Mega Spotify Playlist Curator Contact List (For Free!)

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3000+ Spotify playlist curator contact list

This is the ultimate Spotify playlist curator contact list that'll get you far!


If you don't know how to contact any Spotify playlist curators, no worries because I got you!


We have a mega-fat list of the top independent Spotify playlist curators for you to submit your music.


Each independent playlist that you submit your music to can help you increase the streaming numbers on all your new music!


Hit up the independent Spotify playlist curators and strike up a deal.


Most curators are more than happy to help you promote your music!


Want to get your music on active & relevant playlists that actually get results? 


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Reaching out to Spotify playlist curators

Your reach-out to these independent Spotify playlist curators must be top-notch.


The first thing to understand is that Spotify playlist curators get hundreds of submissions so they don't want to hear your life story in the reach-out email.


Reaching out to Spotify curators


It's best to keep it short and sweet and the 4W's plus H:

  • What - what genre of music are your songs
  • Who - who are you in brief
  • When - when do you plan on starting a playlist campaign
  • Where - where are the stream listening locations
  • How - how long does your song remain in the Spotify playlist

Any other conversation aside from this is not worth the Spotify playlist curator's time.


Since you're asking for a service from these Spotify playlist curators and then it's important to be as respectful of their time as possible.


This will help you when you submit your music to Spotify playlist curators!


Do you make good music?

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Best platforms to submit your music

Just note that not every playlist curator is the same and not every independent Spotify playlist submission platform is the same as well.


Each independent Spotify playlist marketing service has its pros and cons.


Worth it to try all of the different independent Spotify playlist curator marketing agencies!


For that make sure that you submit your music to ORGANIC Spotify playlist curators.


5 Best Spotify playlist curators platforms that you can consider:

  • Boost Collective
  • Soave Records
  • Daily Playlists
  • SubmitHub
  • Soundplate


The pricing is not the same though:


PR Services pricing


The best one of these is Boost Collective - of course however it will not hurt you to try out Submithub and the rest :)


Each website has a different cost to use its playlist curator services.



Networking with Spotify playlist curators

Most curators create some sort of Facebook or Twitter platform for the brand.


Some of the curators are pretty popular and have multiple followers on their social media accounts.


Networking in the music industry


It's worth it to interact on their Twitter and Facebook and create a real connection.


If you can create a true friendship with them it won't be impossible for you to get a discounted rate on your submissions and placements!


Like everything in the music industry, every independent curator you contact should become a long-term connection!


Leverage social media so that you can contact as many Spotify curators and get your music in the best Spotify playlist possible.


Get your music heard now ๐Ÿ‘‡

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Verify if the Spotify playlist is legit

The independent Spotify playlist curators you're dealing with must be 100% legitimate.


How many fraudulent independent Spotify playlist curators are out there?

More than you think.


It's really easy for a playlist curator to increase the following for the Spotify playlist by using bots.


Fake and real spotify playlists


Avoid getting scammed by a fraudulent independent Spotify playlist curator!


Read our full blog on Avoiding Fake Spotify Promotion for full info!


In that free guide, I show you how to:

  • Check if the Spotify playlist curator's growth is normal
  • Check if the Spotify playlist curator steaming location is legit
  • Check if the Spotify playlist curators are active, to begin with

Check it out be safe rather than sorry!


Artists submit to sketchy daily playlists and this screws your stream and record with Spotify.


Your listener's data must absolutely be 100% organic.


Submit the music with the right song link

To get your music heard by the playlist curator you need to send the right submission link.


Sure that the tracks are finished!


Common Spotify submission mistakes artists make

  • Sending the new Music pre-save link
  • Sending an Apple Music or SoundCloud link submissions (honestly...)
  • Sending the link to an album and submissions rather than just the single


Just keep in mind that Spotify playlist curators get literally hundreds of submissions every single week.


Unless you do the submissions properly... the Spotify playlist curators won't even listen to your songs.


This goes for Soave records, Daily Playlists, Boost Collective or Submit Hub.

You must submit their new music the right way to actually get heard.


This is why many independent artists struggle to get on Spotify playlists!


Get your music heard now ๐Ÿ‘‡


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The music industry runs off playlists

You should note that independent Spotify playlists as well as top record labels promote their music on Spotify through playlists.


Yep, you heard me right!


Labels take their artist's new music and place it in their humungous playlists with millions of followers.


That's how they initially bump the listeners for the new song.


After that, the editorial and algorithm Spotify playlists take over and boost the record label artists' music further!


This is why the label will truthfully never die.


That said if even top record labels require Spotify playlists to get their new music heard...


What does that say about you?


To get your music in the right years in the music industry you absolutely MUST submit your music to awesome independent Spotify playlist curators just to have a fighting chance.



