5 Best Indie Spotify Playlists To Submit Music

5 best indie playlists

5 best indie spotify playlists

Do you make indie pop or Indie rock music that needs to get heard?


Well, today is your lucky day.


Top 5 Indie Playlists on Spotify:


Playlist Name Playlist Size
Bedroom Bops 8,200
Skate Cruising 300
Indie 1,900

Almost Famous Indie Hits

Feel Good Music 2,000


Here you will truly get heard.


Not only will these playlists pack on a TON of streams, will get you REAL human listeners & exposure within the Spotify algorithm.


This is crucial for any in the artist without the help of a major record label...


Without further ado - Here are the best in the Spotify playlist that are accepting submissions!


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Do you make good Indie music?
Submit your song, if I like it then I'll add it to my Spotify playlist. πŸ‘‡






Whether you're by yourself or hanging some friends bedroom box is one of the top playlist to get your music on.


Can you be heard by fans young and old all across the globe in this playlist.


This is one of the best Indie playlists on Spotify, genuinely.


You can expect a decent return of streams by submitting to this Indie Spotify playlist.

#2. Skate CRUISING


In the cruising playlist you'll get music seen and heard by skeeters all around.


Whether it's learning how to do a kick flip for the first time or just riding to the local Sandwich store.


Your song will definitely get hurt by the right target audience in this playlist!


(There's also 5 Rock Spotify playlists to submit to!)





Now this playlist indie 2021 has the newest most current Indie pop songs out there.


Here you'll find a great chance to build an audience by getting on this playlist and truly getting hard with in Spotify!


If you make indie music, then submit to these best independent Spotify playlists.




You're a song that sounds really good however you never hear it ever again?


Let's play this compiles amazing songs just like that and put it on one place therefore you can truly get heard!


(There's also 5 Rock Spotify playlists you can submit to!)


Goodbye to being a forgotten memory - and say hello to getting heard on Spotify!



In life is to eat as many tacos as possible... I'm just kidding.


(that would not be a long live life. Here for a good time not a long time I guess, eh?)


Jokes aside, every human wants to fundamentally feel good.


With this playlist you're making people feel something.


You invest endless amounts of time, sweat & energy into making the most amazing music possible...


Here's finally a chance to impact real lives with your art!


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Do you make good Indie music?
Submit your song, if I like it then I'll add it to my Spotify playlist. πŸ‘‡


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