The 3 Best Rappers Reddit AMA

Best Reddit Rappers AMA


Want your music career to fall into shambles?


Stop interacting with fans.


Fan Interaction is the most essential aspect of building a long-term fan base.


There are lots of you can learn by checking the Reddit AMA's for prominent rappers!


The 3 rappers we’re highlighting today are:

  1. 50 Cent
  2. Lil Dicky
  3. Chance The Rapper


Discover what the difference between you and A-list rappers is!


Here are the best rap subreddits!


Subreddit Purpose
r/16bars The cleanest verses & bars
r/appers A hub for rappers across the globe
r/beatmakers Find sick beats for your music
r/cassetteculture Kicking it back to 90's rap
r/cypher Fresh rap cyphers. Enough said.
r/drumkit Find the right drums for beats
r/freshalbumart Share epic album artwork
r/hotsamples Find samples behind hit songs
r/instrumentals Share and sell dope beats
r/ratemysong Get feedback for your bars


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1. 50 Cent AMA

50 Cent is an artist notorious for his antics and abrasive attitude.

Interestingly though, he has a very different side in his Reddit AMA.


Not only does he drop music industry gems- but he does it with the classic 50 Cent swagger.


Tap HERE to see the Original 50 Cent Reddit AMAReddit Post.


As you can see 50 Cent is bullish on bitcoin and crypto!


Gahh Damn! 50 is ahead of the time you would think that this comment was left only a few weeks ago. 


To put things in perspective Bitcoin was at less than $500 back in 2015 at that time now it's over 30,000.


It's evident to see that the music industry players had access to this info before anybody else.

50 Cent Reddit AMA


Not only that 50 Cent did not expect his most impactful album Get Rich or Die Trying to blow up the way it did.

This is powerful and speaks volumes to how one needs to have faith in yourself to make it in the music business.

It may seem like these top in history
artisans have everything in the bag, but even they faced uncertainty and fear regarding results.

Proof that you need to keep going!


2. Lil Dicky AMA

Very few people can say that they have not heard of the name lil Dicky.


Although you don't see him in the public guy as much he does have a huge career in the entertainment industry as a whole.


Tap HERE to see the Original Reddit Post.

Lil Dicky Reddit AMA


Lil Dickie opens a peek into the black box that is the music industry.


People may think that labels lost their power since the barrier of entry for music production decreased, however, the one thing that will not be democratized is relationships.


If you ever thought that label deals are a scam then This Video might change your mind!

Extremely valuable for artists who are considering potential label deals.

Lil Dicky AMA Management

Most artists are forced to be not only their recording artists but their producers and engineers as well.


Lil Dicky does not follow this idea though he believes that collaboration is a big part of creating music that matters!


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3. Chance The Rapper

Chance the Rapper is the kind of guy that even your grandmother would love.

Being a Christian artist, he has a slightly different take when it comes to music creation.

Chance The Rapper Reddit AMA


As you may know, Chance the Rapper is a self-proclaimed independent artist.

Chance had to put in extra work for his music projects and is proud that he overcame all of his obstacles.


You should be motivated by this because it shows that there is viability for a music artist to make it even while independent!


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