Top 5 Skateboarding Spotify Playlists to Submit Music!

Skateboarding Spotify Playlists

5 Best Skateboarding Spotify Playlists

Looking for a good skateboarding Spotify playlist to play while you're zooming around town?


Here are the best skateboarding playlist that you can submit your music to today!


You can even send a Spotify Playlist Submission.


Top 5 Skateboarding Spotify Playlists:

Playlist Name Followers
Skateboarding Hip Hop 18,000
Skater Vibes 39,000
Skateboarding At Night 8,000
Skateboarding Classic 4,000


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#1. skateboarding playlist


It's a classic skateboarding playlist.


You're gonna find a bunch of songs that you recognize while also sprinkling some new tracks that any skater would love to listen to.


I really like this skateboarding playlist and I think you'll find a lot of enjoyment in it as well.


The benefit of this skateboarding Spotify playlist is the variety and I varsity of music so there's a track for everybody!


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#2. skateboarding hip hop


This skateboarding hip-hop playlist has a bunch of classic tracks.


It has some old school but even new rap that really fits skaters.


You should also check out the best:

If you really enjoy the urban aesthetic that come to skateboarding then not only will you love this playlist, but all the other ones on this list.


#3. skater Vibes


Playlist has music that fits the title itself.


Really good skater vibes. What are you gonna be doing kick flips and hard lose or just cruising…


This is the exact playlist that you're going to want to be playing.


I generally listen to this playlist in the night time when I'm riding with my friends.


#4. skateboarding at night


If you're gonna be skating at night you may as well have some good tunes.


The great tunes in the skateboarding playlist will shock you by how amazing they are.


There's a lot of variety of tracks in a place like this one and I know that you'll love it just by playing at one time :)


#5. skateboarding classics


There are a bunch of classic ski but your trucks not get forgotten.


This playlist channels them all at once unless you play it with no issue at all.


Listen to all of the trucks that your favourite professional skaters and play and channel in some of that energy.


Let the songs flow and let the rhythm vibe.


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