Buying Spotify Plays (Read This First)

August 31, 2021

Buying Spotify Plays


It's no secret... the music industry is filled with fake streams, followers, likes, you name it.


Depending on who you ask, some would say buying spotify plays & followers is just part of the game and totally cool.


But others may say that to buy spotify plays is a means to the end of your career.


Perhaps you're thinking about buying spotify plays or followers.


Well, let this be the guide that will help you make an informed decision that you can be happy with.


Before we get started, if you're looking at spotify services in general to promote your music, music marketing agencies such as ourselves specialize in real Spotify promotion.


We focus on quality and not just the specific number of results you most commonly deal with when buying fake/botted spotify plays.


Get heard on Spotify


We also don't judge or care if someone is dead set on wanting to buy spotify plays.


We just don't think it's really the way to go when spending your hard earned money, and usually doesn't lead to anything meaningful long term. But hey... more on that later.



Can You Buy Spotify Plays?

Simply put... yes you can buy Spotify plays. It's not a question if you can. It's a question if it's really worth your money.


Buying plays and spotify followers really don't do much other than social proof your profile.


Can you buy spotify plays?


This is coming from us, who got started by thinking social proofing was the way to go.


Heck... everyone was seemingly doing it.


Everywhere from social media to their music to even faking attendance numbers at shows... social proofing was going crazy.



The Main Problems With Buying Spotify Streams

Here's the main problem we see with buying spotify streams and spotify followers. Sure it looks awesome right? Aye! That sweet, sweet 10k stream count.


But hey... wait a minute... I only have 12 monthly listeners. Uh oh.


Yea... a massive problem that happens when you buy spotify plays is that your profile looks... well.. fake. And I don't just mean ahh that might look fake. Nah. It looks really fake.


People can tell. Even an average listener these days. Keep that in mind when buying really cheap spotify plays. The amount of monthly listeners will look off.



Your listeners usually look like this. Your top locations are usually Buffalo US, Frankfurt Am Main DE, Phoenix US etc...


We see this every day now as an agency. So many artists come to us after they buy spotify plays/streams.


top fake spotify listener locations buffalo US


The problem with this is that everyone who knows... knows.


We all know that you bought fake listeners. And trust me when I say that can really hurt your reputation.


After all, it takes years to build a good reputation and only a few days to break it all.



Here at Boost Collective we like to describe the proper method of building up your Spotify profile like this.


QSDR method: Quality, Spotify, Data, Reinforcement.


If you feed Spotify with organic listener data, then its muscles will continue to grow, and algorithmically the platform will actually work to get you more streams. Neat huh?


That's once again why we'd much rather organically stack quality playlists and other traffic to our customer's spotify promotion campaigns.


Organic traffic on Spotify has to come from real ears. Real people that actually make decisions.


If they like your music, they'll save it, stream it more etc... if they don't... tough luck. Make more music, improve, release and keep building up your catalog.


The QSDR method of growing on spotify


When you buy spotify play and followers, just know that you are not feeding Spotify will quality data that can actually help you long term.



Can You Get Your Song Taken Down If You Buy Spotify Streams?

Yes, you run the risk of your song being removed if you buy fake/botted plays or streams on Spotify.


In recent years, Spotify has gotten much smarter when it comes to its anti-bot detection.


As an agency that promotes music on Spotify organically, we often times see customers that have bought streams have their songs removed from the platform.


It really sucks, especially for us as artists sometimes lay blame where blame shouldn't be. But hey. We understand the frustration.


Spotify can take down your song


Don't be too upset if your song does get removed from Spotify. You knew what you we're getting into when you chose to buy spotify plays, followers and listeners.



The Spotify Purge Of 2021

In early 2021, Spotify removed tens of thousands of tracks (according to distrokid) from the platform after they detected fake activity on said tracks.


Checkout this article by music digital news on the Spotify purge of 2021.


spotify purge


What If Someone Buys Streams On My Song, Will Spotify Take Down My Song?

Now... you're probably thinking. What if someone were to target you and buy spotify plays and followers on your song. Could you get in trouble? Would your song get taken down?


That's a great question. The simple answer is yes there is a chance.


