How to Submit Music to Atlantic Records (Updated 2024!)

Submit Music to Atlantic Records

Submit your music to Atlantic Records and get signed!

Would you like Atlantic Records to sign you to their label?


Would you like to sing your songs to Universal Music Group?


You have to play by the record label's rules if you want them to take a chance on your song.


Don't worry - this article will help you navigate record labels in the music business ;)


While submitting music for a Record Deal can make you feel anxious...


It's no more challenging than going on a first date or having an interview.


The music industry goes by the quote "Fortune favors the bold."


Whether it's Universal Music Group or submit to Maybach Music Group...


You need to make the just to truly make it in the hip-hop music industry.


You need to put yourself out there and take some risks if you want to uncover new opportunities.


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If you want to get your song heard by an A&R at Atlantic Records, follow these guidelines.


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Decide which record label division you want to submit to

Decide The Label Division


Atlantic Records' multiple labels showcase a wide range of artists and musical styles.


while it's not as large as Universal Music Group - Atlantic Records is still pretty sizeable.


Not every division will accept unsolicited material.


Here are the different divisions in Atlantic Records:

  • Atlantic Records publishing company

  • Atlantic Records Synchronizations

  • Atlantic Records digital distribution

  • Atlantic Records press

  • Atlantic Records' live events


Before they sign your pop band, you'll have to take a good look at where your music fits on the world scale...


Sure, you may have a good album for streaming but that doesn't mean it's a good track for live performance.


You must point the right music to the correct talent scouts.


This is how songwriters/producer artists get ahead.


Many artists thrive in different divisions.


Just like Universal Music Group, many artists want to sign their songs with this huge pop label.


It's important to think about this before you send off your tunes.


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If you have a certain person or team in mind to pitch to, you can tailor your materials to them.


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There are hundreds of thousands of new artists that don't do the due diligence.


Research the workers of this music group on LinkedIn.


This way helps you negotiate upward with companies.


Your music will likely be turned down if you submit it to the wrong person.


Since this is the case, you can rest assured that the correct person is receiving the information you've prepared for them.


Whether it's a Radio DJ or an A&R industry professional... The connection matters.


Facebook is not a popular way for an artist to get discovered.


Find where talent scouts are signing. This could be music conferences for example!


If your band wants to contact an urban label manager - they may be coming to you.


Listen for any music industry events near you!



Create a press kit for the record labels

Submit Your Press Kit


Atlantic Records' numerous labels feature a wide range of artists and musical styles.


This is something you should probably think about before you send off your tunes.


Record labels only want to sign music artists that fill an unmet demand.


Let's be real... Most unsigned artists suck at differentiating themselves.


(This is why their demo pitch ends up in a spam folder.)


Your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) shows record labels exactly what's unique/special about you as an artist. It also highlights your notable achievements.


If you already know which division you want to approach, you can send your pitch directly to the appropriate contact.


Now, let's discuss what artists should include in their EPK for success!


You need to point out where in the world your talent is appreciated as well.


Some records that flopped in the USA surprisingly became popular in Brazil!


The internet has changed the way an artist interacts with fans.


Included with the demos, mention the album's impact regionally.


You may sign a local label deal with a subsidiary record label if the manager sees a fit!


Don't request this off the bat... 


But if you can't get signed for a traditional label deal then this is not a bad artist option.


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What to include in your EPK

Press Kit Essentials


The A&R representative who potentially signs you will be able to learn more about you via your EPK.


However, it doesn't go into detail on why your music is great.


Here's what to add to your record label EPK:

  • Report of Streaming Success

  • Artists you've worked/co-signed with

  • Your top song records

  • Your manager/agents worked with

  • Your contact information

  • Is there any important news about your artist's brand

  • Your artist biography & message

  • Any charting/music-related awards

  • Your music's digital footprint


The more detailed and brief the EPK is - the higher your chances to get signed.


Having a biography that is intriguing and engaging is crucial if you want people to read it.


Your bio should be written as though you were giving it reading to an A&R representative.


Universal Music Group WANTS new music, but artists need to make it worth their time!


Every record label gets over 1000 pitches a day... 


If you have a good song/album then you need to show the world why the message matters.


You won't become Trey Songz unless you can communicate that you are Trey Songz.


How you form the EPK dictates how the records will be heard by the label.


I recommend you have others listen to your music before swinging to the label for signing.

Other people's listening habits can impact the way you focus on the EPK.


It would help if you mentioned the names of the musicians and albums that influenced you to develop your style in your bio.


Many music artists put their ego above their talent... Don't be this music artist.


Watch the video below for more clarity on how to make a press kit. 👇


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Find the right person to pitch to

Finding the right person at Atlantic Records to pitch your song to is the first step in getting it signed.


This may be the toughest part of the process...


Your band might have talent, but signing means the RIGHT person hears it.


You need to contact the right talent scouts who will not only listen to your demo but share it internally.


Universal Music Group and Atlantic Records have thousands of employees!


In a record label of this size... Who is the best candidate to handle your music?


You could think that all you have to do to find the right department to submit to is look at a list.


It can be confusing to figure out which management or A&R representative at Atlantic Records to approach with your music.


It could take some time and effort to track down the correct person to whom you should present your proposal.


This isn't like any other industry - with music your career depends on the right connections.

I recommend that your request contact as many people as possible!


Most project managers or A&R reps aren't aware of what other departments are up to.


This means that you have more options since you can contact many people at Atlantic.

A network like your band's career depends on it!


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How to properly format your music for submission

Prepare The Music Pitch


It's crucial to check that your music is in its highest quality format before sending it out.


Among the several music file formats available, MP3s are the most convenient to send and receive.

That said - WAV is better sounding so you should be interested in only this format.


You may think this won't matter, but it will.


The record label and publishing company only wants to sign artists that SOUND good!


First impressions matter, so you need this record to be as perfect as possible.


Focus on the right demos, hire a good producer, and listen to the demos before you submit them.


Have some other artists in your network give you brutally honest feedback on the sound.


That's the pain we go through as music artists trying to get signed.


Unless you live in Santa Monica and can walk to the Atlantic Music Group headquarters...


Your songs need to be sent to the label the right way.


Now that your music is in its best form, you should send it to an A&R representative at Atlantic Records.


You can either send them an email or text the EPK once you have their number.


Be aware that this is the 21st century - social media is a way for songwriters and record labels to contact each other.


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Before submitting your song to Atlantic Records, make sure it follows these specifications down to a T.


You can't get signed simply because you think your songs are good...


Many bands attempting to get signed fail because their songs and pitch message are off. 


Until you fix these, nobody will ever hear your song!


Here's a list of other record labels you can submit your songs to.


If your pop band makes good music, then I recommend you submit it there too.


As an artist, you must look at your catalog on a project basis.


For some songs you may request a label to support them, but for others...


You may only be interested in free digital distribution!


That said, if it all goes as planned then your demos can yield you a record deal with Universal Music Group or Atlantic Records!


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