1,000+ Free MIDI Drum Loops (Free Download!)

1000+ Free Midi Drum Loops

Free MIDI Drum Loops For Your Productions!

With the growing popularity of genres like trap, hip hop and EDM, it’s no surprise that many people are looking for free MIDI drum loops online.


There are many websites that offer free drum samples, but most of them are outdated or don’t offer a large variety of samples, and forget about MIDI versions.


If you are looking for fresh drum samples, we've got you covered with a huge list of freshly-verified sources.


Why would you want to use MIDI drum loops? A drum loop is a section of MIDI data that plays over and over again, and they are an essential part of any production, especially drum-heavy ones.


It can be programmed to play at a certain pace, with a certain pitch, etc. and create a rhythmic track that can be easily duplicated.


A common use of drum loops is in music production.


Instead of hiring a full band and recording everything from start to finish, it’s possible to just key in a drum loop and let it play repeatedly throughout your songs.



What is a mIDI Drum Loop?

A MIDI Drum Loop is a MIDI file that allows you to modify the key or tempo without losing the quality of the sound. A MIDI drum loop is easier to use and modify in your DAW and is why MIDI is preferred for loops.


what are MIDI drum loops


There's no reason for the rhythm section in a home recording studio to come from acoustic drums, thus MIDI drum kits and loops are a perfect alternative to actual drums. It allows for easier recording, especially when you need to mic up.

You may choose from a wide range of drum samples thanks to MIDI capability. It's a wonderful thing to be able to alter your drum beats with a few mouse clicks.


MIDI Drum loops can also be used to swiftly lay the groundwork for a tune.


So, grab a loop and start composing your bassline, melodies, or topline over it, or simply play till something comes together?


Alongside free MIDI drum loops, make sure you have the best free drum kits to help aid you in your production.




1,000+ Best Free MIDI Drum Loops You Can Download Right Now


These are the best free MIDI drum loops you can download right now:

  1. Cymatics Lofi Toolkit (FREE)
  2. SampleRadar 587 Free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples (FREE)
  3. Purple Slush Zero – Free Lofi Beats & Sample Pack (FREE)
  4. Cymatics Symbolyc One S1 Sample Pack (FREE)
  5. West Coast Gangsta Rap Hip Hop Drum Loops (FREE)
  6. 350 Hip Hop and Funk Drum Loops (FREE)
  7. Looperman Rock Drum Loops (FREE)
  8. Slingerland Drum Samples (FREE)
  9. Jazz Samples Loop Kit, (the best we found) (FREE)
  10. Jazz/Soul/Dusties/Vintage Sample Pack II (FREE)
  11. Alternative Jazz Drum Loops (Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz & Lo-fi) (FREE)
  12. Soulful Vintage Sample Pack (FREE)
  13. 90's Vintage "Dark Jazz" Sample Pack (FREE)
  14. Punk Rock Drum Kit 2022 (FREE)
  15. JAMNHOP Hip Hop Drum Loops Vol 17 (FREE)
  16. EnBeat Trap Drum Loops Vol. 58 (FREE)
  17. JAMNHOP Trap Drum Loops Vol. 5 (FREE)
  18. RegaRost 18 Trap Drum Loops (FREE)
  19. 30+ Lil Baby, Pop Smoke Trap Drum Loops (FREE)
  20. MayckBeats Hard Trap Drum Loops (FREE)

To make things easier, we put all the Sample packs above in one free download for you:




Can't see the form? Click here.


When you add all the drum loops up, the links above will give you over 1,000 MIDI drum loops, entirely FREE! 


These free MIDI drum loops are perfect for any genre!


There’s no need to work with expensive session musicians when you have a MIDI drum loop to work with.


You'll find free MIDI drum loops that'll grow your collection of samples to be more diverse than ever before.


There are real drums, synths, alternate instruments, and even vocals in some of these sample packs.


Bonus: Check out the Free James Bond Theme MIDI to download!



How is a MIDI Drum Loop Different?

how are MIDI drum loops different?


There are quite a few differences between a regular drum loop audio file and a MIDI drum loop file. 


Ultimately, MIDI is a superior choice because of how much more control you have which usually results and a better sound quality.


Qualities Drum Loops MIDI Drum Loops
Ability To Change Individual Drum Levels Hard Easy
Sound Quality Depends on the file type (WAV = best) Depends on your mix and master
Can you create Song-Length Drum Tracks? Limited audio-editing ability You can create tracks for every element and use an auto-drummer for this.
Ability To Change The Drum Kit No Yes
Virtual Instrument Required No Yes. DAW's have built-in ones you can use.
Adjustable Tempo Loops can be time stretched but are limited MIDI drum tracks are always automatically synced to your DAW’s tempo!



Bonus Drum Samples You Can Download Right Now

bonus drum loops to use


Drum samples come in many different varieties. You'll find a free sample pack that'll suit your needs.


There are open hi-hats, closed hats, open rolls, wet sounds, click samples, and everything else in between, meeting today's standards of music production.


The great thing is that you can create any sound you want using these different types of drums.


You might find the right drum loops for your lo-fi song in some of these other packs!


The most important tip when it comes to choosing the right type of drum sample for your track is to focus on vibe, to get the dance floor pumping!



Free Trap Drum Loops

trap drum loops


If you want to create trap beats, you should choose trap drum sounds.