Your Spotify account doesn't seem to be at risk when fake statistics are added, however yes, your song may be taken down.



Can I Get My Song Back Up On Spotify After It Was Taken Down?

The good news is yes, you can get your song back up on Spotify if it was taken down due to botted plays/streams.


If you make sure that you keep your ISRC code handy, you can actually go onto a different distributor, and re upload your song.


Make sure that you use the exact ISRC, artwork, title, artists etc... In most cases, you'll also get your stream count back.


Get your song back up on spotify after a takedown


Can I Get Paid For Fake Spotify Plays/Streams?

Can you get paid for the fake spotify plays or streams that buy? Yes and no.


The answer really depends on where you buy the streams from, and if Spotify is able to detect if your streams are fake.


So hmm... I can't just buy 1000 spotify plays and get paid for them?


A cheap service for buying spotify plays/streams will most likely result in the platform detecting your streams and thus you will not be compensated for the streams you brought in.


If you're able to find a solid service, you can probably get paid from the streams and plays that you buy. But with that comes a greater ethical issue.


Spotify royalties meme

You're Effectively Stealing Money From Spotify...

If you buy spotify plays, you are potentially stealing money from Spotify.


Let me break this down. Let's say that you buy spotify plays/streams at $10 for 5,000 streams. If Spotify is paying out around $4 for 1000 streams, than you are effectively taking $20 from them.


This is the main reason why Spotify wants to remove your song from their platform. No one likes a thief.


Spotify thief

Is It Illegal To Buy Spotify Plays?

No, it's not illegal to buy spotify plays, followers, saves, monthly listeners etc... However you are effectively stealing money from Spotify, which could come back to bite you.


Spotify has been vocal that it does not tolerate the use of fake stream activity.


You will be at risk of getting your song taken down, or even your profile in general.


Unlike other social media platforms, Spotify does have to pay out a % of it's streaming pie to you if it doesn't detect the bot activity.


The music streaming system Spotify uses is a little confusing. For the whole amount of revenue that Spotify will be paying out, your % of that stream share will determine what you're owed.


Once again, using sites to buy spotify streams/plays that are cheap, will most likely not quality for payouts. In other words, the streams are not royalty eligible.


Is it illegal to buy spotify plays


How Can You Tell If Site That Sells Spotify Plays Is Legit?

How do you tell if these sites to buy Spotify plays are actually selling you legit promotion? Well, right away, the dead giveaway is the offering.


1000 plays for $20? Hmm... that's fishy.


Usually these sites where you can buy spotify plays/streams display 5+ packages, all with exact stream count numbers (5k Streams, 10k Streams, 20k Streams, 100k Streams).


Let me tell you right now that you can't really get 1000 plays for a super low budget.


Even promoting your music to tertiary countries won't result in big results for hyper low prices.


How to tell if spotify promotion is actually legit


These services after all are serving a market that doesn't seem to care if people actually care or listen to their music.


Hey... if you just want the "clout", these services/packages are great.


The takeaway here though is to not be upset when your artist account gets effected, or other artists, industry professionals take notice etc...


Big labels also dislike artists using these fake/botted services.


Keep that in mind. Spotify is essentially a social media for music in a way. What were to happen if you bought a ton of botted followers for your Instagram, Twitter or any other social media etc...


The numbers and results wouldn't add up, and if you're trying to get brand deals or record deals, it's going to be tough to score those opportunities.


Is Buying Spotify Streams An Effective Music Marketing Strategy?

In short, no... buying Spotify streams is not an effective music marketing strategy, if you're trying to actually grow a legitimate long term music career.


Instead of buying these spotify plays, followers, streams and monthly listeners, learn how to apply tangible marketing strategies to your release strategy.


So wait a sec... I can't grow by just going out and buying the cheapest Spotify plays? Aww man!


I mean hey, if it was that easy, that everyone would be doing it.


Truth be told, making great music is still incredibly important. If you want to grow as an artist, not only do you need good a music marketing strategy, you need actual good music.


Is Buying Spotify Plays A Good Marketing Strategy?


The Current "Internet Side" Of the Music Industry

Mind blown right!? Well kinda, and here's why. It seems like everyone on the internet side of the music industry wants you to focus so much on marketing.


