100 Free Drum Loops Sample Packs Ultimate List (Royalty Free)

100 drum loops ultimate list

Free Drum Loops Sample Packs To Stuff Your Sample Collection!

With the growing popularity of music producers looking to make rap, pop, hip hop, trap, and electronic music...


It’s no surprise that many people are looking for free drum loop sample packs online.


Having access to a diverse collection of drum loop sample packs can help you unleash your creativity and spark new ideas.

There are a lot of websites that offer free drum samples, but the majority of them are outdated or don't have a large selection.

If you're looking for new drum samples, we've got a long list of sources that have been verified.

First and foremost, why would you want to use free drum loops?


A drum loop is a section of MIDI data that plays over and over again, and they are an important element of almost any genre of music.


It can be programmed to play at a specific speed, pitch, and other parameters to create a repeatable rhythmic track.

Rather than hiring a full band and recording everything from beginning to end, you can simply key in a drum loop and have it play throughout your songs.


Alongside free drum loops, make sure you have the best guitar sample packs to help aid you in your production, as well as some drum kits, too.


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100+ Best Free Drum Loops Sample Packs You Can Download Right Now

Top 100 Drum Loop Sample Packs of all time:

  1. Unison Starter Pack Rap Sample Pack
  2. Elite Drums Rap Sample Pack
  3. Iconic Boom Bap Rap Sample Pack
  4. Trap MIDI Collection Rap Sample Pack
  5. Trap MIDI Melody Rap Sample Pack
  6. Hip Hop & Rap MIDI Sample Pack
  7. Beatmaker Blueprint Rap Sample Pack
  8. Beatmaker Blueprint Teaser Rap Sample Pack
  9. Hip Hop MIDI Drum Pack
  10. 808 Kush Rap Drum Sample Pack
  11. R&B MIDI Melody Chords Sample Pack
  12. R&B MIDI Chord Collection Sample Pack
  13. R&B MIDI Drum Pack Sample Pack
  14. TrapSoul RnB Drum loops
  15. Rose RnB Drum Loop Kit Vol 40
  16. Dope R&B 6LACK, Drake, Bryson Tiller Drum Loops
  17. Supreme RnB Drum Loops
  18. TILLER RnB Loop Kit Trapsoul x R&B Samples
  19. After Hours Soul Loop Kit
  20. Trap R&B TORONTO RnB Drum Loops
  21. LoFi Guitar Loops Bundle (Best One!)
  22. Get You To The Moon Free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples
  23. Sunday Vibes Lofi Beats & Sample Pack
  24. Bigfoot Lofi Drum Loops 2021
  25. Lo-Fi MIDI Drum Pack Sample Kit
  26. Lo-Fi MIDI Chord Collection Sample Kit
  27. Lo-Fi MIDI Melody Chords Sample Kit
  28. Lofi Soul Keys Hip Hop Drum Loop
  29. Remember Lofi Sample Pack
  30. Rainy Daze Lofi Drum Loops
  31. Eternal Sounds EDM Sample Pack
  32. Madeau EDM Sample Pack
  33. Secure The Baguette EDM Sample Pack
  34. Cartel Sounds EDM Sample Pack
  35. ILLEGAL EDM Sample Pack
  36. Street Knowledge EDM Sample Pack
  37. Future Bass MIDI EDM Sample Pack
  38. Space Sounds EDM Sample Pack
  39. Big Room MIDI EDM Sample Pack
  40. Melodic EDM Sample Pack
  41. Hardstyle MIDI EDM Sample Pack
  42. Big Room MIDI EDM Sample Pack
  43. Mello Collection EDM Sample Pack
  44. Big Room MIDI EDM Sample Pack
  45. MIDI Chord Pack EDM Sample Pack
  46. Weirdo  EDM Sample Pack
  47. Power Pack EDM Sample Pack
  48. Matroda EDM Sample Pack
  49. KILLA EDM Sample Pack
  50. Eternal Sounds EDM Sample Pack
  51. Rock & Metal Ultimate Sample Pack
  52. Rock & Metal MIDI Melody Chords Sample Pack
  53. Rock & Metal MIDI Drum Sample Pack
  54. Modern Rock Drums - Rock Drum Loops
  55. Rockstar 1 Drum Melody Loop Samples
  56. Rockstar 2.0 Rock Drum Kit 2022
  57. SoundCloud Rockstars Rock Drum Loop
  58. Rock N B Rock Drum Loop
  59. Hard Rock Guitars Rock Melody Loop
  60. Rockstar Vol 3 Rock Drum Loop
  61. Jazz MIDI Chord Collection Sample Pack
  62. Jazz MIDI Melody Chords Sample Pack
  63. Jazz MIDI Drum Pack Sample Pack
  64. Jazz Underground Samples & Loop Kit
  65. Manhattan Jazz/Soul/Dusties/Vintage Sample Pack II
  66. Classical MIDI Chord Collection Sample Pack
  67. Classical MIDI Melody Chords Sample Pack
  68. Feel The Jazz Drum Loops (Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz)
  69. Stereophonic Soulful Vintage Sample Pack
  70. Urban Sax 90's Vintage "Dark Jazz" Sample Pack
  71. Pop & Chillstep Pop Drum Loops
  72. 100 Loops & MIDI Bundle Pop Drum Loops
  73. Darkest Pop Pop Drum Loops
  74. Betrayed Pop Drums Pop Drum Loops
  75. Peach Melodic Pop Drum Loops
  76. Pop Love Stories Pop Drum Loops
  77. Pop Chart Anthems Pop Drum Loops
  78. Pop Generation Vol 2 Pop Drum Loops
  79. Vibrant Sounds Pop Drum Loops
  80. Pop Star Pop Drum Loops
  81. Droid Bass Dubstep Sample Pack
  82. Gill Chang Dubstep Sample Pack
  83. Holly Dubstep Sample Pack
  84. GM Sounds Dubstep Sample Pack
  85. Majestic Sounds Dubstep Sample Pack
  86. ILLEGAL Dubstep Sample Pack
  87. Thicc Samples Dubstep Sample Pack
  88. Power Pack Dubstep Sample Pack
  89. Designer Sounds Dubstep Sample Pack
  90. Secret Sauce Dubstep Sample Pack
  91. Bebecita Latin Sample Pack
  92. Bebecita Vol 2 Latin Sample Pack
  93. Fuego Latin Sample Pack
  94. Latin Pop Hits Latin Sample Pack
  95. Summer Bounce Latin Sample Pack
  96. Global Reggaeton Latin Sample Pack
  97. Bunny Latin Sample Pack
  98. Vibez Latin Sample Pack
  99. Bunny Vol 2 Latin Sample Pack
  100. Loco Vol 1 Latin Sample Pack


