How to Find Spotify Playlist Curators! (Updated 2024)

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find spotify playlist curators, fast and easy

You need to have a good contact method to find Spotify playlist curators and get on their playlists!


Otherwise, your new songs aren't gonna go anywhere...


Most playlist owners get messages from hundreds of emerging artists so you want to stand out get your music heard.


There is an art to playlist pitching, here are the rules:

  1. Have a music promotion budget
  2. Be kind
  3. Be brief


Playlist pitching ettiquette


Some playlist owners have their own website to submit your music to, in that case, you should use their submission link.


The best Spotify playlists are competitive so just know you're competing with every other music artist to get placed!


Your music career depends on being able to get on good Spotify playlists!


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Ultimate Spotify Playlist curator contact list

Ultimate List of 3000 Spotify Playlist Curators Contact


This is my Ultimate Spotify playlist Curators Contact list.

Here you'll find many different Spotify playlist creators that are accepting submissions for their Spotify playlists.

Some of them are less active than others...


And you may have to reach out to the Spotify playlist traders either via social media such as Instagram or by email.

Throughout the entire Spotify playlist curator contact list, I updated every six months (just to remove the inactive and add brand new curators.)

Now, to download the ultimate Spotify playlist traitors contact list just click on the button below.

Get it for free here and then enjoy your submissions, I can't wait to see you once you get placed!

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reaching out to a Spotify Playlist curator

It's important to have good etiquette when reaching out to Spotify playlist curators.


Here is the best practice to have when messaging a playlist curator:

  • Be polite
  • Build rapport before asking
  • Follow up often (if you didn't get responses)

Reaching out to Spotify curators


Just find a Spotify playlist curator's name and then search for them on Instagram.


You should see the same Spotify playlist curators pop up - this is your chance to reach out.


Rather than a cold DM, you should swipe up to any story that the playlist curators potentially have.


How to find the email addresses of Spotify Playlist Curators

Find Spotify Playlist Curator Email Addresses


Another method to find Spotify playlist curators is to do the email redirect method.


Now, this may sound complex...


But it's a very easy and effective way to find Spotify playlist curators who are HAPPY to take your submissions.


Easy steps to find Spotify playlist curators:

  1. Open the Spotify app
  2. Type in “” in the search
  3. Select Playlist
  4. Find playlists with curator contacts in the description

This method cuts through all of the hustle and bustle of trying to find Spotify playlist curators. 


Now that you have the contacts you can go ahead and reach out to each of these Spotify playlist curators and submit your music that way. 


It's very effective, I've been using this method for the past two years, and I've already reached multiple millions of streams for my artists by using this method. 


It's effective so I really want you to leverage it while it's still so efficient! 


Now go ahead and reach out to the Spotify playlist curators.


Don't miss the video I made below to help you with messaging Spotify curators. 👇



What EXACTLY Are Spotify Playlist Curators?

So what exactly are Spotify playlist curators?


A Spotify playlist curator is anybody who manages and runs a playlist on Spotify.


So technically if you've ever made a playlist...


Congrats, you're officially a Spotify playlist curator.


In general, when I mention Spotify playlist curators - I'm speaking of those with the largest playlists.


3 main types of Spotify playlist curators

That being said not every playlist creator is equal.


There are different kinds of Spotify playlist curators.


These are the three main types of Spotify playlist curators:


  1. Independent Spotify playlist curators
  2. Agency Spotify playlist curators
  3. Label Spotify playlist curators


Types of Spotify curators


If you're not sure what the difference is between the Spotify playlist curators or know how to submit your new music to them...


No worries! I cover that later in this ultimate guide.


How to audit a Spotify playlist

It's not enough to get on Spotify playlists.


Organic spotify playlist checklist


You need to make sure that every Spotify playlist you submit your new music to is legitimate.


There are many fraudulent Spotify playlists out there!


Not every independent Spotify playlist curator has your best interest at heart.


Even many "established" electronic music brands can have suspicious playlists...


The last thing you want is for your music career to face a Spotify song takedown!


Here are the best methods to see if independent Spotify playlist Curators are legit:

  1. Solid Spotify playlist growth
  2. The Spotify playlist curators change songs frequently
  3. The Spotify playlist has been along for a decent bit

Ideally, you want a Spotify playlist that you submit new music to check at least two of these boxes.



If not, you should be wary of the Spotify playlist in question.


To be able to check these metrics for Spotify playlists, you'll have to use a few tools!


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Use SpotOnTrack to audit playlists

Fortunately, there is a tool that allows you to find an independent Spotify playlist curator directly!


SpotOnTrack is a tool that scrapes and compiles thousands of Spotify playlists.


Although this is paid software, you can use the trial run to check the Spotify playlists.


Spot on track


Here is the correct Spotify playlist audit process:

  1. Create a SpotOnTrack account
  2. Tap the "playlists" option in the navigator menu
  3. Copy the link to the playlist you want to be on
  4. Paste a Spotify playlist link
  5. Scroll down and tap followers to see the Spotify playlist growth
  6. View the tracks column for the Spotify playlist and you can see the date it was updated


Using SpotOnTrack


I urge you to do this for every Spotify playlist that you want to be on!


You'll be able to make sure that every independent Spotify playlist curator you submit is being ethical.


It's better safe than sorry in the Spotify playlist game.



What are Label Spotify and playlist curators?

Even major record labels have Spotify playlists.


The largest playlists in the music industry (that aren't Spotify-owned)


Oh, and by the three major labels:

  • Universal Music Group
  • Warner Music
  • Sony Music


Record label Spotify playlists


Other artists want to get their music on these top playlists.


