How to Get More Music Video Views!

Get More Music Video Views


Are you struggling to get more YouTube views on your new music video?


In this case, these blog posts are for you!


I understand if you're struggling to get your music on playlists. You feel you could really succeed with relevant marketing.


The marking process as a whole is extremely difficult - effective marketing also isn't really free.


Unless... you know what you're doing.


As a whole, you can still get viewers to your videos.


Let me show you how.


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TIPS & TRICKS TO promote your music video ON YOUTUBE

Promoting your music video is not optional - it's necessary to grow.


It's important to BLOW UP Your Video Views on YouTube!


That being said there are multiple ways to promote your video!


These are the best methods to promote your video:

  • Running Youtube ads
  • Social media video promotion
  • YouTube promotion agency


Promoting music videos


Each promotion method has benefits and negatives.


Either you're spending your time OR your money to grow the video views.


There is no shortcut when it comes to expanding the views on your music video, unfortunately.


I prefer YouTube ads because they're easier to test.


You can just put money in and immediately see if the views for your music video are increasing or not.



Should you promote a music video with an agency?

Whether you want to run YouTube promotion yourself or use a trusted agency - they're both fine.


Just note it's more work to grow your music video views by yourself.


The great thing about outsourcing is that you're using their advertising expertise as well.


Every other artist wants to promote their YouTube and get more views right?


This means that the cost to get your views up increases as competition arises.


This is why it's pretty expensive to get more views on your music video - but it doesn't have to be this way.


If you're running Youtube promotion campaigns strategically then you can get great deals at a low cost.


To execute it properly and get your views up it's going to take some expertise.


This is why I advise you to get your music promoted with an agency such as Boost Collective!


Releasing music video snippets on social media

Let's not forget how important it is to leverage social media to increase the views on your new music video.


It doesn't really matter which social media platform you choose.


Just realize that not every social media is the same.


You can easily make a music video optimized for social media.




Making a social media music video post

There is a structure when it comes to making a music video post on social media.


The first thing to keep in mind is what the end goal is.

  • Are you redirecting them for more YouTube views?
  • Do you want them to stream your music?
  • Do you want them to add your music to your playlist?

You're going to market your Music Video in different ways depending on what the end goal is.


The point of your music video social media post should be for the viewer to tap the link in your bio.


The more followers you have then the more subscribers you can expect to gain when you upload your music video.


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Twitter is all right for getting new video viewers.


It depends a lot on your genre of music.


If you're a musician who makes rap, it's pretty easy to find a community of users who enjoy that style of music.


The genre of music is ambient folk... You can still promote it it'll just be harder.


If you're using Twitter then you'll have to have more conversations and sneak in your music video link that people can listen to.


I don't recommend that you spam promote though - this turns off all viewers.


Even if the post does happen to reach new ears, if musicians are not taken seriously by the fans it won't go anywhere.


Also, you can try to run ads through the Twitter platform.


I have never tried this method, but it may work for specific musicians they have a broader appeal.


Twitter is all right for music video promotion - Twitter is better for networking though.


I suggest you use TikTok, Instagram, and sometimes Facebook groups to grow your views.



Every artist needs a little boost for their YouTube views!

10 easy ways to boost your YouTube video views:

  1. Run Youtube ads
  2. Ask friends for shoutouts
  3. Sun an email campaign
  4. Run an SMS campaign
  5. Make collaboration songs for extra promo
  6. Ask your network to share it
  7. Run Facebook ads
  8. Get the music video embedded on Music blogs
  9. Share music videos on Social media

Try every single one of these tactics, you don't know which one will stand out and boost your music videos to new heights!


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Get more views through trailers

A lot of large famous musicians know this marketing tactic.


A key tip is to build a base for the video before you post it on your page.

An example of this is Drake's certified lover boy.


This marketing tactic is where you make a trailer almost look like a movie, and let them listen to it a little bit but not enough to enjoy.


Here is the teaser trailer:



Finding a good balance is hard for most musicians - but if you can solve this then it's effective.