We all need a good loop from time to time, whether it’s for a song, a video, or just a creative project.


These free drum loops are perfect for those types of projects.


When you have a drum loop to work with, there's no need to hire expensive session musicians.

These free drum loops are ideal for anyone looking to expand their collection, and you'll have no trouble finding gigabytes of samples.

You'll find free drum loops that will diversify your sample collection like never before.

Some of these sample packs include real drums, synths, alternate instruments, and even vocals.


With a drum loop, you have a ready-made instrument that can be used in any track.


You can use it as a percussion part, a snare drum, or even as a wicked bass track.


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Drum Loops By Genre

Drum samples come in many different varieties. You'll find a free sample pack that will suit your needs.


There are open hi-hats, closed hats, open rolls, wet sounds, click samples, and everything else in between, meeting today's standards of music production.


The great thing is that you can create any sound you want using these different types of drums.


You might find the right free drum loops for your song in some of these other packs!


The most important tip when it comes to choosing the right type of drum sample for your track is to focus on the vibe, to get the dance floor pumping!


Free Lofi Drum Loops

lofi drum loops


The signature mellow and vibey lo-fi sound can bring some unique elements to your production.


These free drum loops are perfect for sparking creativity and giving you some unique material and groove to work with. Enjoy!


  1. Cymatics Lofi Toolkit (FREE)
  2. SampleRadar 587 Free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples (FREE)
  3. Purple Slush Zero – Free Lofi Beats & Sample Pack (FREE)


For our full list of Lofi drum loops, click here.


These loop packs will have you covered in no time. They range from hard-hitting, and aggressive to soulful, and everything in between.


These free drum loops are perfect for any genre of music, including hip-hop, R&B, pop, and more.


Free Trap Drum Loops (Royalty Free)

trap drum loops


If you want to create trap beats, you should choose trap drum sounds.


Trap sounds are usually characterized by kicks, snares, and claps, whereas other genres usually use different drum sounds.


Trap drums are usually played with hi-hats, medium-hats, and cowbells, which makes them a lot more common than a lot of people might think.


  1. Apollo 50+ Trap Drum Loops (FREE)
  2. EnBeat Trap Drum Loops (FREE)
  3. Playboi Carti Trap Drum Loops (FREE)

For our full list of free trap drum loops, click here.


Free Jazz Drum Loops

what are jazz drum loops


These jazz sample packs contain jazz drum loops that are perfect for bringing some authentic jazz influence to your productions.


When you have a drum loop to work with, there's no need to hire expensive session musicians to complete your project.


  1. Jazz Samples Loop Kit, (the best we found) (FREE)
  2. Jazz/Soul/Dusties/Vintage Sample Pack II (FREE)
  3. Alternative Jazz Drum Loops (Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz & Lo-fi) (FREE)


Access the full list of free Jazz drum loops.

In some of these sample packs, you'll find real drums, synths, alternate instruments, and even vocals to download.


Free Rock Drum Loops

rock drum loops


Having a big collection of rock drum loops is essential for any producer, regardless of genre, even if you're making pop music.


These free drum loop sample packs tend to be more organic and classic sounding, which is a welcome element in today's synthesized everything.


  1. Looperman Rock Drum Loops (FREE)
  2. Slingerland Drum Samples (FREE)
  3. Punk Rock Drum Kit 2022 (FREE)


Check out our full list of free rock drum loops.


