The Best Music PR Services 2021

July 12, 2021

Hire the Best music PR firm

What exactly is music PR vs music marketing?

Long story short: there is no difference.


The benefit of using music PR companies the fact that they have connections that every music artist needs in order to get new music fans.


This only slightly differs from the music promotion service that a music marketing firm offers.


This video explains it clearly: ๐Ÿ‘‡



Your average Music marketing firm specializes in using organic paid promotion to promote your music and grow your fan base that way.


Think of music PR companies inbound marketing and music marketing firms as outbound marketing.


(Also, here are the 5 best Spotify promotion companies to use.)


Ideally, the best music promo services offer multiple music promotion campaigns to get you hard and grow your music business.



Top 5 music promotion services online (lowest pricing)

Depending on your budget, different music promotion sites are going to have more or less relevance for you.


Do you have over $100 a month to invest in your music business through digital marketing campaigns?


This fits the budget for the average music artist. Some music promotion services have packages starting at over $1000 so that's practically your entire annual Music marketing budget right there!


It's not always the case though.


I'm going to compare the best music promotion companies and the price to start doing music marketing with them.


All of these music promotion companies are wonderful! You should check them all out (especially Boost Collective ๐Ÿ˜‰)


PR Services pricing


We are fans of all of these services!


The minimum music promotion campaign pricing is:

  • Boost Collective - $40.00
  • Music Gateway - $72 (annually)
  • Omari MC - $77.00
  • Denovo Agency - $175.00
  • Playlist push $300


Don't let this for you because they all have a music promotion service package priced at over $1000 as well. 


Even though we and other agencies offer smaller packages, please know that big results don't come cheap! Real ears cost money to reach.



Select a PR music promotion service that fits your budget

I have good news and I have bad news!


The good news is that the best music promotion services are tailored for your music marketing needs from A-to-Z!


Now the bad news is that you need to go and find these music promotion services yourself in order to really grow and expand your music career.



Not all music promotion companies ARE THE SAME

You absolutely must not make this music promotion mistake!


A mistake that many beginner artists make is using a music promotion service that doesn't align with your music career goals.


Music PR services


The music industry is huge!


This is why your music marketing is the most important aspect in the music business (after producing the highest quality music, of course.)


The best Music promotion services can range depending on many factors.

Some of these factors can be:

  • Your music genre
  • The services they offer
  • Your music promotion budget
  • Your music goals
  • Your lifestyle


It's good to have synergy with the music PR companies that you wanna work with, ideally, you're going to start a long relationship with these music marketing firms!


The better you guys can collaborate then the better the music promotion process will be in the long run.

A specific music promotion service online is Boost Collective.


They can accommodate all of your music marketing needs!



Not every music promotion company offers the same music promotion services

Each music promotion company has a specific niche.


For this reason and this reason alone, you should consider using multiple music promotion and music marketing firms at the same time.


These music promotion firms offer specific music promotion services that outcompete the other companies.


The professional service offered by these music marketing firms can consist of:

  • Radio airplay
  • Social media promotion
  • Youtube music promotion
  • Spotify promotion
  • Running Facebook ad campaigns to promote your music
  • Spotify music marketing campaigns



Best music promo services for Apple music

Needless to say, getting your music heard on Apple Music is quite a challenge!


Music Marketing on Spotify is easy because the platform has a playlist discover weekly and a bunch of tools to get any music artist heard!


That being said you won't get far the music industry if you neglect putting music promotion towards the largest streaming platform of all time - iTunes and Apple promo.


The 3 best Apple promo in the music industry are:

  1. Boost Collective
  2. Music Gateway
  3. Omari MC


One thing to understand is that Omari does NOT promote music that is explicit in anyway


I highly recommend getting your Music marketing for Apple on boost collective because they offer other music promotion help that really can get you heard!


Tap below to see what Boost Collective has in store for you! ๐Ÿ‘‡


get apple music promo-compressed



Should you get radio airplay using radio promotion services?

The hardest of all music promotions is getting on the radio.


I'll have to say though - there are not many music promotion sites that can get you radio airplay on top radio stations.


But... Is it worth it for music artists to seek radio promotion?


The one case where I think radio promotion is essential is if your new music fans are in the older demographics and listen to folk, country and Americana music.


Even modern indie rock it's not a great fit for most radio promotion companies.


Putting a few dollars to getting radio airplay is almost a cry on deaf ears.


Why radio promo is irrelevant


Ideally, you want to do primarily digital marketing and run social media campaigns to get your music heard as independent artists.


Your music fans will be found through Spotify and other streaming platforms!


That said if you have a few dollars to spare and want to put it towards different radio stations, feel free to do that!


Just note that radio airplay and radio promotion gets crushed by music online marketing any day of the week.



Best youtube music video promotion companies

The best music promotion services are also going to help you get your video out there too!


If the music promotion services online that you use don't include music video promotion then you're really missing out.


The majority of fans like seeing your content through social media promotion, however, it's very distracting and it's hard to bring in consistent music sales.


This is why I urge independent artists to take your new music videos and get YouTube promotion for it.


Top record labels put a priority on paid promotion for their music videos.


It's a wonderful professional service to get your heard across your YouTube channels.


Here are the 3 best Youtube music video promo companies:

  1. Boost Collective
  2. Fiverr
  3. Unpause Digital


Youtube promotion services


If paid advertising isn't your thing fortunately the YouTube algorithm can get new fans to your YouTube channels.


The algorithmic reach crushes all other streaming services & radio stations in existence.



Best Spotify promo companies to use

As we all know getting more plays towards your release date can get difficult!


It feels like other users are getting more please even though you have a larger audience compared to those other artists... What gives?


See the thing is - a lot of those other artists are not getting real plays for the new song.


It may seem like these other users they have more listeners and new fans however the Spotify playlists they're getting on are usually not legitimate.


J.cole himself mentions it in his music:


I wouldn't be surprised if I found out that a major label fakes their streams as well.


It's important to get real plays on your music - not only are fake streams a bad public relations strategy, but you're also not actually earning any potential fans!


Here are the top organic Spotify promo services:

  1. Boost Collective
  2. Daily Playlists
  3. Sidekick Music


I urge new artists to grow their wider audience and include organic Spotify promotion in their marketing plan.


Tap below to get heard on Spotify:


Get me on the best spotify playlists




Music success doesn't come easy - except it does, with Boost Collective!


Whether you want:

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