Realistically, the chances of getting placed are next to none.


The record label will only promote their own artists, so even if you do submit your music to them Oh you'll receive an unopened message.



What are independent Spotify playlist curators?

Independent Spotify playlist curators are the most common type of Spotify playlist curators right.


I don't think the music industry would be complete without these guys.


These Spotify playlist curators are regular people like you and me who happen to build large playlists.


Oftentimes, these playlist owners didn't grow these Spotify playlists on purpose.


It just naturally grew either in the right time and place, then it got viral on its own.


Sometimes these independent Spotify playlist curators are artists themselves!


You can find these independent Spotify playlist curators on new music submission sites such as Boost Collective.


Independent Spotify playlist curators are practically holding up the music industry.


These generally work with music promotion sites - the new artist can get their new songs heard!


Agencies working with Independent Spotify playlist curators


The benefit of using an independent curator is the simple fact that you'll get real-time feedback from the playlist Curator.


When using a music promotion agency it takes time for your own music to get either placed or rejected.


It can take maybe 5 to 7 business days.


This is common in the industry but isn't a big deal, overall.


How to submit to editorial playlists

If you have new music and you want to get it on an editorial playlist- I have good news!


You can submit your music to Spotify's own team directly, and potentially get it on editorial playlists.



To submit your music, go to Spotify's website and find the submit music page.


TAP HERE to get started!


What are Agency Spotify, playlist curators?

Agency Spotify playlist curators are almost exactly the same as indie curators.


You can submit your music to them like normal.


The only difference is that Agency curators are in the music industry for profit rather than just to get good music heard.


How Spotify agency curators work


Spotify playlists are owned by artist platforms.


I urge you to submit your music to the 5 best Spotify music playlist promotion agencies!


Regardless of whether your new music is hip-hop or any other genre.


An agency-independent Spotify playlist curator can most likely help you get the new music heard!


This type of playlist curator runs ads on their playlist so that there are new fans coming in all the time.


Bonus: Check out Boost Collective's free Spotify promotion here - our free-to-use platform is a must-join for all independent artists.


Should I use a paid submission platform to reach a playlist curator

If you wanna reach a playlist curator you can either find an independent Spotify playlist curator yourself.


Or, you can use a playlist submission platform instead.


Spotify playlist promotion service platform


It's usually a marketing agency that has a submission link for you to send your music to.


Any large-scale independent Spotify playlist curator most likely works with a music promotion firm.


As soon as you put your link in the website contact forms, your new music will get sent to the Spotify playlist curators.


Become your own Spotify Playlist Curator

Become a Spotify curator


It might be easier to become your own independent Spotify playlist curator rather than seek them out.


Read our Building a Spotify Playlist Guide to grow your own!


Truthfully there are between 2000-3000 playlists large enough to make an impact on your streams.


Not to mention - a record label owns a large chunk of them.


Then you have to factor in if it's electronic music, hip hop, or any other genre.


When you boil down the fact that an independent Spotify playlist curator may have between 1-10 playlists themselves, that leaves an even smaller number.


The role of finding a Spotify -playlist curator can become tough when you put the full picture together.


This is why I urge you to become your very own Spotify playlist curator.


Tips to grow your own Spotify playsuits 

Growing Your Spotify Playlist


I highly recommend that read my Ultimate Playlist Building Guide for more depth!


You can skip all of the BS that comes when you submit Music.


It can take a while to become a large Spotify playlist curator though.


As long as you have patience and dedication you can become one of the elites of the Spotify playlist curator world.


You should become a Spotify playlist curator if you are sick and tired of submitting to different playlists.

If that is the case then you should definitely create your own Spotify playlist by becoming a Spotify playlist curator.

It isn't that hard to create your own growing Spotify playlist, I made a video on this.

That said if you prefer to get the step-by-step in written form keep reading this blog that teaches you the exact same thing.


Watch the video below for tips on growing your Spotify playlist. 👇



There are a few steps to becoming a Spotify playlist created and that they are:

  • Select a genre
  • Select a mood
  • Create a good playlist cover
  • Build your playlist with manly new music
  • Change the songs frequently 
  • Run ads to your Spotify playlists
  • Get shoutouts for your playlist 
  • Accept paid or free submissions
  • Put your contact info on each playlist

The cover art design is essential to a good Spotify playlist.


If you simply don't want to create your very own Spotify playlist picture don't worry!


I've created a Free Cover Art Tool that generates your own!


This is mainly for music artists, however, it works perfectly for Spotify playlist curators as well.


Main Takeaways

Here are the main takeaways for getting on the Spotify playlist!

  • Artists can't send messages to Spotify playlists and get the track songs playlisted
  • Many artists prefer to use indie label services to get on several playlists
  • Most creators have a curation team that manages their submission platforms
  • The subject line is important when submitting your submission track to someone's inbox
  • Submit to several playlists so smaller size rather than a mega list
  • The same curator has several playlists to create relationships
  • Use multiple platforms that get artists on several playlists
  • Search the playlist name on SpotOnTrack for validity
  • Find daily playlists to submit to (about 5 a day)
  • Use more than one contact method if you can't get hurt
  • Every playlist owner is different, speak to independent curators on a personal level
  • Spotify employees don't promote all the artists. Better off focussing on independent curators
  • Failed the submission form with the correct song link (not saved)
  • Submit the other playlist when you get placed, and don't stop promoting yourself as a singer-songwriter!
  • If you are a singer-songwriter stick to other playlists in your genre (not different genres like tech house hard playlist, nu-disco, etc
  • New artists and old artists can get heard!

And that's it! I really hope you enjoyed this Spotify promotion guide.


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