These are most commonly used for making rock songs, pop songs, EDM, hip-hop, R&B, etc.


You’ll find a variety of different rock drum samples to choose from, like acoustic drum loops, electronic drum loops, tribal drum loops, live drum loops, etc to download.



Hip Hop Drum Loops Free Download Wav

hip hop drum loops (1)


Hip-hop is a popular genre that has very flexible and dynamic drum patterns - and as such, you can use these free drum loops interchangeably across many genres.


These are perfect for adding a quick drum beat to your song and can increase your creative throughput on your production.


  1. JAMNHOP Hip Hop Drum Loops Vol 19 (FREE)
  2. DRUMSTATION 137 BPM Hip Hop Drum Loops (FREE)
  3. Chill Rap and Hip Hop Drum Loops (FREE)


For our full list of free hip-hop drum loops, click here.


Free GarageBand Drum Loops Samples

GarageBand Forever


If you're seeking for new Garageband-specific drum loop sample pack, we've got you covered with a comprehensive list of sources that have been recently validated and are in .AIFF format. 


We've included a collection of drum loops that were created exclusively for Garageband in the section below.


Every free Apple Loop that has been properly prepared to function with Garageband and is ready to download:


  1. Garageband Drum Loops (FREE)
  2. Garageband Hip Hop Drum loops (FREE)
  3. Garageband Reggae Drum loops (FREE)


For the full list of free GarageBand Drum Loops, click here.


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Free Drum Loops Wav Files

While MIDI is preferred for drum loops, there is for sure use for pure .WAV files.


We've gathered together a list of the Wav best drum loops from producers all over the globe.


From modern beats to old-school hip-hop, you'll find a loop here that's perfect for your next track.


With so many options to choose from, it's easy to get lost in the mix.


That's not a problem with our list. We made sure to include loops for just about every genre, style, and tempo.


Go down the list, you'll find both WAV and MIDI drum loops you can snag!


Free Midi Drum Loops Pack

midi drum loops


MIDI loops can be used in a wide variety of ways and are a staple in music production, from adding a quick drum loop in your song to creating an entire track with a drum beat.


These MIDI drum loops are very easy to use as they are provided as a single MIDI file ready for download.


These are perfect for adding a quick drum beat to your song.


  1. Cymatics Lofi Toolkit (FREE)
  2. SampleRadar 587 Free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples (FREE)
  3. Purple Slush Zero – Free Lofi Beats & Sample Pack (FREE)


For our full list of 1,000+ free midi drum loops, click here.


How to Use Royalty-Free Drum Loops

how to use drum loops


Drum loops, whether in the form of one-shot samples or full drum kits, can be used in an infinite number of ways in music.

You can use them as a tool in your project to give your arrangement that extra something it needs or as one component in the creation of a song.

It's entirely up to you!

You'll need to download your free drum loops first. Sample packs or free drum kit libraries can provide them.

You'll need to import them into your DAW once you've downloaded them.

Make sure your project is synced to the same BPM as the loop, or choose a drum loop that matches your project's BPM.

This will make it easier to sync your drum loops and give them a professional sound.

You're ready to start making drum tracks now that they're in your DAW.


You'll want to use a variety of different techniques to create your drum parts.

To make long drum parts, you could copy and paste from one sample to the next or use looping software.


Here's a great tutorial on how to use drum loops:




Can I Use a Free Sample Pack If it's Not Royalty Free?

drum loops royalty free


While royalty-free licensing is the best option, it is not the only one available.

There are numerous types of licenses available when you download free drum loops, and you can select the one that best suits your requirements.

The majority of paid sample packs you download will be royalty-free.


The majority of free drum loops are also royalty-free, but this is not always the case.


If you're planning on making a major release where you're selling and distributing your music worldwide, it might be smart to make sure that you are using entirely royalty-free samples.


You can usually get away with using any type of drum loop or sample if you edit them to the point where they are no longer recognizable as the original loop.

You can make editing a sample as complicated or as simple as you want.


The most important thing to remember is that you should only edit a sample to improve its sound.

There's no need to edit a sample to make it fit into a pre-determined pattern or beat.

Always remember that the sample is a portion of a song, not the entire song.

Your imagination and creativity are the only limits!


Why Free Samples Are A must for your sample library

grow your sample library


Using free samples and loops, as well as a large sample collection, has numerous advantages in music production.

You'll be able to make better music with more drum samples and (in general) sample packs if you have greater creative freedom.

There are a variety of ways in which samples can be used, from providing a song's structure and rhythm to acting as a click track for your recording session.

There are countless ways to include samples into your songwriting process, but a simple approach to get started is to grab a loop or a drum sound that you like and play it back to yourself repeatedly until you get it down pat.


modify your drum loops


Samples are a common tool in music production, and using them in this way can help you expand your creativity and discover new sounds you like.

It's now easier than ever to get started making music on your own without the assistance of a producer, thanks to the current spike in interest and the democratization of software that allows anyone to compose a song.

Get as many samples as you can and improve your process so that you can swiftly create new songs. 

I hope you enjoyed this compilation of our free drum loop sample packs!


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