Is There Any REAL Spotify Promotion?

Organi Spotify promotion

Fake VS real Spotify playlists

Before I begin talking about which Spotify music motion service you should use-


You should know how fake Spotify music promotion works.


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You truly can get organic Spotify promo online.

You just need to be smart and know the rules of the Spotify playlisting jungle.


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Organic Spotify promotion service: expectations

Before using a Spotify promotion service you should understand exactly what music marketing results you will get.



It turns out that there actually does exist organic Spotify promotion...


It's just that these organic Spotify promotion packages are not as you may think.


For starters: getting an organic Spotify promotion service will cost you a LOT of money.


This makes sense because even in the music industry getting attention is expensive...


The entire music industry is competing and running music marketing against the same listeners.


This is because in music marketing you're bidding against other artists for attention in real estate.


It's the same case when trying to get Spotify plays through organic Spotify promotion on playlists.



fake Spotify playlists are common: be warned

Sure, you may be able to find a Spotify promotion service that will give you 10K Spotify plays for $50.


But what are the chances that this Spotify promotion service is legit?


You will have a higher chance of finding a tap-dancing unicorn before a Spotify music promotion service such as this turns out to be valid.


Fake Spotify promo did you know


Just understand that when using Spotify promotion service you should be ready to drop in some of the budget to get any kind of return from the Spotify playlists.


How do fake streams work?

Now the one question about a fake Spotify promotion service...


How exactly does this crooked Spotify playlist work?


Well, organic Spotify promotion is harder to accomplish but easier to understand.

It's not the case for fake Spotify promotion packages.


In the case of fake Spotify music promotion, the fraudster will use an open-source programming language such as Python to generate fake accounts to follow their Spotify playlists.


Just look at the people following this Spotify playlist:


Fake and real spotify playlists


Just by looking at this Spotify music promotion... Something just ain't right.


Real listeners have human names and generally some sort of profile status.


What fake music promotion services do is pump up their Spotify playlists with fake listeners and then charge you to get on these fake playlists.


Then once you're fake Spotify promotion campaign begins - they pay underground botted promotional services to run up your streams on Spotify.


This is why you never gain any new Spotify followers through fake Spotify playlist promotion.



Verify if Spotify playlists are real

A good way to see if a playlist uses no bots is if their growth is consistent.


Generally, organic growth has a standard slope.


From time to time there will be dips in Spike's but it generally happens when the playlist curators get a shout-out from a large page or Spotify does routine cleanups.


You can use a tool called SpotOnTrack or Chartmetric to review these music playlists.


Using SpotOnTrack


This is important not only in playlist pitching but ALSO when making sure that there are no bots on the music playlist.


Here is an example of a playlist with organic growth VS one without organic growth:


Spotify playlist growth organic vs fake


As you can see - one is the real deal while the other one is clearly not organic growth.


Before using any Spotify promotion service you should check the playlist in question.


If it's a good Spotify music promotion service then naturally you should be able to message them and ask them for links for the playlist the organic spot for promotion will be on.


If they don't want to let you know how their Spotify music promotion services work...


Better off running and looking elsewhere for a Spotify music promotion service.


Experience is key and if you aren't getting that then it's not a Spotify music promotion service for you.


Buffalo and Frankfurt Germany: Home of the Bots

What you find among fake Spotify music production services is that most of the listeners are located in Buffalo and Frankfurt Germany.


Now, don't worry if some of your Spotify music promotion goes international.


It's normal for a Spotify playlist to have listeners of many nationalities!


However, here is when you should start worrying about the location of Spotify streams if you're getting the music heard by tens of thousands of people in Buffalo then something does not add up.


The population of Buffalo is just over 250,000 people.


Even if you get 25,000 listeners through a Spotify music promotion service that is nearly 10% of the entire city. 🤨


Spotify Listener locations


Buffalo residents also:

  • Don't use Spotify (use Apple Music)
  • Don't listen to your music genre
  • May not follow the same playlist


Even if you discount the fact that Buffalo has a majority of grandparents and children...


What is the likelihood that these Spotify music promotion services will get you the niche 10% of an entire city?


You follow any string of logic then you'll see...


That there are fake Spotify music promotion services.


Is Spotify Play Booster worth it?

