40+ Guitar Sample Packs & Guitar Loops List (Free Download!)

100 Best Guitar Sample Packs With Free Downloads

Get free Guitar Sample packs in Your Productions

If you’re looking to add some texture and atmosphere to your songs...


Nothing beats a good set of free guitar sample packs and guitar loops.


These sounds can be used in everything from EDM to hip hop to future bass and beyond, and they can be programmed into any sequencer or sampler.


100 Best Free Guitar Samples and Guitar Loops: Ultimate List

This is the ultimate list of free guitar loops and samples including all types of guitars - acoustic, rock, heavy, jazz, metal, electric, and so much more.


When you find a free sample pack you like, simply click on it and you'll be redirected to the site where we found them for you to download.


Bring on the guitar loops



We've also added some paid packs in the mix that are of great quality if the free ones don't satisfy your needs.


We're always adding more to this list, so be sure to check back, share with friends, and most importantly make the most out of these amazing samples!


Top 40 Guitar Sample Loops:

  1. Emotional Guitars Sad Loop Kit
  2. Feelings Sad Guitar Loops Sample Pack
  3. Views Sad Guitar Loops Sample Pack
  4. Heartbreak Guitars Sad Sample Pack
  5. Heartbreak Guitars 2 Sad Sample Pack
  6. Paco Sad Guitar Sample Pack
  7. Soul Trap Guitar Sad Guitar Sample Pack
  8. Ultimate Guitar Bundle Acoustic Guitar Loops
  9. Extreme Guitar Bundle Acoustic Guitar Loops
  10. Guitar Essentials Acoustic Guitar Loops
  11. Guitar Essentials Vol 2 Acoustic Guitar Loops
  12. Acoustic Guitar Stars Acoustic Guitar Loops
  13. Paradise Guitars Acoustic Guitar Loops
  14. Daydream Acoustic Guitar Loops
  15. Guitar Loops Acoustic Guitar Loops
  16. R&B MIDI Melody Chords Sample Pack
  17. R&B MIDI Chord Collection Sample Pack
  18. R&B MIDI Drum Pack Sample Pack
  19. Chill R&B Collection Sample Loop Pack
  20. Acoustic Loops R&B Sample Pack
  21. R&B Sessions Loop Kit
  22. R&B Sessions Vol 2 Loop Kit
  23. Rose R&B Sample Pack
  24. Crystalize R&B Trapsoul Sample Pack
  25. Ultimate Guitar Bundle R&B Sample Pack
  26. Rock MIDI Melody Rock Guitar Loop Pack
  27. Rockstar 2.0 Rock Guitar Loop Pack
  28. Ultimate 2K Pop Punk Rock Guitar Loop Pack
  29. Total Metal Rock Guitar Loop Pack
  30. Savage Punk Rock Guitar Loop Pack
  31. Hard Rock Guitars Rock Guitar Loop Pack
  32. Supernal Trap Guitar Sample Pack
  33. Sacred Guitars Trap Guitar Sample Pack
  34. Dusk To Dawn Trap Guitar Sample Pack
  35. Ultimate Guitar Bundle Trap Guitar Sample Pack
  36. Bebecita 2 Trap Guitar Sample Pack
  37. Deep Under Trap Guitar Sample Pack
  38. Trap Metal Bundle Trap Guitar Sample Pack
  39. ASTRO Guitarz Trap Guitar Sample Pack
  40. Heartbreak Guitars Trap Guitar Sample Pack

These sounds can be used on their own or layered with other sounds, and they can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be.


They’re an excellent way to add variety to your songs and to keep your listeners engaged by providing them with something new and unexpected every time they hear your songs.


They’re also a great way to experiment with new sounds and discover new creative inspirations. 


Congrats! You just found the best guitar samples on the internet


What’s more, you don’t have to be a master shredder to use them — lots of producers use guitar samples to add texture to their songs, even if they don’t play the instrument themselves.


Whether you’re looking for acoustic or electric sounds, or something in between, this huge list of the best guitar samples for production has you covered!


Push these free guitar loops to their limits!


How to Use Guitar Samples and guitar loops

Level up your guitar sample pack game


Choosing the right guitar sample or loop will ensure that your song sounds polished and professional.


You can find hundreds of great guitar samples online or purchase a high-quality sample pack.