Trap sounds are usually characterized by kicks, snares, and claps, whereas other genres usually use different drum sounds.


Trap drums are usually played with the hi-hats, medium-hats and cowbell, which makes them a lot more common than a lot of people might think.


  1. Apollo 50+ Trap Drum Loops (FREE)
  2. EnBeat Trap Drum Loops (FREE)
  3. Playboi Carti Trap Drum Loops (FREE)


For our full list of free trap drum loops, click here.


There's a free sample pack there for everyone, regardless of you music production style.


Trap drums are characterized by their dark, brooding tone and heavy use of hi-hats and snare rolls.


Most trap drum samples are taken from old-school hip-hop records and can be found in the Roots section of most sample libraries.



Free Lo-Fi Drum Loops

Blog Text Breaker Asset (1)


The signature mellow and vibey lo-fi sound can bring some unique elements to your trap production.


These drum loops are perfect for sparking creativity and giving you some unique material to work with.




3 Great Lo-fi drum loops

  1. Cymatics Lofi Toolkit (FREE)
  2. SampleRadar 587 Free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples (FREE)
  3. Purple Slush Zero – Free Lofi Beats & Sample Pack (FREE)


For our full list of Lofi drum loops, click here.


These loop packs will have you covered in no time. They range from hard hitting, aggressive to soulful, and everything in between.


These drum loops are perfect for any genre of music, including hip-hop, R&B, pop, and more.



Ultimate List of Free Drum Loops (All Genres)

ultimate drum loop list


And if you're looking to amass the absolute biggest collection of drum loops for all genres, look no further than our ultimate list of free drum loops. Here are some from our list.


  1. 60 Live Drum Loops Sample Pack (FREE)
  2. Synthwave Drum Kit Sample Pack(FREE)
  3. 350+ Acoustic Drum Loops, Fills, Hi-Hats Loops, (FREE)
  4. Mellow Groove Rock Drum Beat 78 BPM (FREE)


See the ultimate list of 100+ free drum loops sample packs.


Whether you're a producer looking to beef up your arsenal, or a musician looking to add some realism to your next song, there's no better place to go for quality loops than right here.


We're continuously adding to this list, so be sure to check back often to stay on top of the latest drum loop releases.



How to Use MIDI Drum Loops

how to use MIDI drum loops


There’s an endless number of ways you can use drum loops in your music, whether they be in the form of one-shot samples or full drum kits.


You can use them in your project as a tool to give your arrangement that extra something it needs, or you can use them as one component in creating a song. The choice is yours!


With MIDI drum loops and your DAW, you can produce incredible tunes in a fraction of the time.


It's ideal for inexperienced music producers because it allows them to make something quickly and effortlessly.


It's for this reason that having access to large loop libraries is incredibly beneficial to music production.


After that, as your confidence and ideas grow, you can begin experimenting and tweaking.

Here are a few short steps on how to use MIDI Drum Loops:

  1. In your DAW, make a MIDI track (set the instrument to be a basic drum kit for now)
  2. You should be able to drag and drop your drum loops into the mix.
  3. Edit the track to the length you desire, add fills, alter the drum kit to achieve the desired sound, and have fun!
  4. It's simple to break a MIDI drum part into distinct tracks for the kick, snare, and overheads if you want to do a multitrack mix.


You may create drum parts from built-in libraries of grooves and fills using virtual drum software, and then drag the finished track into your DAW.


This method of creating a drum part is quick and easy, and you can experiment with different sounds and effects with a free MIDI drum loop to balance and adjust the sound you want.


Here's a great tutorial on how to use MIDI drum loops:




Can I Use a Free MIDI Drum Loop If it's Not Royalty Free?

drum loops royalty free


While royalty-free lisencing is the greatest option, it is not the only one accessible.

There are numerous types of licences available, and you can select the one that best suits your requirements.

The majority of paid sample packs will be royalty-free.


The majority of free drum loops are also royalty-free, but this is not always the case.


If you're planning on making a major release where you're selling and distributing your music worldwide, it might be smart to make sure that you are using entirely royalty-free samples.


You can usually get away with using any form of drum loop or sample if you alter them to the point that they are no longer recognizable as the original loop.

You can make editing a sample as complicated or as easy as you want.


The most crucial thing to remember is that you should only alter a sample in order to improve its sound.

There's no need to alter a sample to make it fit into a pre-programmed rhythm or beat.

Always remember that the sample is a portion of a music, not the entire song.
Your ideas and inventiveness are the only boundaries!



Why Free Samples Are A must for your sample library

grow your sample library


When you use free samples and loops, as well as if you have a large sample library, there are numerous advantages.

The most crucial factor is creativity, and the more drum samples and (in general) sample packs you have, the better your productions will be.

Samples can be utilised to add a rhythmic feel and structure to a song, serve as a click track during a recording session, or just fascinate your listeners.

There are numerous methods to include samples into your songwriting process, and you can begin by simply selecting a loop or drum sound that you believe would work well in your song and playing it back to yourself until you have it down right.


modify your drum loops


This is one of the most common ways to include samples into your songwriting process, and it's a terrific approach to boost your creativity and discover new sounds.

It's easier than ever to get started, thanks to a recent spike in people seeking to make music without the help of a producer and the democratisation of software that allows anyone to make a song.

Get as many samples as possible and focus on optimizing your workflow so that you can swiftly create new tunes.


I hope you enjoyed these free MIDI drum loops to download!



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