all kinds of music.


All of our reviews and guides are written by professional musicians and sound engineers who love music and want to share what they know.


Tap here to check them out.


#31. EDM Identity

EDM Identity Music Blog


Grant Gilmore and Drew Utterback are the ones who came up with the idea for EDM Identity.


They were upset that there wasn't enough good reporting and content about the community.


Instead of "click-bait" content, EDM Identity gives you news, editorials, and interviews that are worth reading.


Tap here to check them out.



#32. Louder Than War

Louder Than War Music Blog


John Robb, the lead singer of The Membranes & Goldblade, is in charge of the music, culture, and media magazine Louder Than War.


Since it went online in 2010, it has become one of the most popular and fastest-growing music sites on the web.


We are always looking for new music, so if you want to get on our radar, send us a message.


Tap here to check them out.



#33. StereoFox

Stereofox Music Blog


Stereofox is an international project with people from different cultural and educational backgrounds working on it because they are passionate about it.


Our goal is to share music that is different and interesting and to help new bands by getting the word out about their music.


Now that Stereofox 2.0 is out, you can make your playlist and share it with your friends.


Tap here to check them out.


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#34. Aquarium Drunkard

Aquarium Drunkard


Aquarium Drunkard is a varied audio magazine that focuses on reviews, interviews, features, podcasts, and sessions every day.


AD has been around since 2005 and is based in Los Angeles.


They combine modern sounds with psych, jazz, avant-garde, folk, garage, funk, and more.


Tap here to check them out.




Dope Cause We Said


DOPE is an online platform and lifestyle brand that collects all the cool things about music by new and established artists, pop culture, fashion, and life.


We want to show off the best new Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul, Rock, Americana/Folk, and Electronic music.


Tap here to check them out.



#36. The Nocturnal Times

The Nocturnal Times


The Nocturnal Times is the best place to find information about music, entertainment, lifestyle, and events.


We bring together night owls from all over the world by sending them different kinds of interesting, unique, and exclusive content.


News, reviews, new releases, videos, the Nocturnalist chart, interviews, giveaways, event coverage, and more are posted daily.


Tap here to check them out.



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#37. For The Love of Bands

For The Love of Bands


Roel Wensink started the online magazine and indie music blog For The Love Of Bands in 2016.


The blog's main focus is on independent music, but it also talks about a wide range of independent bands and artists who are just starting.


The team is made up of writers from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and other places.


Tap here to check them out.




I Care If You Listen Music Blog


I CARE IF YOU LISTEN (ICIYL) is a multi-media hub for living composers and musicians who have won awards (ACF).


Thomas Deneuville began ICIYL in December 2010, and ACF bought it in September 2020.


Amanda Cook has been an Editor at the ACF since 2017, and she is still doing that job.


Tap here to check them out.




#40. Unheard Gems

Unheard Gems Music Blog


Unheard Gems is a place where new and up-and-coming musicians can share their sounds and stories.


Hannah Schneider's new point of view gives fans and artists alike new questions and things to think about.


Unheard Gems will have articles about musicians, reviews of music, custom music playlists, and interviews with artists that you can't find anywhere else.


Tap here to check them out.



#39. Kerrang!

Kerrang Music Blog


This year is Kerrang!'s 40th birthday, and the magazine will always be a voice for the best new and established artists on the planet.


Kerrang! has been on the cutting edge of alternative music for more than 40 years.


First, with the best-selling weekly rock magazine and now with a global music platform that reaches 45 million people every month.


Tap here to check them out.



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#40. Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor Music Blog


The idea for RA came from a love of electronic music.


As a company made up of people who love dance music, we want to show the world the passionate people and communities that make electronic music work.


Our goal is easy to explain: to help local electronic music scenes all over the world.


Tap here to check them out.



#41. A Closer Listen

A Closer Listen Music Blog


Since 2012, A Closer Listen has made a name for itself in the music business by reviewing instrumental albums.


A Closer Listen was built on the ideas of being kind, talking to each other, and working together.


We listen to samples of everything that gets sent to us, and everyone who writes in gets a personal response.


Tap here to check them out.




#42. Popjustice

Popjustice Music Blog


Popjustice is a blog that respects pop music the way it should be treated.


It's not as good as it used to be, but depending on who you ask, it's either as good or better than it ever was.


Tap here to check them out.




It's not easy to grow in the music industry without good blogs.


All your favorite artists leveraged blogging as a way to get heard.


That's why you must leverage this to grow.


Top 47 Music blogs to submit your music:

  1. Pigeons and Planes
  2. Music Business Worldwide
  3. Pitchfork Music
  4. Complex Music
  5. EarMilk
  6. Consequences of Sound
  7. This Song Is Sick
  8. Pop Matters
  9. Rolling Stone
  10. All Music
  11. ReverbNation Blog
  12. The Line of Best Fit
  13. MixMag
  14. Dancing Astronaut
  15. This is Rnb
  16. Stereogum
  17. Brooklyn Vegan
  18. Okay Player
  19. Your EDM
  20. Metal Injections
  21. Song Exploder
  23. AllMusic
  24. Neon Music
  25. MTS Management
  26. Songtrust
  27. Under The Radar
  28. Ratings Game Music
  29. Hip Hop Wired
  30. Consordini
  31. EDM Identity
  32. Louder Than War
  33. StereoFox
  34. Aquarium Drunkard
  36. The Nocturnal Times
  37. For The love Of Bands
  39. Unheard Gems
  40. Kerrang!
  41. Resident Advisor
  42. A Closer Listen
  43. Pop Justice


Check them out.


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