5 Best Chill Spotify Playlists to Submit Music!

5 best chill playlists

submit to these chill spotify playlists!

Here are all he the ultimate chill playlist that you can get your music on! 


Not only will your songs be among the most trendy sounds...


But your gonna have your nice melodies and voice presented to fans across the globe.


Playlists Name Followers # of Songs
Feel Good Playlist 800 46
Chillax Night 16000 110
Chill Hits 2021 3100 192
Chill Vibes 2021 18300 116
Chill Hits 6500 68


By getting your song in one of these playlists, you'll slowly integrate your brand to this new audience!


Do you make good music?
Submit your song, if I like it then I'll add it to my Spotify playlist.
I'm taking song submissions of all genresπŸ‘‡






This feel good playlist is one of the best chill pop playlist with great sounds that everybody wants to hear!



Not only is it rapidly growing, you'll also get more streams and more fans by getting a song placed here!


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Late night is a playlist with songs of different genres!


There's a lot of pop, but be ready to find some lyrical kind of music you as well.


If you're a rapper - this is up your alley.


If you've got a melodic song then I want her to submit here!


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#3. CHILL HITS 2021 🎧


Chill hits 2021, of course is a playlist that you cannot neglect submitting your music to in the slightest!


The songs are pretty vibey and something that you listen to either when you're chilling by yourself or kickin' it with the homies.


Just turn this playlist on shuffle and hear good stuff.


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#4. CHILL VIBES 2021


It's not enough to have just your chill vibes...


You need to make sure that the other songs in the playlist are awesome!


This playlist itself has the top trendy sounds, so by getting placed you'll be among the greats.


This can truly you reach brand new audiences.


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Chill hits has artists ranging from Drake to other independent artists.


I put this playlist last because I feel it's most fit for an Indie small-time artist and wants to grow an audience.


Tap Below to submit to this playlist! πŸ‘‡


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