Deadmau5 MIDI Sample Pack (FREE Download!)

Free Deadmau5 Sample Pack

Free Deadmau5 Inspired Sample Pack!

As a big fan of deadmau5 and his songs, I had to make something for our readers who like him as much as we do.
This is the type of Sample Pack you really need!
So, I made this sample pack list for people who want to make music like Deadma5.
Top 10 Deadmau5 Sample Packs:
  1. Matroda Deadmau5 Sample Pack
  2. GLITCH'D OUT Deadmau5 Sample Pack
  3. KILLA Deadmau5 Sample Pack
  4. Street Knowledge Deadmau5  Sample Pack
  5. Cartel Sounds Deadmau5 Sample Pack
  6. Weirdo Deadmau5 Sample Pack
  7. Madeau Deadmau5 Sample Pack
  8. Space Sounds Deadmau5 Sample Pack
  9. ILLEGALDeadmau5 Sample Pack
  10. Eternal Sounds  Deadmau5 Sample Pack
There are also some vocal samples and vocal chops in the pack.
This pack has sounds and samples from a lot of different types of music.
We have included sample packs in the style of:
If you're making a hip-hop song, make sure the drums and percussion fit the style of the song.
We gave you a variety of sounds and instruments to use, so you can make a lot of different kinds of tracks.
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What's Included in the Deadmau5 Sample Pack

Deadmau5 Sample Pack


All the essentials are included in these Deadmau5 sample packs!
We've added over 60 percussion sounds, like shakers, claps, and cymbals.
Most of these sounds can also be made with your fingers on a drum.
You'll need these EDM Sample Packs to get to the next level!
They might not fit the style of your song or the kind of music you're trying to make...
So we added synth sounds, synth effects, and some synth leads.
These sounds are meant to be played in the background.
You can add some atmosphere to your tracks with them, or you can layer them to make your tracks more interesting.
This sample pack has everything you need to make tracks that sound like those by deadmau5.
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We've also given you vocal samples and hooks so you can add melodic vocals to your tracks.
This sample pack is great for fans of deadmau5...
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Watch the video below to see how Deadmau5 makes music.


He had a specific style of production!



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