To use your samples, simply download them and place them into your DAW! Usually, samples come in .WAV files and can just be placed in.


More Guitar Samples below!


Sometimes sample packs will include MIDI for chords and other melodic progressions to use alongside your samples - these can also be useful for inspiring new melodies and riffs.


We've compiled the absolute best guitar samples in this article, so make sure you go down the entire list to see them all. 


You can also try layering several samples to get the sound you want.


Layer your guitar samples and loops to get a thicker sound


Recording a guitar sample is also an option if you have the right equipment.


Here's how to record your own guitar sample if that's something you'd want to try:


When sampling a guitar, make sure that you grab the cleanest, most dynamic recording. Avoid low-fidelity recordings or those with excessive reverb.


Grab the guitar and start playing the scale, making sure to keep a clean, dynamic sound. Keep the metronome ticking and try to maintain that click as you play the scale.


Once you have the recording, you can use it for analysis using any number of software packages or hire someone to do the analysis for you.


The important thing here is that you are recording at the target tempo.


If you are trying to learn the scale at a quarter note = 72 bpm, then make sure that you record it at a quarter note = 72 bpm.


Once you have your recording, you have a few options.


You can simply record yourself playing the scale over and over again until you have a clip that is about 10 seconds long, or you can use a looper pedal to record yourself playing the scale as many times as it takes to fill up 10 seconds of time.


Usually, though, it is best to start with a sample loop of a guitar first to get the idea down.


Once you have the idea all fleshed out, you can then record a real guitar to bring an added layer of polish to your track.


Royalty-Free Guitar Samples

Important to know this about guitar samples being royalty free


It's important that you work with royalty-free guitar samples and loops as much as possible, especially if you're using full-length loops as a main part of your production.


It's very easy for copyright services to detect any copyrighted guitar loops - so it's important to be aware of that.


But fret not - the list we've compiled below contains tons and tons of royalty-free samples that are bound to work great in your music production.




Royalty-Free Guitar Loops by Category

Be sure to scroll down the entire list to see all the categories - you won't find a more comprehensive list of free guitar loops anywhere!


We've also added some paid sample packs that are of exceptional quality. If you're looking for higher-quality samples or loops and are willing to invest in that


Best Acoustic Guitar Sample Packs and loops

The Best Acoustic Guitar Samples And Loops To Download


These are the best acoustic guitar samples and loops - these are perfect for hip-hop, indie, alternative, or any other genres:

  1. Looperman Acoustic Guitar samples and loops (FREE)
  2. CHAQUIXCX Acoustic Guitar Loops (FREE)

  3. Trap Acoustic Guitar Sample Pack (FREE)

  4. Emotional Guitar and Piano Loopkit (FREE)

  5. Sampleswap Acoustic Guitar samples (FREE)

  6. Journey Chill Guitar Loops

  7. Views Ambient Guitar Loops

  8. Acoustic Guitar Toolkit

  9. "Sweety Acoustics" Acoustic Guitar Loops pack (FREE)

  10. Ambient Dark Guitar & Synth Loops (FREE)

  11. "SERENADE" Guitar Loops Sample Pack (FREE)

  12. Melodic & Popular Guitar Vibes

  13. "Artica" Vibey Emotional Guitar Loop Kit (FREE)
  14. Agua Spanish Guitar Loop Kit (FREE)
  15. Verde Spanish Guitar Loop Kit (FREE)

These guitars are made to sound more melodic and organic. Enjoy!


Rock guitar sample packs and loops

The best rock guitar sample packs


If you're looking for a guitar sample pack for yourself new song that needs rock influences, these packs are for you.


  1. Cymatics Cobra Guitar sample pack (FREE)
  2. Cymatics Eternity Vintage collection (FREE)
  3. Rhythm Guitar sample pack
  4. Vintage Guitar sample pack
  5. Emo Guitar Loopkit (FREE)
  6. Delight GuitarsZenhiser Guitar Addict
  7. Sampleswap Guitar samples (FREE)
  8. "GUITAR LIFE" Rap Guitar kit (FREE)

Time to expand your library with rock guitar loops, one shot, and more!