Hey, marketing does help. But a song that makes 1 person want to stream it 50 times means more than everything.


This is so good because now all you need to do is get people to listen to your song.


Whether that's working with an agency like us (Boost Collective), to get some new ears on your song, or a wicked new social media strategy, or something else... Having a catchy track is still king, and that's a darn good thing!



Sites To Buy Spotify Streams That Are Actually Organic

Firstly, is there any real spotify promotion out here?


Luckily yes! If you want real spotify plays, monthly listeners etc... here are the best sites to buy from.


We actually created a killer page on the best music PR services to use.


We encourage you go into promoting with an agency with proper expectations.


Us along with other music agencies have experience with getting the best organic results we can for the money.



Your Mindset Is important When Promoting With A Legit Agency

If you go into the promotion with the mindset that you're going to get thousands of streams for a few dollars... you're going to be pretty disappointed.


Sorry, it doesn't work like that.


Big Brain Activity


Expectations are everything

Unlike using bots (cheap spotify plays), your results will differ with organic spotify promotion services purely due to music taste, quality and how the listeners take to your song in general.


If you're looking for some free playlist submissions, Here's how you can submit to spotify playlists for free in 2021.


Playlists make up a massive part of music discovery on the platform.



How About Buying Spotify Followers Instead? Good Idea?

Now that we've covered the streams and listeners aspect of fake activity on Spotify.


So what if you buy spotify followers instead would that help in anyway? Would that help to build a solid audience?


Well... sorry but the answer is really still no.


The whole idea of using sites to buy spotify plays, followers, streams and what not is for "social proofing". Social proofing is when you manipulate or inflate your stats to make it look like you're actually "popping off".


when you go to buy spotify followers you're just increasing the number for others to see. It's not actually doing anything to help you grow your organic listeners or streams.


The whole point of using fake followers on Spotify is to make it appear as if the fake streams you're buying are legitimate.


It sounds pretty funny reading that back, but that's the main point/purpose of social proofing.



Best Sites To Buy Spotify Plays, Followers Etc...

Is there a best site to buy Spotify plays, followers, streams or listeners?


Well, we feel like it'd be odd to recommend sites to buy plays, streams and followers straight up. Instead, we thought we'd give you a list of sites that are organic if you want to buy spotify growth.


Here goes it!


Here are some Spotify playlist curator platforms that you want to consider:

  • Boost Collective
  • Soave Records
  • Daily Playlists
  • SubmitHub


PR Services pricing


Depending on what agency you use, there are going to be different pricing models and structures that you want to take note of.


We're a bit biased here with what we think is the best choice for music artists to get music promotion.


Our team has been in the game for some time now (since 2017), and we like to promise solid delivery through our company.


We also have options that start from being affordable to more expensive depending on the number of placements and other factors.



The Power Of "Touch Points" On Spotify

We recommend going for more than just 1 track that you're promoting. We see great results and engagement when artists push 2 songs at the same time and here's why.


When you are reaching the same listeners more than just one time, those same people are getting exposed to you more than just once.


In businesses there's a term called "touch points".


When a cold prospect (someone that hasn't seen you before), sees you multiple times, they're more likely to engage with you. Usually it takes people hearing about 7-10 tracks of yours before they really stick around long term and become a fan.


Keep this in mind when you're building your career. We see many artists only want to push 1 song, and are opposed to releasing multiple songs and pushing them.


Don't forget that sometimes the songs you think are your hits, don't turn out that way, and instead the songs you didn't think would do well, become your biggest hits. Pretty odd right? But hey that's the music industry.


Music Discovery Touch Points


How Much Should I Spend On Music Promotion?

This is a great question.


There is no right answer to this question because it's all relative. Someone with a lot of capital will find it easier to spend $100k on promoting their new album.


But hey, the average artist on the come up doesn't have a budget like that.


Let's reverse the question.


Here's how much you shouldn't spend to buy spotify playlist placements or traffic of any kind.


Firstly, we don't recommend spending a hyper low amount on your marketing.


This isn't so that artists give us or any other agency more money... no. Simply put, $50 isn't going to make a big difference in your success.


Just think about how much labels put into a music project.


