20 Best EDM Sample Packs! (FREE Download)

Free EDM Sample Packs

Top 10 Free EDM sample packs to download

Looking for a free EDM Sample Pack with EDM Drums, EDM Vocals, and EDM Loops?


I search every website and here is the ultimate list and a collection of sound packs that any music producer will need to crush it.


20 best EDM sample packs to download today!

  1. Eternal Sounds EDM Sample Pack
  2. Madeau EDM Sample Pack
  3. Secure The Baguette EDM Sample Pack
  4. Cartel Sounds EDM Sample Pack
  5. ILLEGAL EDM Sample Pack
  6. Street Knowledge EDM Sample Pack
  7. Future Bass MIDI EDM Sample Pack
  8. Space Sounds EDM Sample Pack
  9. Big Room MIDI EDM Sample Pack
  10. Melodic EDM Sample Pack
  11. Hardstyle MIDI EDM Sample Pack
  12. Big Room MIDI EDM Sample Pack
  13. Mello Collection EDM Sample Pack
  14. Big Room MIDI EDM Sample Pack
  15. MIDI Chord Pack EDM Sample Pack
  16. Weirdo  EDM Sample Pack
  17. Power Pack EDM Sample Pack
  18. Matroda EDM Sample Pack
  19. KILLA EDM Sample Pack
  20. Eternal Sounds EDM Sample Pack


A lot of the individual samples and drum loops are recorded from drum machines so you can rest assured...


The cool sound collection will be as good as the best EDM samples even though it’s free.


Please check each link to access the download.


Make sure you Install no suspicious software...


Whether the genre is Deep House, Garage, Bass House, Big Room Producer, etc.


It doesn't matter. These EDM Sample packs will boost your music production!


The value of each EDM Sample pack

The Value of EDM Sample Packs


These free samples will help you create the best electronic dance music out there.


Your electronic music production will take new bounds as you use each of these sample packs to increase your music.


Many one-shots can be loaded up on FL studio, so regardless of the specific genre of electronic music that you plan to produce...


These sounds and samples are here to help you - check out the Chris Lake samples too!


The samples themselves allow you to access a new style of music production...


However, if you mix many of these sample packs in your project then not only will your creativity see new bounds.


You may be able to create sounds you’ve never expected!


These free sample packs can be the difference between a release that breaks records, or a release that nobody will hear.


Top 10 Bonus Free EDM Samples

Top 10 EDM Samples


Sample packs help set up a good EDM track...


What's the difference between good samples and random samples?


This huge list of free samples has been put together to help you with your production process!


10 best bonus EDM free samples

  1. Loopmasters Drum Samples

  2. TikVision Drum Samples

  3. Husk Analog Synths & Drums

  4. Glitch FX Sample Pack

  5. Mainroom Sample Pack

  6. Noiiz Sample Pack

  7. Serato Sample Pack

  8. Avicii Sample Pack

  9. Expert Sample Pack


You can use these sounds in your DAW, from Ableton Live to FL Studio.


Please download samples of your genre and mine!


I love love love these samples! Especially the Bleu Clair sample packs.


By combining different sounds, you can make new sounds.


The best part is that there is no subscription necessary for you to get these presets and use them to make EDM beats.


Since they don’t cost any money, you can just download a sample pack immediately and use the sound for free to create music.


I can’t wait to hear the type of tracks that you can make with these WAV samples!


EDM free sample packs Drum Loops

Best EDM Drum Loops


EDM is such a collaborative genre that it’s only fair that I offer you some loops to go with these free sound packs.


To truly create good techno music that blends with other genres as producers we need to find a great way to access commercial midi files and samples.


Along with good EDM construction kits, some royalty-free loops might sound good in your future tracks, don't they?


Here is a list of my favorite EDM loops that I’ve uploaded on a website.


Happened to your right head space find these loop samples and create a project of a lifetime!


Top 10 EDM Loop samples to download


Source Sample Type BPM Key
MrAxel DRIVE BY PAD EDM Loops sounds 130bpm E
MrAxel SYNTH EDM loops sounds 130bpm E
Blackstimorol Frozen EDM Loops sounds 128bpm Fm
Aberyus Kawaii Bass Drum Loops sounds 160bpm N/A
Iahao Arp EMD Loops Download 164bpm Fm
Iahao Yeat EDM loops Download 140bpm Am
Aberyus LEAF LEAD EDM loop sounds 145bpm E
EZGoing GlitchHop EDM loops sounds 110bpm N/A
Sicklunarozza Hard EDM loops sounds 155bpm D#M
Cybah It Will Be EDM Vocal loop sound 140bpm C


You can create some pretty interesting trance, garage or even Poppy EDM music with these loops.


This collection of loops is extremely valuable for music producers across the globe.


Here's how to access these free EDM loops:

  1. Go on the Looperman website

  2. Create your account for free

  3. Download the best loops


You could even search for different types of EDM samples to use in your music.


Top 5 free EDM presets

How to use hyperpop serum presets


Want some good presets to run your WAV sample packs through?


Have no fear, no need to look at a YouTube video - No website or sign-in needed.


I got the best presets right here!


Top 5 EDM Presets to download!

Vital EDM presets collection

Serge Sounds EDM presets collection

Echo EDM preset collection

Sound Terminal EDM presets collection

Bantana EDM presets collection packs


Creating beats in a project using these presets is a great way to make awesome music. 


Regardless of genre, these free sets coupled with some construction cats are the best royalty-free options in terms of making beats. 


All you need are some MIDI loops and base samples along with some sense. 


Of course, check my other pages for access to epic royalty-free bass samples and construction kits.


There are different categories of users when it comes to sound pads...


There are those or go on the site once and grab the synths & pads… 


Then other categories of artists find samples in all genres.


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