5 Best Rap Spotify Playlists To Submit Music!

Drake 5 Best hip hop playlists

5 Best Rap Spotify Playlists

Looking for good Rap Spotify playlists to submit your music to?


Top 5 Rap Spotify Playlists:


Playlist Name Number of Followers
Bling 2,400
Chill Rap 22,000
Trap Hits 78,800
Rap Workout 23,000
Sports Motivation 13,000


Who wouldn't want organic exposure?


I hope your mouth is watering because these playlists are fantastic beyond compare




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#1. BLING - rap Spotify playlist


Bling is one of the most engaging playlists I have ever seen getting the BEST absolute results!


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#2. CHILL RAP - rap Spotify playlist


Fans generally listen to music when they're chilling around the house doing chores or scrolling their cellphone.

The chill rap playlist is perfect for getting these people to find new music and stream it on repeat!



#3. Trap Hits ✨ Rap Hits Hip-Hop

Now, chill rap/hip hop playlist is a savant vibe when you're by yourself.

However, when you're with your buddies then you need to have a hype track playing!

This playlist is sick AF because fans can stream your music while getting lit!

Friends about music together... Stay together.

You want your song to be there Saturday!



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  • Remy Ma
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  • A Tribe Called Quest
  • Will.i.am


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#4. Rap Workout 2021 💪


Nothing says pumping iron like blasting the sickest hip-hop tracks of all time.

While your fans are taking the protein shake and stretching you want your Song to be Up Next in their playlist queue!




Hip-hop and athletics go hand-in-hand

Every basketball player wants to be a rap star and every musician wants to be a famous athlete.

This playlist merges the best of both worlds and gets your truck to the right audience!


Some things to keep in mind before submitting your song:


1. Make sure that your song is up to quality standards.


It's easy for agencies like us to promote amazing music. (Well mixed & mastered, structured, etc...).


2. Enticing cover art for your song. (To capture listeners' attention so that they are more likely to click on your song).


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I hope you enjoyed reading about the best rap Spotify playlists to submit music to!


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