Spotify Play Booster Review


I do not recommend that you get to Spotify play booster. The stream bots are gonna mess up your algorithm and you won’t be able to get organic fans or streaming royalties from it.


Just know that Spotify has removed over 750,000 songs because of the Spotify Play booster.


It’s a parasite and you don’t need it.


That being said, there are many Spotify play booster options, I'm not gonna send you that though,


It’s available but it’s not worth it in the end.


Also, the Spotify play booster can come from our location on Spotify that doesn't monetize well, such as Indonesia.


Spotify may not even count those as genuine streams before you won’t be getting royalties and there’s no return investment!


So now you’re in a sticky situation because not only are you getting NO Fans from the Spotify play booster, but also no income.


I don’t recommend it in the slightest.


Never pay for Spotify listeners if you respect yourself as a career and overall just wanna have a good time with real talk



New song release: release radar via promotion

One of the best Spotify music promotion services is actually built right into Spotify itself!


It's Release Radar and Discover Weekly Spotify promotion service.


The way this built-in Spotify music promotion service works is if the artists sound good and you seem to be getting decent numbers on your new releases...


Then Spotify will give you a boost and organic Spotify promotion.


Do you make good music?



These are organic Spotify promotion playlist that goes straight to real listeners on the Spotify platform.


To get to the stage where you can use the built-in organic Spotify promotion then you'll have to use other Spotify promotion services first.


Platforms such as Boost Collective feed the right data into your song so that you can really crush it!


The music industry runs on playlists

Note that every major music record label in the world has its own playlists.


They don't have just one Spotify account - they have multiple hundreds!


Through that, they can get an artist to 1 million monthly listeners - and this is without having to use social media posts or music blog promotion.


Yeah, you read that correctly, labels use the best Spotify promotion to get their artist heard in the music business organically!


These are the top record label Spotify playlist curators:

  • Filtr
  • Digster
  • Topsify


Record label Spotify playlists


If you can get your hands on the label Spotify artist promotions then you'll see your monthly listeners explode!


Sadly... Every Spotify account I mentioned is reserved only for record label artists.


Have no fear though! If you still want organic plays and organic Spotify promotion then use Boost Collective.


It's the most trusted Spotify promotion in the game!


Promoting your Spotify song on social media platforms

If you're really that scared of using a Spotify music promotion service...


Then you can promote your new song through social media posts.


It will not give you that same playlist push that you get from the organic Spotify promotion package.


However, you can still grow your music fan base.


It's a viable method for Spotify promotions, especially when you run ads for real followers on social media.


Can you buy a song on Spotify?

Can You Buy Songs from Spotify


It is possible to buy songs off of Spotify, but not in the way that you may think. To do so, you'll need to purchase the recording and publishing copyrights.


You cannot simply purchase music off of market space.


Once you can locate the artist, reach out to them and offer them a pitch to obtain their master's rights. 


You can only buy the copyrights to a song once the artist agrees to it and then once that’s done you’re good! 


Just note - if you decide to buy an artist's song you also wanna have access to the royalties.


This means that so you’ll need the credentials to log into the app.


Increasing your Spotify plays through ads

Keep in mind that the two services (advertising & playlisting) are different.


Music marketing playlists vs running ads


You can still get real engagement and more listeners through ads - however, the process of finding potential fans is more difficult.


Real humans naturally listen to large playlists.


This is why organic Spotify promotion services are so effective!


If you want to use your own advertising promotion services, of course, you will NOT get fake plays and there are no bots...


However, that means you need to find a way to get potential fans to leave the app they're using and listen to you on Spotify.


It's hard to promote music online by yourself

Humans are lazy and this is much harder than you think.


Even if new fans may like your song while listening to it through an ad - that does not mean that they will check out your Spotify profile.


There are services such as Playlist Push that you can use to grow the monthly listeners on your Spotify account.


I'm not against using two services to get real followers and more listeners on your new release.


It decreases the service charge you'll have to pay to get real engagement!


Note that you need to really be a master to promote your songs by yourself - and get real humans to care.


Main takeaways about Spotify promo

All in all, organic plays are not impossible. At the end of the day, there are shady playlist curators out there and you wanna avoid them while you promote your music.


It is HARD to get since there are so many fake plays going around in the music business.


You really want to have no bots in the playlist pitching process.


I hope you enjoyed this Spotify promotion guide!


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