5 Best Rock Music PR Companies!

5 Trusted Rock PR Services

Top 5 Indie Rock Promotion Firms

Here is a list of services that help indie rock bands get heard on the world stage!


Every PR firm mentioned may work with other genres as well.


That said, these firms have experience in getting Indie artists featured in public relations placements!


Top 5 rock music public relations firms:

Music PR Firm Pricing
Boost Collective Amazing!
In House Press Good
Music Promo Today Good
View Maniac Decent
Artist PR Good


I'm giving you the green light to submit your music to each company here!


Just note: when it comes to rock genres, the closer it sounds to pop, then the easier it will be to form a team to fit your promotion needs!


Of course, getting featured in blog publications on the world won't matter based on genre...


But it's much easier for a pop indie artist to get hurt in the music in history.


Just make sure that you use these music industry public relations firms with discretion.


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Are you looking to get your band featured in a press release or top publication?


Do you have a great album and need a service that will help you improve your promoting process?


Are you a new artist with a great song, but you still struggle with promoting it to a new audience?


Every musician and every band has been through this struggle.


Your song might be fantastic and it's exactly what your fans need...


But unless you enlist the help of a marketing team then it's hard to get organic outreach.


This is why every artist should use a PR firm as a tool to help them with promotion.


You can find a PR firm that works with bands - getting you featured on the news sites and music blogs that matter!


Music blogs rock


With this service, you can escape the promoting headache.


Your trusted team within the music industry to take care of every promotion task!


Every serious artist has a team of great experts to help them increase their network and world presence!


Now, if you're ready - I'm going to show you how to get your alternative rock music out there!


All with the marketing help of the best media public relations team out there!


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Which rock music PR company is best for you?

You're stuck with so many options as to which PR agency you should use!


Ideally, you just want some simple PR services such as blogs, playlists, etc.


But it's not that simple.


Not every public relations firm will give you the same promo services.


For example: working with a public relations specialist who focuses on general rock will be different compared to if you're working with somebody who focuses on heavy metal music.


Niche vs General targeting


It won't give that niche push!


My trick is to go both niches AND general.


Some public relations companies fit your specific micro-rock music niche, however, they're generally pretty small.


You should dedicate 50% of your promotional campaign budget to these niche-down public relations services.


Then, the other 50% and used towards more general music industry promo services.


A great example of a public relations firm that handles rock music as a whole is Boost Collective.


Having over 300+ Spotify playlists and contacts of thousands of blogs you can definitely get your foot in the door with their promotional campaign.


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Let's say you make metal or highly experimental music and struggle to find a public relations company that can help you with the marketing...


You can actually go ahead and promote it yourself.


Just note: it's harder to market an album by yourself - since you don't have the expertise and necessary connections to share it with media outlets.


That said if you learn to market yourself + build your own media network every single day...


Then you can't find success as a DIY artist!


The media outlets you need for DIY PR firm method:

  1. Spotify playlist connections
  2. News & blog outlet connections
  3. Large Social media page connections
  4. Social media Influencer connections


Media outlet network connections press


A public relations company will access these connections for their clients as a service.


Do the math to promote your album or song.


Is the time energy and money spent building these connections less than if you just use a rock PR firm?




Many artists who want to get their music heard at scale conclude that using a rock PR firm is the best solution for the time and money.


However, if you are going to go solo then you can still find success on Spotify!


First, just find the name of the Spotify playlist brand and then search for them on Instagram.


These Spotify curators generally have a page for Indie artists to reach them out through.


When you find the curator's IG page, send them a DM.


Reaching out to Spotify curators


We are no longer in the Stone Age... People actually respond and listen to music sent to them via DM.


Just make sure you're respectful and keep it brief and they may place your music in the future!


Remember: It's a numbers game.


Thousands of other musicians want the same placement.


You absolutely MUST be seeking a brand new company every single day just to build that connection up!


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To gain legitimacy you need to get the green light from the media as a whole.


Humans generally like an artist who seems to be popular.


This is because it conforms to the groupthink mentality that humans tend to follow.


This is why you want your name to be spread on the world Internet through press releases!


Ideally, if you don't want to use a PR firm to get you out there, you can build a connection with independent blog writers.


These bloggers are always looking for brand new talent to write about so we could send them your press kit!


To scout these bloggers you're going to have to do some digging around on Twitter.


That's where these authors put out their blogs about metal music and rock in general!




Working with Indie music public relations firms and promo services may bring some issues...


Every indie music artist wants the awesome help of a PR company to help them promote their songs.


The goal is success, and surely the public relations company can help bring that correct?


Well… Yes and no.


If you TRIED some campaigns and didn't get great results then there are three ways to look at it.

  1. The public relations campaign was a flop
  2. Your songs are not that fantastic to listen to...
  3. Your music is to alternative for the public relations company to promote


The common denominator is always MUSIC QUALITY though

That is something that is 100% in your control!


Quality over quantity to get on Release radar


This may mean that you should take a step back from promoting your songs and just release better music.


When it comes to promoting a song from the public relations aspect, it all depends on the client's music quality!


Even if you have the best public relations team, the best marketing campaigns, the best network...


You can't really get your band's songs anywhere if the music is not up to par.

I understand how much passion you put into your song, I don't wanna criticize any musicians on the road to success...


I just want to be the voice of reason and explain how success only comes to the musicians with the best songs.



It would come as a surprise for no one that Indie rock music is the new wave of rock.


Many indie artists are growing within the music industry every single day!


That said, not all specific subsets of rock are that popular...


Prog rock, heavy metal, and punk music past their glory days, it's tougher to get those types of rock music heard...


But don't be concerned if you're an artist that makes that type of rock!


You can find a PR firm to help you market your music just be aware that the results won't be as staggering compared to if you made indie pop-rock music.


So long as your music is good then you can promote it through public relations campaigns.




I saw the question of whether you should focus on public relations or just more targeted marketing campaigns.


If you ask me I say public relations should come first.


Cementing yourself in the music industry isn't just about having the highest numbers, many music artists would think.


That's just the wrong way to look at Indie music marketing.


All of the top talents got press releases through either a PR firm or the label before the whole process of direct marketing (promotions, advertising, etc.)


Branding matters


This is because we no longer live in the Stone Age of public relations.


Information is everywhere, if somebody likes your band then I'm going to check out the artist behind the music.


Because of this, it's highly recommended that you have all of your press releases up-to-date!


Will allow you to truly take potential fans and make them diehard supporters.


If you were to do this on the flip side, you may be able to target a lot of people in the music industry.


However, you won't have the Indie music branding component that will make potential fans stick!


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