You need Spotify playlist curators to have a chance

Without the help of independent Spotify playlist curators...


It's gonna be hard for you to get your new music heard on Spotify.


The most important thing about promoting new music on Spotify is the right listener data.


If you can feed your Spotify tracks with the right listener data then you're increasing the chances of getting onto an algorithm playlist.


This is where a majority of Spotify users discover new music!


There are over 60,000 new music tracks released on Spotify every single day.


More Tracks Released-jpg


Do you think that you can compete with every other artist on the Spotify platform without the help of independent Spotify playlist curators?


You would be kidding yourself.


You absolutely MUST enlist the help of independent Spotify playlist curators to get heard!


It gets harder every day for bands to grow on the platform.



Types of Songs that perform best on a Spotify playlist

Not all music will thrive in Spotify playlists.


And I don't mean genre - regardless of whether it is a Hip-hop, R&B, rock, or electronic deep house track, it doesn't matter.


The type of tracks that flourish on Spotify are the ones that start pretty quickly.


Don't add an unnecessarily long intro at the beginning of your new music releases.


Get playlist results on Spotify-compressed


That melodic interlude is not helping you get heard.


Most listeners just skip it and find another song that doesn't take 20 seconds to start.


This is a trend I noticed among ALL tracks submitted to an independent Spotify playlist.


Sadly fans have less attention span when it comes to music than they used to.


Do you make good music?

Want to get your music on active & relevant playlists that actually get results? 

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15-second rule on Spotify

A lot of independent artists don't realize the 15-second rule.


If your new music isn't heard by the streamer for at least 15 seconds then it does not count as a stream.


This means that even if independent Spotify playlist curators place your new music track in their Spotify playlists...


Spotify 15 second rule


Unless it reaches the stream threshold then you will not be getting any kind of results from your new music tracks.


By design, your songs need to be produced so that it's Spotify playlist-friendly.


Try to avoid these elements in your songs to make them more Spotify playlist-friendly:


Keep your song's intro less than 10 seconds.

You don't need to go "Wooaahhh-Ohhhh-Auhh" with your voice at the beginning of the track
Don't add a build-up at the beginning of the track, save that for later


If you follow these steps then you can see results on any independent Spotify playlist that you get your music placed on!



Use top Services to get on Spotify playlists

Even with this ultimate curators list, it might be worth it to just use services they get you on a playlist.


Any of these websites exist - one, in particular, is Boost Collective.


They have their own independent Spotify playlist feature services as well as connecting your new music with over 300+ Spotify playlists in their network!



The thing about Getting on Spotify playlists for free

It is possible for you to get your brand-new release on a playlist for free.


Keep in mind if you choose to promote your rap tracks for free then...


Naturally, the track will not do as well as a paid submission.


However, the free indie artist method can still work!


You must become friends with the curator and create many industry contacts before people post your music in their playlists.


It's worth it to become friends over social media and create strong contact.


Sometimes artists of many genres have their daily playlists as well.


Make friends with these artists and perhaps they can bless you with a free placement for your music!



avoid the Toxic mentality towards paid placements

Just asking to get on playlists will not cut it.


This is because many PAYING artists already submit to these playlists through the curator submit form.


Unless your submission link is that good... Don't expect anything for free.


Many artists are entitled and feel like unless they get free stuff then you don't support the "indie culture."


In reality, the playlist service is running a business and because of that, they cannot give free things all the time.


There is a cost to growing your listeners and promoting playlists.


My natural that artists, labels, agencies, etc charge per submission.


This is not something that you are ready to do as an indie artist then perhaps you should consider Music more of a hobby rather than choose to do this as a career.



where to submit your music

For success when submitting to a Spotify playlist should you look for the best genre or best vibes?


Let's say for example you make electronic music (deep house) do you have two options:

  • Deep house playlist
  • Gaming music playlist


Playlist Genre vs Playlist Vibe


In this case, you can try to find success through the electronic music genre playlist which has primarily deep house music.


But on the alternative as well, you may see your streaming number increase more on the gaming music playlist.


This is because the gaming music playlist is a vibey alternative playlist that has not ONLY an electronic genre but other genres of music as well.


This means that it's easier for the playlist creator to grow the number of followers for the Spotify playlist.


It's worth it for your submissions to go towards a strictly electronic genre playlist in this case as well as more vibe-curated playlists!



Submit your music to Boost Collective for free

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You can get Spotify playlist submissions for free when you use their free-forever distribution platform.


For your new rap release, you can get on several curated playlists you choose.


Overall, the curator at Boost Collective will make sure that you grow your followers and monthly listeners through their playlist features.


I hope you enjoyed learning about our Spotify playlist curator contact list!


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