5 Best Studying Spotify Playlist to Submit Music!

Best Studying Spotify Playlists


Top 5 Spotify playlists for studying

Music is proven to boost your focus and memory retention.


This is why having a good-styling Spotify playlist can change your life in terms of education.


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So, looking for the right Spotify playlist?


There are many different styles of chill tracks in all of these playlists.


You'll find chill rap, Lofi, pop, electronica, etc.


Really, as long as it gets your mind moving then it's a great studying track!


A good Spotify Playlist Submission can change the fate of your music career!

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#1. Studying Music


This is the very first Spotify playlist in this list.


Here are mainly Lofi and instrumental tracks here.


The reason is so that you don't focus on the lyrics and can dial into your work.


We're still here to get a job done, god damn it!



#2. dark academia


The Dark Academia playlist is exactly as it sounds.


It's some deep dark music with heavy mellow moods.


When I play this, I somehow lose all distractions and can focus on my work.


The deep atmospheric sound can cause chills down your spine and enable you to vibe to good tracks.


Make sure that you play this before exams so that you can do your best work!

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#3. Soft Lofi studying


There's happy music, then there's sad music...


This playlist is a mixture of both styles of Lofi music.


It's very ethereal, not too much going on. 


While the music is light, it's also very fulfilling in the sense that the melody carries the track.


You can hear it and enjoy, it while not getting too distracted from your main work.


I really like this studying playlist.


#4. Studying like Rory Gilmore


Are you a fan of Gilmore Girls?


Well.... Me neither. 😂


Even so, I still had to add this playlist to the list beige of the nice track selection.


You don't need to watch the show to enjoy all the music from this list here.


Whenever I have an upcoming exam, I let this playlist go and enter my deep flow state!


It feels like the music is there as a partner so I'm less lonely when grinding away.


#5. Studying in a Parisian cafe


This is the last but not least study Spotify playlist...


Listen, this playlist alone changes your perception of music and studying.


The songs are so ethereal and elegant.


It really does feel like the romanticized version of Paris that you see on TV.


Whenever I play this studying playlist, I feel like I'm transported into a mythical world that is designed to comfort and embrace me.


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