This is more important if you have a lot of subscribers and a decent following already.


Get more views on YouTube through Facebook groups

Lots of people say that Facebook is dead for musicians trying to grow.

That is simply not true.


The fact of the matter is that musicians have not adapted to the changes Facebook had, so they're using antiquated strategies to build an audience.


So long as you understand the limitations of Facebook for musicians you can still get a decent yield.


Just note that Facebook friends, followers, and fans are all different.


Just because you're friends with grandma Susie doesn't mean she's going to subscribe to your channel.


This is why I urge musicians to join Facebook groups and post there consistently.


The posts don't even necessarily have to be about your Music Video - you just want to build rapport and gain status and respect within the audience there.


This way when you post your music, you won't look desperate for viewers.


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Structuring your music video for social platforms

To get your music heard - you'll need structure.


Make sure that there's a good video description or caption.


If it's boring then people won't check your YouTube video.


You'll get more views when your caption has these elements:

  • Funny
  • Authenticity
  • Storytelling

They get so wrapped up reading that the music video will become an afterthought.


As soon as you're Vibing and not analyzing the hell out of the music video then you're good.




Not all music videos are equal

If you want to get more music video views you need to understand one thing:

Not all music videos or equal.


Some styles of videos will naturally get more views.


To increase the views on your music videos, you should strive to put out multiple video styles!


Realistically your YouTube channel can have thousands of videos however it gets cluttered when you have too much going on.


Ideally, you want to YouTube channel do you have a mixture of different video styles.


Is YouTube video will connect differently to each fan.


If you want longevity in your music career, your YouTube channel should try to cater to the most people possible.


I am not saying leave your target audience.


I am saying that make sure each YouTube video can grasp all the people within your target audience.




Increasing views on your music video on Youtube

Realistically the most important place to put your music videos on YouTube.


Social media is a great option, however, the attention is rather short.


A benefit of having a decent YouTube channel is the fact that you can get repeat YouTube views - whereas your music video on Instagram will most likely get seen only once.


One of the best methods is YouTube ads of course.


You can skyrocket you are YouTube views, if you struggle to get your music on Spotify playlists then YouTube video campaigns are a great alternative.


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Make comments on other musicians' videos

Your network is your net worth.


Don't forget musicians love music just as much if not more than anything.


You should leave comments under artists' video uploads and show some love.


Through this method, you can create a relationship with other artists and in the future, you can cross-promote each other's videos to your audiences.


Ideally, you want these artists to create a song similar to yours.


Maybe It can take time to create this connection but it's a great free way to promote your video.


Example: go on Instagram tags and find alternative artists similar to you.

When you find the page, search for their name on YouTube.


Here you should see their videos - just drop a comment as a fan.


Yes, it's really that simple.


Embed your music video on blog posts

If you're struggling to get more YouTube views through the YouTube platform as well, you can try to get blog features on a website.


When you promote your music video through a blog website - each view counts as well.


Here is a video embed example:



Each view on this video ☝🏾 counts!


Of course, you can't expect to get thousands of views simply from blog posts, but it does help!


Make sure that the video has a great thumbnail so that a potential fan actually taps in.


The better you can create the video, the more people you can expect to subscribe to you.


You'll be surprised how much traffic a website can get.


If you do it right, the relevant website will be creating fans for you to last a lifetime!


Promoting your music video on Reddit

I'll be honest I've never promoted music on Reddit before.


I can't tell you how effective Reddit promotion is - however, I've heard great things about the audience.


When you factor in the fact that it has millions of users on the platform, you only really need minimal success to bring a bunch of new viewers to your YouTube channel.


Reddit music video promotion tips:

  • Start niche promotion
  • DO NOT link spam
  • Build your Reddit karma




Reddit is pretty big on keywords.


Example: If you can add links back to your channel, you're creating a long-term traffic route to your YouTube channels.


Maybe in the future people will still trickling considering the size of Reddit.


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