5 Best Good Vibe Spotify Playlists to Submit Music!


Goood Vibes Spotify Playlists

Top 5 Good Vibe playlists on Spotify

Looking for a good vibes Spotify playlist to submit your music?


I've got you covered!


Here are really chill and vinery Spotify playlists that you can listen to and relax.


A good Spotify Playlist Submission can take you really far!


I think every musician should listen to different styles of Spotify playlists in order to get better at the craft.


The better your music style is, the further you'll go.


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#1. Good Vibes


If you want to take a bad day and make it better...


This good vibes Spotify playlist is the way to go.


Check out the Top 100 Spotify playlist name Ideas when growing your own playlist!


Not only can you enjoy the great sound of this Spotify playlist, but you can submit your music too!


#2. good vibes only


Looking for some good vibe tunes?


Then this is the playlist for you.


Not only are there chill pop songs, but even nice guitar and piano instrumentals.


You can Submit Your Music to hundreds of playlists!


Just play this playlist and unwind ya' self!


I really like this good vibe playlist because it meets all of my music needs!


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#3. Good Vibes & good times


Do you ever want nice vibes in your music?


I'll tell you what - listen to this Spotify playlist by Karla Vaccaro and you'll enjoy your time.


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Not only is there simply epic music, but the playlist has been arranged for each song to merge with the other.



#4. good vibes ❤️


Those good vibes playlists are different from the others...


The other Spotify playlists feature recent track releases from the past 10 years.


In comparison, this playlist contains the old classics!


On this Spotify playlist, you will hear artists such as:

  • Marvin Gaye
  • Bill Withers
  • The Beatles


And many many more!


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Enjoy her vibes and chill out on this awesome Spotify playlist!


#5. Happy Vibes Only


This song is all about happy vibes!


Not only will you find this great, but I think you need to understand that...


Most playlists are the same. 


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