Top jazz guitar sample packs and loops (Royalty-Free)

The best jazz guitar sample packs to download


Here's a list of some jazz-influenced guitar samples for your commercial projects. These can work well for any genre, as far out as hip-hop.


  1. Emotional Guitar and Piano Loopkit (FREE)
  2. Delight Guitars
  3. Sampleswap Jazz Guitar samples (FREE)
  4. Acoustic Guitar Toolkit
  5. RnB Guitar Loop Kit (FREE)
  6. Rnb, Dancehall, Trap Guitar Loop Kit/Sample Pack (FREE)


Your limit is what you set your mind to! You might also find other instruments that give a jazz vibe in this collection of sounds.


The Best electric guitar loops (Royalty-Free)

The best electric guitar sample packs


Here's a collection of sounds, one-shots, and loops to help supply you with that electric guitar sound.

  1. Pop Punk Guitar Loop Kit 2021 (FREE)
  2. Punkstar Punk Guitar sample pack (FREE)
  3. "Vampire Girl" Guitar Loop Kit/Sample pack (FREE)
  4. Looperman Electric Guitar samples and loops (FREE)
  5. AUBIT Petit Guitars V1
  6. Strings Adventures 2 XL
  7. Pop Guitar Loops
  8. "GUITAR LIFE" Rap Guitar kit (FREE)
  9. Cymatics Roses sample pack (FREE)
  10. Anthology Electric Guitar Edition
  11. Vintage Guitar sample pack


Some of these are recorded, others are made with synthesizers.


You're sure to find a sample pack here that satisfies!


The Best metal guitar loops (Royalty-Free)

The best metal guitar samples


Here's a collection of the best metal guitar loops, melodies, and more that you can use in your music or commercial projects.


  1. Cymatics Eternity Vintage collection (FREE)
  2. GENESIS Guitar Loops Pack
  3. Ghosthack Free Guitar samples (FREE)
  4. Chris Marek Guitar Loops 11.18 (FREE)
  5. Samplestar Guitar Trap
  6. Zenhiser Guitar Addict
  7. Audentity Best Guitar loops
  8. The Dojo Guitar Loop Kit 2020 (FREE)
  9. Daytrip Guitar sample pack (FREE)
  10. ANGELS Guitar loops Internet Money Style (FREE)
  11. Punkstar Punk Guitar sample pack (FREE)


Finding a great guitar sample pack is one of the most satisfying things ever.


Let's see what kinds of music you can make with these metal guitars!


Why Use Paid Guitar Sample Packs?

Why Bother Using Paid Guitar Samples


Paid sample packs can help you achieve the exact sound you want for your songs and projects.


Using a sample pack is a lot easier than recording your own guitar tracks.


You don’t need any recording gear, and you don’t have to worry about setting up mics or synths.


All you need to do is download the sample pack and start creating songs.


Depending on the quality of the sample pack, you can get some really amazing sounds that are worth recording.


The best sample packs are filled with high-quality samples ready to be used in your songs and projects. You can easily modify the sounds to fit your needs.


Depending on the type of sample pack (e.g. rock, metal, acoustic, synth), you can adjust the tone to get the exact sound you want.


Using a paid sample pack is also a lot less expensive than hiring a session musician or buying all the recording gear.


Using a Paid Subscription Service For Guitar Samples

While you can scour the web to find many a sample pack, many packs either cost money or you aren't sure if you'll get royalty-free samples.


Usually, you want to use free packs for personal use only, since there is no guarantee that the recorded guitars are royalty-free or not.


A sample pack you get from a service like Splice or Looperman has all the legal guarantees to let you create music for personal or commercial use.


These services are subscription-based - you can cancel anytime.


How it works is you pay a fixed monthly fee, and you get unlimited access to their entire catalog of samples.


When you find a sample pack you like, you can easily just download it to you are immediately in your music.


Pros and Cons of using a paid subscription service for samples


A sample pack from places like Splice or other popular subscription services has pros and cons:



  • A sample pack will be royalty-free and be of very high quality

  • Unlimited access to a huge catalog of samples and loops

  • You'll find a sample pack for every need - from guitars and beyond.

  • You can cancel anytime



Costs a lot of money.


You're not supporting smaller artists who can make money by selling their own sample packs not seen on these services.


I hope you enjoy our list of the best free guitar sample packs and guitar loops!


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