How To Land Hip Hop Blog Placements!

How to Get on Hip Hip Blogs

5 Reasons you need hip hop blog Placements to succeed as a rapper!

Want to explode your music career? Read on this blog post!


You better be ready to a submit to rap blog or two to make this happen!


5 ways to get on hip hop blogs
  1. Get live shows
  2. Public Press Kit
  3. Music artist SEO ranking
  4. Social media verification
  5. Better fanbase advertising

Getting on hip-hop blogs is a great way to share music, get discovered and potentially get signed by a label. It's an important step for every successful music artist.


Hip-hop blog submissions and placements will be a major contributor to your music success.


5 reasons to get on hip hop rap blogs


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#1. Leverage Hip Hop Blog Placements to Secure Live Gigs

You'll be surprised just how closely hip-hop blog placements correlate to you getting live shows.


Reach out to the #1 ranked music blog We Rave You to see what's possible.

Do you think any XXL Freshman List artists struggle to find gigs?

Blogs lead to plenty of gigs because they make you look respectable in the eyes of a venue owner.


We will discuss this deeply in our ultimate guide to get gigs.

Let's not kid ourselves...


If you owned a business hosting live events, wouldn't you run a background check on any potential performing artists?

Your social media page won't cut it.

What other people have to say about you is even more telling to venue owners.


An advanced strategy is placing images and videos from your live shows into your next blog placements.


This way, when venue owners run their background search on you, your entertaining event will appear front-line and center.


You'll be getting more calls than you've ever seen in your life!

Blogs lead to gigs

Before you start jumping for joy let me explain the flipside as well.


Not all hip-hop blog submission services are equal.


If the hip-hop blog submissions use low-resolution photos, or the information is inaccurate then it has the opposite effect on your career!


Quality and quantity both matter.


This is why I urge you to let PR firms such as Boost Collective do the job of getting you hip-hop blog placements.


Often times you don't have access to the right blog contacts, and if you do... They may not respond.


Save yourself from wasting hours and painful headaches.


#2. hip hip blog placements are essential FOR SEO RANKING

Hip hop blog placement SEO

In the event promoter or venue owner finds nothing about you through google search, they might just forget you!

In the end, the artist did not get the gig.


Nobody is surprised.

To stand out and get live gigs, you need to have a great professional image.

This is where blogs come to your rescue!

By getting your artist brand presented on high-ranking blogs, you're solid.

This allows you to have a better conversation when discussing the terms of your gig.

Don't forget- Venue owners get tens to hundreds of gig pitches from music artists every month.

This is especially true if the venue is in high demand!

Do you honestly believe that you can make it without trying to stand out?

If you think blogs are a waste of time then you're playing a fool's game.

See, in marketing perception is everything.


Utilize hip-hop blog placements and build a narrative over who you.

This will position you for future work.



#3. Turn Your Blog Write-Ups Into a Press Kit

Most people will tell you to write a press kit, but I don’t think it’s relevant.

At least not anymore because hip-hop blog placements are a better method to portray your music career!

Documents suck, and they're a pain to share.


It's better to submit to rap blogs rather than having an EPK document to share with the venue owner.


It's messy having to locate it all the time. 


You can say goodbye to this issue. Instead of sending venue owners a document, you can just link them to the blog.


Rather than explaining the best aspects of your music... Why not show them?

Your hip-hop blog placements will already contain all relevant info about you.

Not only that, but sharing the hip hip blog placement with others will increase the actual article ranking!

These hip-hop blog placements are assets that increase in value over time.


A good way to get started with getting more blog placements is to look at the best music PR services - as these services can help you get on blogs.


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#4. Use hip-hop blog placements to get verified

Hip hop blog placements Instagram verification

Here is a career-changing piece of information:


Blogs are the #1 way to get you verified across social platforms.

That alone is a good reason you should submit to rap blog!


On Instagram when you try to apply for verification, you need to be a "notable figure." 


Hell, if it's notable people "take note" and document it in hip-hop blog placement. It's very simple.


That small badge distinguishes you from a small-scale to an international artist.


Here is an example:

When an athlete gets signed to a sports team, they get written about in popular sports blogs.


Hence why do you see dudes clocking in at 800 followers yet have the verification sticker?


Public opinion is everything in music marketing!

Labels do mass hip-hop blog placement press campaigns, and it's free since they have the connections.


This is a HUGE advantage that label artists have.


Record labels are the ultimate hip hop blog submission service haha.


Don't worry though! The smart thing to do is to acquire hip-hop blog placement slowly over a few months to years.


This way your name can still build a buzz without breaking the bank.



3 Metrics to get you verified 

3 blog metrics to get you verified

You may have to get many blog placements to get verified.

I wish I had a magic number of blogs it can vary.


Here are the 3 metrics you need to get verified

  1. SEO ranking
  2. Recency
  3. Volume


If your blog is only showing up on the 30th page of Google then you won't have a good shot.


The person verifying you won't even look past the first page anywhere.


Not to mention, if all the blogs are old this will not work well.


Your hip-hop blog placements from 2005 are not doing you any favors either.


A hip-hop blog submission service such as Boost Collective will help handle the submissions for you!


You'll need multiple blog placements.


Only having one hip-hop blog placement does not represent what the public opinion says about you.


By you getting 7-10 hip-hop blog placements in high-ranked slots on the front page of Google then you stand a good chance to get verified!


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#5. use hip-hop blogs to build your fan base

Music fan targeting with Facebook pixell

Marketing without targeting is not real marketing.

Somebody had to say it.

See, you need to make sure that your campaigns are reaching accurately qualified fans (so that you can make a return in the future.)
That is the benefit of having hip-hop blog placements.

While you're pitching to these hip-hop blog placements, you can send your website link for them to embed it.

This advanced technique then transforms your hip-hop blog placement into a permanent portal to your artist's website.

Now here is where things turn for the best :)

Did you know that you can track fans solely from who visits your website?

All you need to do is integrate Facebook pixel.

Facebook pixel is a data management tool available to anybody who owns their own artist website.

Through your Facebook pixel, you can now target your unique site visitors and then run ads toward them.


Why is facebook pixel important?

Integrate Facebook pixel on your artist website

Your artist between is essential for targeting your blog readers.

This is because people the lowest recorded attention spans in history...



You're simply one text or app notification away from your reader leaving to never return again.

With their Facebook Pixel data, you can then retarget them when they are less scatterbrained.

It's a freaking amazing system!

If you don't have an artist website, you can start for free using services such as

Not to mention, having an artist website will cost you no more than $150 annually.

To break it down, $15 is the cost of a burrito and soft drink.

In the long run, it's so worth it!

So would you rather:

  • A year with no burrito bowls?
  • Not having a legitimate artist website?

The choice is yours.


I think the choice is pretty clear. Hip-hop blog submissions for the win!

We personally use Facebook Pixel to generate a huge base of customers.

It's the same whether you're selling a physical product or promoting your music!


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