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Become A Music A&R

How to Become an A&R

It can be hard to get an A&R job in the music business.
Even though streaming services, digital downloads, and internet radio are becoming more and more popular, the market is still very competitive.
Even with Free Music Distribution, you'll need a little push.
Artists and audio engineers who want to make it big can find it hard to get their foot in the door at a record label or management company.
This is why a music A&R is there. 
Along with a Music Sync Agent, a good A&R rep can be the tipping point between grand music success and obscurity.
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But the thing is, most people have a distorted idea of what an A&R is...

 What is an A&R?

What is an A&R


An A&R rep is important to the success of an independent label or production company...
Even though it might not seem like the most exciting job, it's fulfilling.
Here are five roles that an A&R does:
  1. Finds new talent
  2. Manages song rights
  3. Keeps an eye on performance metrics
  4. Decides which songs go on which albums
  5. Watches are musicians are meeting performance benchmarks.
If you want to get into the music business, you should think about becoming an A&R representative.
This is the next step up from being an intern or an assistant.
So, here are some things you can do to get an A&R job at your favorite independent record label.

The value of an A&R

The Value of Music A&R


Artists and repertoire representatives have a special relationship with producers and artists. They help artists get releases out on a timely basis!
As an A&R you need to have a creative ear for music and good business sense to help your clients put out their best work.
This lets everybody make as much money as possible.
You need to know things such as what Music Publishing Royalties are and such.
A&R reps are the go-to people for the bands, songwriters, and producers who make the music we love and that we buy on CDs, digital downloads, or vinyl.
The A&R rep is the person who brings all of these people together and makes sure they are using their talents to the fullest.

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how to become an A&R manager

Becoming an A&R manager is totally different than an independent A&R.
To become an A&R manager you need to join either a record label or management company. This requires connection and networking.
You'll have to be in the industry for a whole to start seeing these opportunities.
Not only are these uncommon, it's also something that requires a lot of work to do well.


#1. Network your butt off

Network with other musicians


A&R reps can often suggest new artists for collaborations, record deals, or other opportunities that could help aspiring artists get their careers off the ground.
If you already work in the industry, you might be able to meet other artists and producers at industry conferences and other events!
I recommend that you check out different conferences.
You should know how often to release a single when supporting your artists.
Some music and entertainment conferences have opportunities for artists and music professionals to meet and talk.
You can meet and talk to artists and producers at these events, and you may be able to make some valuable connections that will help you break into the business.

#2. Connect with an A&R Platform

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Ready to become a music A&R?


There are many different A&R platforms that you can leverage.


Top 5 A&R music platforms:


Through each of these platforms, you can start connecting with artists/managers and put together amazing releases.


As an A&R there's hella work needed to move ahead.


Sure... You CAN choose to be an independent A&R if you'd like but you should be ready for the challenges.


Are you prepared to get punched in the face and rejected daily?


While an A&R general works at Record Labels, it's not only the case.


Are you ready to have a scrambled system where your mind is everywhere?


Are you ready to not make any money, or not have the training to monetize your efforts?


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#3. Find A&R positions on job boards

Find Jobs on Job Sites


Looking for a good A&R job?


Fortunately, the job search does not have to look so grim.


You can try job boards with access to 100's of millions of employers!


Top 10 job-search websites for music A&R:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Indeed
  3. Music Business Worldwide
  4. Simply Hired
  5. Jobvite
  6. Glassdoor
  8. ZipRecruiter
  9. Snag
  10. LinkUp


I recommend that you check all of these services in detail.


The more platforms you have, the further your discovery so you're increasing the odds of a potential employer finding your resume!


Just remember that it's quality as much as quality.


You should really go hard on LinkedIn and Glassdoor before checking the others.


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#4. Build a brand for your A&R career

The way you are seen in the music industry is called your "personal brand."
It's not only what you do that matters, but also who you are.
In the competitive job market of today, it pays to put money into your personal brand.
You can build your personal brand in a lot of different ways, such as through your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and interviews.
5 aspects to building an A&R personal brand on LinkedIn:
  1. Build a solid profile
  2. Post frequently (3-4x a week)
  3. Reach out to artists/managers
  4. Add value to other people


A great LinkedIn profile is the first step to building a strong personal brand.
You want your LinkedIn profile to scream "Work with me!" so it's important to follow the best practices when making it.
Make sure that your photo, summary, and experience are all up to date on your profile.
Have a list of labels and managers that you've worked with (if you can disclose.)
Make sure that you show your involvement in the musical projects, and show your absolute value.
Make sure to include at least three examples of your work to show what you can do and what you've done in the past!

Remember: an A&R will Add value everywhere they go

Always Add Value
By helping other people, you build your networks and position yourself as an expert in your field.
You can help others if you join groups on LinkedIn, share your knowledge, answer questions, or post articles.
This is the same for social media. Adding really insightful comments under posts is an easy way to warm up connections.
If you don't know where to start, you can type in a hashtag and then go from there!
Most people overthink these things and that ends up slowing them down.
The goal isn't to be perfect, a solid network takes time and energy to genuinely build.
Just embrace the early imperfections and you will see progress beyond belief!
Once you start getting some contract work then you can build testimonials and referrals.
That is how business is properly done as a music A&R.


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