They spend thousands just to get a shot at a potential 3x ROI (return on investment).


Building a music career is a long term game. Whilst we've seen artists like Post Malone and The Kid Laroi seemingly go from nothing to overnight successes... A lot of time and capital was invested into their career.


Instead of thinking what's possible in 1 years time, start thinking about the 5 year outlook and then the 10 year time frame.


Just like most businesses, they operate at a loss for their first few years. We know artists that didn't start making "music money" until their 6th year.


But when it happens... it's the best feeling in the world.


Just like investing in the stock market, if you're consistently pushing out music, promoting it, improving your craft, and staying hungry for the success, you'll score some great results.


Our Process For Spotify Playlist Promotion

If you buy Spotify playlist promotion, you're tapping to an area on the platform where people are already listening to music.


That's the main reason why playlists have become the best way to get discovered.


We actually see better results in some cases for artists getting discovered through playlist placements vs paying for Spotify ads on social media (Instagram, Facebook), and that's because people are already there, in the mood to listen to music.


They aren't scrolling on their IG feed and then coming to your song. Ads seem to work best when you are retargeting your fanbase that already exists.


Stack organic growth on spotify


Here's how we like promote music on Spotify. We have a network of playlists that we go to depending on the genre, mood, energy etc... that matches your song.


Sometimes it's best to put your song on a playlist with intent such as a workout playlist as the listener will save the song if they really like it, and it helped them get that last rep in.


As stated above, we recommend trying out a few different songs through an agency such as us, as you can see which song is best to role with further.


This will also give you more insight into what style people are enjoying from you. You might surprised.


If you're interested in a music promotion package from us, hit the button below!


Get heard on Spotify



Can You Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners?

In short, yes you can buy spotify monthly listeners, but should you?


In our experience, artists that buy monthly listeners only buy them to make it appear as if the rest of their stats are legitimate.


Usually this means an artist is purchasing spotify plays, streams, followers etc...


We recommend getting organic streams from real followers of playlists to grow your monthly listeners.


If you're able to get 2 songs on a single thriving playlist, you'll be able to get your monthly listener count up higher.


As always, you can take advantage of the QSDR method through Boost Collective (Quality Spotify Data Reinforcement), by hitting the button below!


Get heard on Spotify



Here's Why Artists Buy Fake Streams On Spotify

You're probably curious, why do so many artists buy spotify packages that are not legitimate?


Well, when done correctly, social proofing can actually be a powerful tool. Here's why. I like to use the house party analogy for this explanation.


Think about parties that people go to. Chances are they ask, "who's going to be there"? "Is there lots of people there"? "I don't want to go if there aren't many people going".


Social proofing has an effect on brand new listeners that haven't heard of you before. People would rather listen to a song that has over 200 million streams on Spotify than one that has no plays/streams on it at all. It's all psychological, and it does work.


The only problem is, it only works when you have people actually coming on your profile/account looking at your songs, stats etc...


So if you're just buying plays or followers without actually sending people to your page, you're essentially wasting your money.


At this point, we're indifferent behind the motivation for buying fake activity on Spotify.


If artists want to do it, they can't really be stopped.


That's why we'd rather direct their attention to building up the right way.


I mean... if you're going to spend hard earned money on your music career, you may as well do it the legit way, and skip all the potential repercussions or pitfalls that come with buying these fake streams.


Why do artists buy fake plays


Wrapped Up: What You Should Do

Alright, I think it's time to wrap it up. If you actually read this whole guide, you're a certified legend. Seriously... we appreciate it.


I think it's quite clear where our stance is on this topic.


We don't think you should be buying any followers, plays, spotify listeners or anything fake in general.


It's just not sustainable. It goes away, puts your profile/account at risk, and it doesn't actually do much for you.


So... we recommend you find a service that actually promises legitimate music promotion. You can rest easy knowing at least real ears listened to your songs instead of a bot farm. Let's get the ball rolling organically. It's the way!


We hope that this guide has opened your eyes about the world of buying spotify plays, streams, followers and listeners!


We've got a bonus for you! Here's a free spotify curator list from Boost Collective!


It features over 3000 contacts to various curators and PR connects.


We hope that it helps you in your music networking journey!


Get heard on Spotify

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